Do I need a walker boot?

Do I need a walker boot?

You’ll definitely need to talk with your doctor if you think you might be in need of a walker boot, often referred to as a walking brace.  The reason we suggest you talk to your doctor is you could have a small fracture and not even realize it, so x-rays are typically needed to properly diagnose your injury.

That being said, there is a variety of walking braces and supports available on the market, each designed for different ailments and different treatments. For instance, someone suffering from a foot trauma can wear a walking brace after the operation to help it heal. There are also walking supports designed to provide stability to ankles damaged by acute sprains.

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Using infrared light to relieve pain

The science behind light therapy has a nearly 100-year history. The scientific literature on photo-biostimulation encompasses over 2,500 titles and a Nobel Prize, substantiating the technology’s ability to promote and enhance pain relief.  Nowadays light therapies are a leading non-pharmaceutical alternative to pain relief. Physiotherapists and sports-medicine specialists look to light therapy to treat a wide variety of acute and chronic musculoskeletal aches and pains.

Recognizing light therapy would be of interest to our customers, we now offer an infared light therapy device called LumiWave. LumiWave infrared-light therapy device emits energy in the infrared spectrum for the purpose of elevating tissue temperature and providing temporary relief from or reduction of minor muscular pain and minor joint pain and stiffness.

In addition, LumiWave provides a temporary increase in local blood circulation to offer temporary relief from muscle spasms and minor sub-acute or chronic pain associated with arthritis, sprains or strains.

Save 67% on DonJoy Armor ACL Knee Brace with FourcePoint hinge

Sale on DonJoy Armor knee brace with Fource Point hinge
Sale on DonJoy Armor knee brace with Fource Point hinge

Clearance Sale!  BetterBraces customers and friends can SAVE 67% on the previous generation DonJoy Armor Knee Brace w/ FourcePoint Hinge.  DonJoy has recently launched a new version of the FourcePoint hinge, so now we are offering clearance pricing on all of the Armor ACL braces we have in stock with the previous generation hinge.  You’ll still get a top quality brace, but while supplies last you’ll save 67%off the regular price!  That means you’ll get this top quality knee brace for just $299.99…it normally retails at $899.99!

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