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Running Braces

Braces and Supports for Running

These are the braces, supports, and therapy products we recommend specifically for runners.

Running Braces and Supports
Running braces for the knees and ankles are extremely important in helping keep these joints healthy as we exercise. Our legs absorb most of the shock between our feet and the ground as we run. That means running can put stress on our knees, leading to knee pain or in some cases even ligament and cartilage tears. Other types of knee conditions may also occur, such as patellar tendonitis, patella tracking issues, chondromalacia, runner's knee and jumper's knee. Knee injuries are not the only issues that may occur. Running on uneven surfaces may lead to ankle rollovers and ankle sprains. Runners with chronic ankle instability may also feel unsteady when running which is where running braces for the ankle can help. Running braces help provide extra support and compression when moving around, keeping your joints moving healthily and decreasing pain. Check out our braces and supports recommended by our brace coaches today!
  1. Running Knee Braces (8)
  2. Running Ankle Braces (5)
  3. Running Cold Therapy (3)
  4. Running Muscle Stimulators (2)
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