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Knee Cryo/Cuff w/Cooler

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Attention Medicare Patients

Non-motorized, gravity-fed system provides uninterrupted focal compression and cooling to minimize knee pain and swelling.

This item requires custom fitting and is only available through your doctor with a prescription.

Product Details

Product Description

Is the Aircast Knee Cryo/Cuff with Gravity Cooler Right for me?

Experiencing pain from knee injury, or seeking post-operation recovery options? The Aircast Knee Cryo/Cuff with Cooler (gravity-fed, non-motorized) combines the therapeutic benefits of circulating, soothing cold water and controlled focal compression to reduce pain, prevent inner-joint bleeding (hemarthrosis), and decrease swelling due to any knee injury. The Knee Cryo/Cuff with Gravity Cooler also aids recovery following knee surgeries.

Designed to:

  • Reduce swelling
  • Manage pain
  • Alleviate knee joint trauma
  • Enhance recovery
  • Assist in joint rehabilitation

Best for:

  • Use following physical therapy
  • Treatment after exercise such as walking, running, or elliptical use
  • Treatment of sports injuries of any kind
  • Post-Operation recovery

Product Features...and the benefits you'll experience!

Offering intermittent focal compression and cool therapy for any knee injury or post-surgery recovery, the Aircast Cryo/Cuff with Gravity Cooler provides:

Anatomically designed Cryo/Cuff design
Provides maximum cryotherapy coverage
Controlled cooling
Minimize tissue damage
Adjustable focal compression cuff
For individual controlled focal compression levels and comfort
Detachable cooler system holds water and ice for up to 6 to 8 hours
For extended, uninterrupted cryotherapy treatment
Universal Fit
Knee Cryo/Cuff can be worn on the right or left leg

About the Aircast Knee Cryo/Cuff with Gravity Cooler

Note: A prescription is not required to purchase this product.

The Aircast Knee Cryo/Cuff with Gravity Fed Cooler cold therapy system which uses ice to chill water that is circulated to the Cryo/Cuff. This reduces swelling and inflammation after surgery, an injury, or an intense physical therapy session. The cuff also provides gentle intermittent focal compression, clinically demonstrated to reduce swelling and improve healing times. The cuff is available in three adult sizes, which insures a comfortable and therapeutic fit.

About Aircast Cryo/Cuff Coolers

Aircast Coolers come in two different versions and both can be used with any model in the cryo/cuff line.

(1) The low-cost gravity fed, non-motorized Aircast Cryo/Cuff Cooler, included with this knee cryo/cuff, where you control the exchange of water through the cuff by raising or lowering the cooler. To purchase the Aircast Cryo/Cuff Gravity Cooler separately, click here.

(2) The motorized, pump system, Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC Cooler where a small electronic device controls cool water circulation is also available.

About Aircast Cryo/Cuffs

Aircast Cryo/Cuffs are also available for the shoulder, ankle, back, foot, and elbow. These additional cryo cuffs can be ordered separately here.

How to Use the Knee Cryo/Cuff Gravity Cooler

Download PDF- Detailed instructions on how to prepare the Knee Cryo/Cuff and Gravity Cooler for use.

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Size Chart & Fit Help

Measure thigh circumference 6" above the patella

Description Thigh Circumference
Pediatric Knee/Elbow Cryo/Cuff and cooler
Small Knee Cryo/Cuff and cooler 10"-19" (25-48 cm)
Medium Knee Cryo/Cuff and cooler 18"-23" (46-58 cm)
Large Knee Cryo/Cuff and cooler 20"-31" (51-79 cm)
Product Questions (32)

