All About Basketball Injuries

Basketball injuries typically happen due to trauma or from overuse. Basketball injuries can happen to anyone, though they happen most commonly to competitive high school athletes or recreational basketball players. High school and rec league basketball players are more susceptible to getting injured due to the intensity of the sport and occasionally the lack of conditioning for recreation players.

Basketball is a very physical game and played at a high-intensity. This means a lot of stop-and-gos, fast cutting speeds to the basket, high-pressure defense, physical contact from driving in the lane or going up for rebounds. This is not only demanding on the body, which can cause an overuse injury over time, like jumper's knee, but also makes you more prone to a traumatic injury where you may fall incorrectly and sprain your knee or ankle.

Common Basketball Injuries

Learn about common basketball injuries and how to recognize the symptoms, causes, and treatment so you can get back in the game. Not injured? Being aware of the types of injuries you may encounter will allow you to adequately train your body to be in better shape and consciously prevent injury.

3 Ankle Mobility Exercises for Basketball Players

Taking care of your ankles is critical to how well you play on the basketball court. Add these simple exercises into your regular workout routine to improve ankle mobility and strengthen them to protect against injury.

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