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Pneumatic Armband


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One of our most popular brace for alleviating symptoms of tennis or golfer’s elbow.

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Is the Pneumatic Armband right for me?

For immediate relief from acute and chronic injuries affecting the elbow, wrist and forearm. Try our Brace Advisor for personalized product recommendations to meet your needs!

Say goodbye to tennis elbow or golfers elbow!

The Aircast Pneumatic Armband is one of our most popular braces for people suffering from tennis or golfers elbow... it is popular because it works! Designed for comfort and versatility, the Armband is designed to conform to the arm's tapered contour and comfortably cushions the sensitive injured muscle. This armband is designed to provide relief from tennis or golfer elbow pain.

Aircast aircell technology enables the Pneumatic Armband to focus compression where it is needed most. Using a single pre-inflated aircell, the Armband concentrates compression directly on the extensor muscle, not around the arm, for more support and less constriction.

The Aircast Pneumatic Armband is used to treat or prevent the following injuries:

  • Tennis Elbow
  • Golfer's Elbow

Product Features...and the benefits you'll experience!

  • Focused Aircell Compression
    Symptoms are alleviated with less constriction on the surrounding muscles so your range of motion is not impacted.
  • Easy to Apply
    A single Velcro strap is used to apply this brace.
  • Breathable Material
    Designed for comfort and wearability.

Sizing and Measurements

One size fits most.

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Size Chart & Fit Help
Description Circumference
Pneumatic Armband (Beige) 8" - 14" (20-35.5 cm)
Pneumatic Armband (Black) 8" - 14" (20-35.5 cm)
Product Questions (27)

Product Questions

Aircast Pneumatic Armband

Product Questions

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  • sandy h at 10/12/2015 9:50 AM
    • Can this band be worn over clothes? My long sleeves probably will not go over the long sleeves [mostly thin t-shirt weight] that are worn this time of the year.
    • Sandy
      Yes you can wear this brace over clothes
  • Paula at 5/20/2015 7:30 AM
    • My husband has golfers elbow and I was thinking about ordering one of these for him. My question is, would this type of product work for him when he is lifting heavy weights in the gym as that is when he is in the most pain?
    • Yes, the Aircast Pneumatic Armband will work during weightlifting, however the DonJoy Surround Floam Elbow Support might be a bit more comfortable and not cause as much sweating which could cause the brace to slip and slide around. The DonJoy Surround Floam Elbow Support will stay in place better.

      Below is the link:
  • Bill Sctt at 4/12/2015 1:23 PM
    • Is there any advantage to wearing this brace when not doing work or exercise?
    • Bill
      The arm band will help to eliminate the constant pull of the muscle tendons on the outside of your elbow. The band allows for a decrease in inflammation which should decrease pain. It will help to use the band when exercising or working because that is when the muscles are doing the most work.
  • Mary F. at 10/1/2014 8:35 PM
    • I have used the Aircast armband in the past for tennis elbow (pain on the outside). Physical Therapist had said to make sure to pull the strap away from body. Now I have golfers elbow (inside) and I'm putting the pillow on the inside below the inside bone. Does it make a difference which way I pull the strap?
    • Mary
      The pad on the inside of the elbow for golfers elbow and it does not make a difference which way you pull the strap
  • Mort Leith at 9/30/2014 5:57 PM
    • My forearm measures 12", will this "one size fits all" fit my measurement?
    • It should fit that circumference
  • Mike lopez at 8/19/2014 6:50 PM
    • I have golfers elbow and am looking to purchase the Aircast Pneumatic Armband. The pain is strictly on the inside bony part of the elbow right where the arm bends. Do I place the air pillow directly on that spot? The photo shows the pad on the opposite side of the arm right above the elbow, and I don't have any pain on my forearm, it's only the inside part of the elbow. Thanks.
    • Mike
      The armband can be used on the inside of the elbow as well. Just place the air pillow below the bony area on the inside of the elbow.
  • Sharon Smith at 8/12/2014 1:47 PM
    • I have a really old tennis elbow support. I actually am using it behind my knee to help relive sciatica nerve pain. It helps. My question is how wide is the current support. My old one is only about 2" wide which I like. Also where is this product available locally so that I can see in person?
    • Sharon
      The Aircast Armband is 2" wide but we do not have retail locations for our products. You can check you local DME dealers in your area and ask if they carry the product. Another option is to contact the local aircast rep in your area and ask them of a location that carries that product. To find you local rep follow this link: http://www.djoglobal.com/contact-us/sales-rep-locator
  • James at 6/18/2014 4:18 AM
    • I currently have a tennis elbow band that I use mainly during baseball daily. But after about three games of using it the velcro and band just continues to pop right off. Does anyone know if they make one of these tennis elbow bands free of velcro or something that will hold up and not give out after a few times of use, such as rubber? It works so would really like a more dependable band!