Product Questions

Aircast Knee Cryo/Cuff w/Cooler

Product Questions

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  • Jane at 9/20/2016 9:16 AM
    • My thigh measures 18" - Small or Medium? Knee Replacement in 2 weeks.
    • You will want to go wtih a medium to help give extra room for any swelling you may have after surgery.
  • Carol at 7/19/2016 2:42 PM
    • Bilateral knee surgery next month. Thigh measures 22 inches. Should I get the medium or large cuff?
    • We would suggest the large based on that thigh circumference.
  • Andrea at 5/10/2016 9:25 PM
    • I am using the IC version of the Cryocuff and find that the top of my knee/upper thigh area gets almost all of the cooling and not so much the left or right side. I'm recovering from ACL and meniscal tears so the outer side of my knee doesn't seem to be getting the ice it needs. Do you know if there's anything I can do to troubleshoot? Right now the cooler is level with the cuff and my leg is fully extended.
    • Make sure that the knee cuff is completely drained then before plugging the unit in hold the cooler 15 inches above the knee cuff for 30 seconds to completely fill it.
  • Niri at 2/7/2016 9:29 AM
    • My son is using the CyroCuff for his knee after An ACL surgery. How long should he have it on for. Should it be the same as ice packs 20 mins on, 20 mins off?
    • This is a question for the physician since they are the ones show prescribe cold therapy. The CryoCuff can be used for shorter or longer time periods depencing on what your physician prescribes
  • Charlie levan at 2/3/2016 1:45 PM
    • Should this be applied directly to the skin, or should you use a towel between the cuff and the skin?
    • No there should be a light barrier between the pad and your skin
  • liz at 1/19/2016 8:16 PM
    • I want to be sure this is a omelet set with the cooler
    • You will recieve the cooler, tube and knee cuff
  • Gerry G at 10/24/2015 10:52 AM
  • Brian at 8/20/2015 2:44 PM
    • I am 21.25" pre-operatively. I am having ACL surgery and given that my knee will be swollen I am wondering if you would recommend a Large or a Medium Knee CryoCuff.
    • Brian
      Go with the large to be certain
  • Michelle at 6/10/2015 4:09 PM
    • I already have the cooler and tube portion. However the knee cuff has completely deteriorated. May I order just the knee cuff that fits the cooler and tube that i already have?
    • Yes, you can order just the Aircast Cryo/Cuffs Only. Attached is the link: https://www.betterbraces.com/aircast-cryocuffs-only
  • Brenda at 5/14/2015 3:57 PM
    • Scheduled for ACL reconstruction. Pre surgery measurement 6" above patella is 18.5." Which size do you recommend. Small or med? I want to make sure I get proper compression and the ability to use during recovery and later on if needed.
    • Brenda
      The medium will work
  • Knee at 4/25/2015 10:39 AM
    • After only 4 days of intermittent usage the motor will not power on. It is Saturday morning and your product support is closed until Monday. How can I troubleshoot and fix this now rather than allow my knee to swell for 2 days?
    • Matthew
      Sorry for the late reply. If you unit is new and it no longer turns on when plugged in the unit needs to be replaced. YOu can take it back to where you received it or call DJO Customer Care at 800-336-6569
  • Misty at 10/13/2014 10:10 PM
    • Once the cuff is filled with water, how long does it remain chilled? Or if it were filled with hot water, how long does the cuff remain warmed?
    • Misty
      The cuff will stay cold for about 20-30 minutes
  • Shanti Jain at 7/12/2014 5:45 PM
    • I just had knee surgery, bought your Aircast Cryo Cuff, question, to keep it on all night for constant coldness, should the cooler be at the knee level, below or above knee level?
    • Shanti
      The cooler should be at the level of the knee or slightly higher
  • Cynthi at 7/10/2014 1:31 PM
    • With the Gravity Aircast Cryo Cuff for my knee, after filling with the water, will I be able to disconnect the hose and work, then change the water every hour or so after?
    • Yes you can do that
  • Don at 5/28/2014 11:04 AM
    • I just had a total knee replacement and I have the aircast motorized chiller. I am planning on doing a liitle travel in the car and was wondering where I can find the power supply that would work on the cigerette lighter in my car.
    • We do not have a power supply for the car. I can tell you that the current power supply uses Input: 120vlts@60hrz 18watts
      Output: 8.5v DC, and 900 mA
      Note: Output is unregulated DC. Output voltage at nominal line voltage should be 7VDC at 1.6Amps.
  • Jan at 3/27/2014 5:50 PM
    • What you recommend for a Baker cyst that leaked and caused a great deal of inflammation and pain
    • Thank you for your question. A neoprene sleeve would provide you with support and compression that may have with the inflammation and pain associated with a Baker's Cyst. A brace such as the DonJoy Performer Knee Support or the DonJoy Deluxe Open Knee Support would be appropriate.
  • Mary at 3/12/2014 8:11 PM
    • I have a patella that moves around too much. I also have mild arthritis. The orthopedist removed some fluid and injected cortisone, and I have been going to rehab. Afterwards, the therapist uses a compression + cold machine, then tapes my knee to stabilize it. However, the tape rolls up and comes off within a day or two. I still have some pain. What product(s) would you recommend? I play golf and bowl on a regular basis and want to be comfortable.
    • Mary
      Take a look at the Tru-Pull Light. https://www.betterbraces.com/donjoy-tru-pull-lite
      This brace is a light weight brace that has a lateral buttress that will pull your kneecap into the correct position and keep it tracking in it's normal pattern. This would be a better choice than the taping because you can alway adjust the tension of the pull with the straps of the brace.
  • Annmarie at 8/26/2013 7:22 PM
    • Is the cyro cuff good to wear while recovering from a MCL sprain? If so, can it be worn on elliptical machine?
    • It is great to reduce pain and swelling, it would be recommended for post exercise, not during.
  • Thomas at 8/11/2013 8:57 AM
    • I have misplaced the electrical cord that goes from the AC outlet to the top of the cooler. Is this a generic piece? where can I purchase a replacement?
    • Hello,

