Shoulder Supports Help Relieve Pain

A lot has changed in shoulder brace and support technology in the past few years. Materials are lighter, stronger, straps are easier to adjust, shells are comfortable. You can get them custom-made or buy supports that come in different sizes, and that are just as comfortable.

If you injured or dislocated your shoulder, you can now buy shoulder braces with slings for stabilization of the shoulder made from breathable fabric and thermoformed padding to increase comfort. This will help your ligaments and soft tissues heal more quickly.

Athletes can wear a shoulder stabilizer with pad attachments for those who must wear shoulder pads in contact sports such as football. Remember it’s always better to prevent than to cure, especially if the athlete’s shoulder muscles are unstable.

For someone just injured, try a hot or cold compress shoulder wrap. Cold therapy is one of the best way to assure proper healing quickly. Made of flexible fabric, they are more comfortable than walking around with a frozen pea bag held by a dishcloth.

For more serious injuries such as rotator cuff tears, subluxations and glenohumeral dislocations, the shoulder must be immobilized completely for the whole healing period. Such injuries indicate the wearing of shoulder stabilizers for post-injury and pre-surgery treatment. The shoulder rests in its splint while being strongly supported at the waist. This permits the injured person to return to normal activities by controlling the shoulder motion, without the risk of damaging the injury more.

Clavical posture supports help to maintain a proper posture by gently holding shoulders back. This is useful to reduce pain caused by poor posture, for example someone working at a computer all day in a slightly slouched position that can cause pain in the upper back. Comfortable and discreet – can be worn under clothes – shoulder supports are also indicated for athletes who have injured their shoulders before by twisting, thereby avoiding further damage.

No one needs to suffer from a painful shoulder, and everyone having injured tissue or ligaments in the shoulder should be able to find proper healing treatments. Protective gear such as a shoulder support is a good idea for athletes practicing high impact sports to protect from serious injury.

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