      Thanks in advance!
    • James
      I do not know of a tennis elbow support that does not have a velcro strap, however a thicker band might help such as the Procare Universal Floam https://www.betterbraces.com/procare-universal-surround-elbow-wfloam
  • Clive at 6/5/2014 3:28 PM
    • How much is the air pillow in the Aircast Pneumatic Armband?
      Why isn't the discount code MissYou514 effective?
    • Thank you for your question. the arm band aircell is priced at $4.99

      It would be suggested that you call Customer Care in reference to the code. There is a possibility that the code is expired (514=May 2014)
  • RS at 4/21/2014 7:28 AM
    • Would this also be effective if you kept it in the freezer and used it for icing treatment, similar to a gel pad? Thank you
    • The pad is pnuematic so it is full of air and will not stay cold
  • Maddy at 4/13/2014 7:37 AM
    • Can you sleep with the aircast at night? That is when I have the most pain. Also, how long can you wear it at a time?
    • You can wear as long as you want, and if you want to wear it a bed time you can do that as well
  • M at 1/10/2014 12:05 PM
    • The little air pillow in my Aircast pneumatic armband went flat. Where can I get a replacement air pillow?
    • You can call the product support line 888.405.3251 to order a new air cell. Thank you for your question.
  • Liz at 11/26/2013 8:13 AM
    • How does this product compare with the elastic compression band?
    • Liz,
      The Aircast Pheumatic Armbad will have a small aircell that will give a more focused compression on the outside muscle. The Elastic Compression Band which will apply a more uniform compression around the arm. Thank you for your question and for contacting DJO.
  • Beth at 9/28/2013 12:25 PM
    • How do you clea n armband?
    • wash with mild soap and water, then let air dry
  • Kevin at 8/27/2013 3:17 AM
    • I broke my radius in my arm about a year and a half ago and I am very active in sports. My arm always hurts at the elbow is this a good product to support that part of the elbow ?
    • This product is used more for the ligaments and muscle than the elbow itself. You should look at the DonJoy Elbow Guard for ROM comtrol.
  • brandy bills at 7/30/2013 7:07 PM
    • i was wondering if the aircast pneumatic armaband can be billed thru my insurance?
    • Hello,

      Please contact our Insurance Division, 1-800-548-3370.

      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.
  • Cathy Applewhite at 5/30/2013 11:17 AM
    • I have tendonitis and got an aircast from my orthopedist, but while <a href="/golf">playing golf</a>, the air pillow fell out and was lost. Can I get another pillow? And how do you keep it from slipping out during activity???
    • Hello Cathy,

      We do have the Air Cell that can be replaced. If you would like to try a different product, we have other options for elbow tendonitis. See below.


      Please call to speak to a Product Specialist, 1-888-405-3251.

      Have a Great Day.
  • Bob Eggleston at 8/2/2012 4:03 PM
    • I have the Aircast Armband.....what I do not know is how tight should I draw it?

      Thank you.
    • You want it to be tight to give some compression, but not so tight it causes numbness, tingling, discomfort or your fingers turning blue
  • Donna at 7/15/2012 9:31 AM
    • I have severe tennis elbow and am not exactly where to p,ace the armband. My elbow hurts from the bone to mid forearm particularly the backside under my elbow. I have read to not put it on the pained area but it is all in pain! Suggestions?
    • Donna,
      Thank you for conatcting DJO Global. If you place your arm bent at a 90 degree angle and the thumb pointing skyward, the aircell goes to the outside of thearm on the muscl just to the outside of the top of the arm just below the bend.
  • Gayle at 7/1/2012 6:48 PM
    • I have been diagnosed with medial epicondylitis. Do I wear the pillow so it is underneath my forearm?

    • You want the pillow just below (towards the wrist) of where the pain in your elbow is.
  • Carolyn Young at 5/25/2012 8:09 AM
    • How can I get a replacement inflated pad? Mine deflated.
    • Call Customer Care at 800-336-6569 and order part number 0501.
  • Laura at 2/21/2012 6:42 PM
    • I have swimmers elbow, can this product be worn in the pool while I am <a href="/swimming">swimming</a>?
    • Hi Laura,

      Yes, the Aircast Armband can be worn in a swimming pool.

      If you have additional questions, please call 1-888-405-3251

      Have a nice day.
  • Linda at 10/20/2011 5:08 AM
    • Should I wear the Aircast when I am doing physical work or activity? I have been wearing it at the end of the day after I ice my elbow.
      Thank you.
    • The Aircast Pneumatic Armband is recommended to be worn while doing activity, it decreases the friction on your tendons while using the muscles. Wear it during upper body activities for best results.
  • zach at 3/22/2011 5:45 PM
    • I recently purchased an aircast for golfers elbow. Could you please provide advise on exactly where i position the aircast/air pouch in relation to my elbow for maximum effectiveness. If it helps my pain is in the flexor pronator area.

    • You would want to position the pouch on the forearm just distal (towards the wrist) of where the pain is. Make sure the strap is pulled snug.
  • Carla at 12/20/2010 4:21 PM
    • I am SEVERELY allergic to neoprene. Does this brace contain any neoprene?
    • Hello Carla,

      The Aircast Pneumatic Armband has NO neoprene and NO latex.
  • suzanne at 4/9/2010 6:32 AM
    • I was diagnosed with Lateral Epicondylitis. Do I wear the brace with the pillow on the top of the forearm (if arm crossed over chest it is facing out) or do I wear it with the pillow on the side (aligned with your thumb)?
    • If your Lateral Epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow is on on the outside of your elbow you would want the Aircast Armband air pillow to be as close to where the elbow pain is located. So you want the pillow on the same side or outside of your elbow.
  • Al at 4/2/2010 1:26 PM
    • Does this brace work for golfers elbow?
    • The Aircast Pneumatic Armband is our most popular brace for people suffering from tennis or golfers elbow.

      Innovative Aircast aircell technology enables the Pneumatic Armband to focus compression where it is needed most. Using a single pre-inflated aircell, the Armband concentrates compression directly on the extensor muscle, not around the arm, for more support and less constriction.
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