      We have the power supply available on betterbraces.com

      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.
  • Chris Janowicz at 7/11/2013 10:02 AM
    • I'm getting water leakage between the hose and the cuff. Is it time to replace the hose and/or the cuff? I've got one more knee surgery scheduled for next fall. Really like the Aircast knee cuff cooler system!
    • Hello Chris,

      Give us a call so that we can determine where the leak is. We have replacement parts available online, and via the phone. Your Aircast has a 6 month warranty.


      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.
  • Janice Attree-Smith at 5/1/2013 10:05 AM
    • My knee due to inflammation is 22 inches. What would be the best fit - the medium or the large?
    • The medium will fit and the cuff wont be loose as your swelling starts to reduce.
  • Carolyn fudge at 4/13/2013 11:21 PM
    • can you provide the insurance code to use?
    • Hello, Carolyn -

      The code is E0218.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day!
  • David at 7/11/2011 3:16 PM
    • The cuff will not drain - what can prevent the cuff from draining? Tried squeezing the cuff from above but something is preventing the water from escaping. Any ideas?
    • Do you have the blue hose connected to the pad? The hose must be connected for the water to drain back into the cooler.
  • ra at 6/24/2011 1:03 PM
    • The instructions show me how to use the cuff. How do I drain the cuff after use?
    • Hey Ra,
      Take the whole thing to think sink. Then with the cooler empty, unscrew the hose from the cooler. Then make sure the Cuff is connected to the hose. Squeeze the cuff and you will force the water out of the cuff, through the hose, and into the sink.

  • Lise Lamadeleine at 5/16/2011 5:24 PM
    • How do you measure for the size.

