Learn About Knee Pain Relief

Knee pain seems to be one of the most common ailments affecting people in the United States. It’s estimated that 50 million people are suffering from, or have suffered from, knee pain. Pain in the knee is typically caused by an injury and makes it difficult to move around.

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Knee Sleeves
Cold Therapy
Hinged Knee Braces
Knee Bands

Consisting of bone, cartilage, ligaments, and fluid, these components work together to provide movement in your knee joint. If any of these components are hurt or diseased, you’ll experience discomfort in your knee. The pain can range from a slight discomfort during walking or severe pain that inhibits movement.

There are many known knee pain solutions available that can help relieve knee pain…

  • Body weight is a major contributor to knee problems. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping your weight within recommended guidelines can help reduce the load placed on the knee joints.
  • There are knee braces created specifically for common conditions like osteoarthritis. These braces help reduce the load placed on the knee. Those who have tried such knee braces find immediate relief from knee pain.
  • Over-the-Counter pain medicine like Ibuprofen reduces inflammation and provides knee pain relief. It’s recommended you follow dosage guidelines from the manufacturer or speak with your doctor.
  • Strengthening the muscles around the knee can help relieve pain because the muscles play a primary role in supporting the knee. By strengthening the muscles you increase muscle power and endurance, which improves the performance of the knee joint.
  • Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Integrating these four well-known pain relief tactics in sequence can significantly reduce and relieve knee pain. R.I.C.E. helps speed healing by relieving knee pain, limiting swelling, and protecting injured tissues.