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Walking Braces for Foot Injuries

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Foot: Stable Fracture of Foot and/or Ankle
  1. DonJoy Maxtrax ROM Air Ankle Walker
    MaxTrax ROM Air provides protected range-of-motion following trauma
  2. DonJoy Maxtrax ROM Air Walker
    MaxTrax ROM Air provides protected range-of-motion following trauma
  3. DonJoy MaxTrax Walker
    Designed with wider foot bed for comfort and stability
  1. Aircast XP Diabetic Walker System
    Specifically designed for diabetics to provide pneumatic support with Aircast full-shell protection
  2. Aircast XP Walking Brace

    Provides pneumatic, multi-aircell support for graduated, pulsating compression

  3. Aircast SP Walking Brace
    Ideal for those where limb length or calf circumference prohibits them from using a standard height walker
  1. Aircast FP Walking Brace

    Provides full length, foam and semi-pneumatic support

Walking Braces
Walking braces, also known as medical walking boots, are used to protect the foot and ankle after an injury or surgery. They are commonly used for stress fractures, severe ankle sprains, and broken bones. Walking braces are an important part of the rehabilitation process, because they protect the healing area from further injury. The hard outer shell protects against impact on furniture or other objects, and the cushioned inside keeps the walking brace comfortable around the foot. Without medical walking boots, many patients would be unable to walk or return to regular activity while recovering. A good walking brace is designed with a rocker bottom to make it easy to move around on your feet. Check out our wide selection of medical walking boots recommended by our brace coaches.
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  1. Remove This Item Foot: Stable Fracture of Foot and/or Ankle
  1. Aircast Walking Braces (4)
  2. DonJoy Walking Braces (3)
Foot Injuries
  1. Achilles Tendonitis (3)
  2. Plantar Fasciitis (1)
  3. Heel Pain (2)
Lower Leg Injuries
  1. Stable Fractures (5)
  2. Stress Fractures (3)
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