Abdominal and Stomach Strain Braces

Abdominal strains can happen with sudden twisting motions, hyperextension or for someone with a weak core. Your abs work to support your body when you walk around, keep up your posture while sitting, stabilize you when you bend down and even when you cough or laugh. A strained abdominal may hurt as you do basic motions such as walking or turning your body. If you have strained your abs, it is important to limit motion and wear a brace around your abs and back to help support your body. This will help minimize the amount of work your abs need to do. Our line of abdominal supports provide compression and support for strained abs as you heal. Need help selecting an abdominal brace? Use Brace Advisor, our guided tool, for recommendations based on your injury, injury prevention and activity level.

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  • ProCare

    Premium Panel Elastic Binder

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    Constructed with panel elastic and soft cotton type lining for patient comfort. Read More
  • DonJoy

    Elastic Abdominal Support

    Save up to 75% + Free 2 Day Shipping
    Mild support and compression for abdominal muscle sprains and strains Read More
  • Saunders

    Work Sport Industrial Back Support

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    Specially designed for industrial workers, it keeps cool and comfortable while providing full back support. Read More


    S'port All Back Support w/Shorts

    Save up to 75% + Free 2 Day Shipping
    One of the only back supports that will allow vigorous activity, while fully supporting the lower back and sacroiliac joints! For men & women. Read More

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