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Wrist Injury/Sprain Braces

A sprained wrist can occur in many ways, from a fall, impact or hyperextension. Weak instability is often a complaint after injuring a wrist. By wearing a wrist brace, you can prevent wrist injuries, support an injured wrist, and prevent future injuries. We have a variety of wrist braces to support different levels of injury severity.

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About Wrist Injuries

Injuries to the wrist are common because the natural reaction when falling is to brace the impact with your hands. This can lead to wrist sprains or even fractures. Wrist injuries are often seen in sports where falling can occur, such as snowboarding, hockey, or skateboarding. Wrist injuries can also occur from activities that involve repetitive motion of the wrist. Wearing wrist braces after injury can help during the rehabilitation process. Wrist injury braces can also help hold your hands in proper position and give your wrists the support they need to prevent future wrist injuries.