    • Measure the circumference of the thigh, six inches above the top of the knee cap. Use that number and match it up with the sizing chart.
  • Gavan at 3/7/2011 7:06 PM
    • I have a Cryo/Cuff cooler manual version with knee cuff. The "O" ring on the tube that connects to the cuff is perished and dried and does not seal anymore. What is the size of the "O" ring to obtain a replacement, do you have replacements?
    • Gavan,
      Due to FDA regulations we are unable to give you the information on the O ring for the Cryo Cuff however; you can replace the cooler or the tube through customer care at 800-553-6019.
  • Tom at 2/10/2011 1:30 PM
    • I have the Cryo/Cuff w/Cooler for my wrist and I was wondering what's the use of the plug that comes with it?
    • It sounds like you have a Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC Motorized and Cuff Automatic Integrated Compression and Cryo Therapy System. If you have a plug, the water can be pumped rather than relying on the gravity pump aspect of the non IC systems.
  • Cheryl Caris at 11/22/2010 12:57 PM
    • How do you drain the water from the cuff?
    • Hello Cheryl,

      Here are the steps:

      1. Empty the cooler
      2. Put the empty cooler on the ground with the lid off, and squeeze the cuff so that all the water goes from the cuff and into the cooler
      3. Empty the cooler again.
      4. Repeat if needed.
  • Samantha at 10/6/2010 8:01 PM
    • Does this include the cooler with the 30 second on/off cycle? Or would there be a different type of cooler that the knee aircast goes with?
    • No this is the standard gravity unit. The Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC Motorized and Cuffs provides the integrated compression to the cuff. See the link below to direct you to the page.

  • Samantha at 10/6/2010 7:35 PM
    • Does the cuff provide cold water to the front of the knee or also to the back of the knee I can't tell from the picture.
    • The Aircast Cryo/Cuff for the knee provides total contact cold therapy. The entire cuff fills with cold water to provide maximum cold therapy to the area.
  • clau at 7/24/2010 9:33 AM
    • I have the Aircast Cryo/Cuff Cooler but missplace the cuff. Can i buy it separately? If so how much is it?
    • Yes, all the cuffs are $69.99ea besides the shoulder. The shoulder cuff is $84.99
      Follow the link below for more information:
  • Oliver at 6/9/2010 3:58 PM
    • I just had a total knee replacement done on May 18th. I heard about your Aircast Cryo Cuff and it appears there is more than 1 model to choose from for the knee. I have a lot of swelling and stiffness in my right leg. Which model do you recommend I get?
    • Either model of the Aircast Cryo/Cuff will work for your condition. One is motorized and uses a pump to pump cold water into the cuff to reduce swelling in your knee. That model is called the Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC - this model requires a prescription. The other version listed on this page is the original Aircast Cryo/Cuff that uses gravity rather than the pump. It does not require a prescription. They both do the same thing, but the motorized version is more convenient.
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Aircast Knee Cryo/Cuff w/Cooler

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    Customer Reviews 36 item(s)

    Good choice

    Reviewed by:
    My local Sports Medicine Doctor recommended this instead of a gel pack compression for recovery after knee surgery. I can see why. Don't cheat your body and recovery by trying to save a few dollars. Make the investment in your recovery. Your insurance may not cover it, but it is well worth the out of pocket expense.
    Posted on April 30, 2015

    So much better than just icing!!

    Reviewed by:
    15 years ago I had two knee surgeries (acl reconstruction/meniscus repair) and used the cryo cuff religiously with amazing results.. Two weeks ago I had another acl reconstruction and medial/lateral meniscus repair. I went two weeks with extreme swelling and couldn't take it anymore; I HAD TO get a cryo cuff! I went to the donjoy site and was connected to betterbraces.com where I purchased this product. I wanted to get the product as soon as possible bc it works wonders, however I didn't have the extra money for faster shipping so I picked the free 4-7 day shipping and crossed my fingers for a speedy delivery. My cryo cuff arrived in two days and I couldn't be happier! I've got my let propped up with my cryo cuff on for the first time and I can already tell that it's doing wonders compared to icing alone. Thank you betterbraces.com for offering a hard to find product with such speedy delivery!!
    Posted on March 7, 2014

