Aircast Ankle Braces and Supports

Aircast, sold worldwide, is one of our top ankle braces. The Air Stirrup ankle brace is one of our top braces worn after an ankle injury and during recovery because it helps ease pain and helps accelerate rehabilitation. The Aircast collection also provides a variety of foot supports for common ailments like PTTD (flat foot), plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and heel pain. Browse the entire line of Aircast ankle supports below.

Selecting an Aircast Ankle Brace or Foot Support

Mild Moderate Severe
Ankle Sprain / Instability A60 Airsport Air-Stirrup
Plantar Fasciitis Airheel Arch & Heel Airheel Arch & Heel Airheel Arch & Heel
PTTD (Flat Foot) Airlift PTTD Airlift PTTD Airlift PTTD
Fracture Leg Brace Leg Brace Leg Brace

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  • Aircast

    Leg Brace

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    Compresses and protects the lower leg within the regular shoe after injury

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Our Best Aircast Ankle Brace

One of our best Aircast supports for an ankle injury is the Aircast Air Stirrup ankle brace. It's one of the top-worn ankle braces in our collection for sprained ankles. It allows for regular movement and weight bearing on the injured ankle and protects the ankle while it heals. This type of healing is known as functional management, which allows for reduced recovery time.

With the large selection of Aircast ankle braces, take a closer look at more details explaining the benefits of each Aircast ankle support.

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