    Good combination of compression and ice

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    I am using this post ACL reconstruction. So far I have found it to be very convenient. In the container, the water stays cold for 8+ hours. So you can cycle the water through multiple times throughout the day. Which helps with having to go back and forth to the freezer for ice packs (not an easy feat after surgery). The compression aspect is nice as well, along with the fact that you can disconnect from the container if you want to move around. My pre-op thigh measured 17.5 inches and I found the size medium to be the perfect size to accommodate post op swelling. One thing that I did not like is that the water in the sleeve does not stay cold for very long which isn't a bad thing since you should try to avoid icing the effected area more than 20 minutes. But if you have a thick bulky dressing you will be better off using a regular ice pack to ensure penetration of the cold
    Pros: Convenient Provides compression
    Cons: Water in sleeve doesn't stay cold for very long Doesn't penetrate through thick dressing
    Share Your Usage: Recently Injured, Recovering from Injury
    Posted on February 23, 2017

    Best for recovery of knee surgery

    Reviewed by:
    I used this every day over night and thought the day for the first two weeks after knee surgery. I feel it really helped to speed up my recovery. Easy to use and comfortable. A must after surgery!
    Posted on April 4, 2014

    Sanity saver

    Reviewed by:
    I had surgery to replace a torn ACL years ago, and the surgeon recommended the cryo-cuff. What a life and sanity saving measure that was! When I had hand/wrist surgeries due to a snow-machining accident, I asked my doctor to prescribe the cuff for the arm/hand/wrist. She'd never heard of it, but after looking it up, I got one of those too (I'd have paid for it myself if my insurance wouldn't have). I'm getting ready to order another one for my knee, and I also recommended this to an elderly friend of mine who has had knee injuries.
    Posted on September 9, 2014

    Cryo/Cup for knee with autocooler

    Reviewed by:
    Fantastic product! Fill it, plug it in and it cycles the cold water in and out of the cooler keeping cold water surrounding the afeccted area (knee in my case) I had medial and lateral meniscus surgery yesterday morning. I came home and immediately started with the Cryo/Cup cold therapy and my knee feels amazing today, and no it is not the medication that is making it feel good. The compression is also useful in helping to prevent blood clots.
    Improvements i would suggest is a temperature guage to let you know when the ice is all gone and the water temp is getting warm. And as mentioned above, an on off switch to turn off the pump instead of having to unplug. Another thing, add a flip up spot vent to release the pressure so you don't have to lossen the lid.
    Posted on July 8, 2011

    Delivery fast

    Reviewed by:
    Received my knee cryo cuff delivered to my door in less than 24 hours after I ordered it. This was the free standard 4 to 7 day shipping! Very fast service & customer service was very helpful when I called with a question. Easy to order online. Very satisfied! The new knee cuff fit the cooler I had used for a shoulder surgery 12 years ago. The knee cuff does not ice the back of your knee - only the top & sides of the knee. I wish the design allowed for the water to go all the way around your knee.
    Posted on September 26, 2012

    Velcro strips don't last.

    Reviewed by:
    The therapy and compression aspects are superior, but the workmanship of the cuff was my problem. The Velcro strap material separated from the cushion so made it difficult to keep cuff in place.
    Posted on August 29, 2011

    Great device

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    This unit and cuff have been heaven. Ortho surgeon and physical therapist were glad to hear I had it. We add ice cream salt to the water and it makes the ice water approx. 10 degrees colder. So glad I have this.
    Pros: Easy to use and with cuff fits great around my knee and stays in place.
    Cons: I have the manual unit so it is a bit inconvenient as far as filling and emptying the cuff. Would have purchased the electric unit had I had the extra cash.
    Share Your Usage: Daily Use, Recovering from Injury
    Posted on May 14, 2017


    Reviewed by:
    First time I ever heard of it was in the dentist office. The receptionist asked how I was after knee surgery. I told her swollen and not walking well. This product is amazing! I will never go back to ice packs again.
    Insurance didn't pay for it...but it's well worth the out of pocket expense. I'm very happy with the results.
    Posted on October 9, 2016

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