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XcelTrax Tall


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Ideal support and comfort following trauma or post-operative procedure  Read More

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Designed for ideal support and comfort following trauma or post-operative procedure. The lightweight design and unique pre-shaped ergonomic frame help to modify the level of pressure on the injury at both the malleoli and lower leg.

  • Ideal support following trauma or post-operative procedure
  • Unique pre-shaped ergonomic frame helps modify level of pressure on injury
  • Soft nylon/foam liner
  • Lightweight design
Size Chart & Fit Help

Size Shoe Size Female Shoe Size Male
XS 3.5-5.5 2-4
S 6-8 4.5-7
M 8.5-11.5 7.5-10.5
L 11.5-13.5 10.5-12.5
XL 13.5+ 12.5
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Procare XcelTrax Tall

Product Questions

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  • Linda at 7/28/2014 7:26 PM
    • I have been wearing this brace for 2 weeks now. The support is great and it's pretty easy to walk with it on. Much less pain than without it or with another brace I tried. The problem is, it didn't come with instructions and I'm not sure if I'm strapping it on right. Where exactly does the little piece of the liner that is stitched near the ankle go? Is there a way to help keep my heel back where it's supposed to be? Also, I'm not allowed to work with it because it has an open toe. Is there anything hard to cover the toe area? Thankyou
    • Linda
      the little piece of liner goes right on the top of the ankle, then you fold the larger pieces of the liner over and velcro them. the result is there is no hole exposing your leg at the top of the ankle. Unfortunatly we do not have hard covers for these boots. You will need to strap the boot in tightly across the ankle to keep your heel back
  • Bonnie Lee at 3/31/2014 1:03 PM
    • I have this walking boot for to keep my left ankle stable after braking my lateral malleolus three weeks ago. However, I have very high arches and my instep is starting to show a serious abrasion with redness. My husband saw the abrasion this morning and finally understands why I am a bit edgy. The pain is now hindering my desire to move, which is bad as I was just given permission to put partial weight on foot yesterday. Is there anything I can do to protect that area of the foot and still keep the foot stable?

    • Bonnie
      You should be wearing the boot with a sock so there is not skin to material contact. There should not be a lot of movement of your foot while it's in the boot. Make sure you have tightened the straps at the bottom tight enough to keep your foot from moveint but not so tight that your toes turn blue. Also if you have a pneumatic boot you can increase the amount of air your pumping into the boot. You should contact your physician reguarding the abrasion.
  • Curly at 10/9/2013 3:29 PM
    • I received my boot from my medical provider but did not receive a user guide or care instructions. Is this available online?
    • I would be happy to send you a PDF of the instructions that come with your boot.
  • stacie at 10/1/2013 9:37 AM
    • Is there a weight limit for someone wearing the boot? My son is rather heavy and the metal on the sides literally bent. Is this normal?
    • The weight limit is 350 pounds.
  • julie at 5/27/2013 4:23 PM
    • My walking boot has an L on the bottom, but drs put it on right foot. is that a problem?
    • Hello Julie,

      The brace is universal. The L means you have a Large.

      Have a Great Day.
  • dennis at 6/25/2012 8:19 AM
    • Is there a right and left boot or does it matter?
    • The boot is universal, for right or left feet
  • Pam Engel at 12/14/2011 10:37 AM
    • What is the best way to walk in them: heel first? They also seem built up in the inner side which causes one's foot to fall to the outside.
      Please advise.
    • Walk heel to toe. Your foot should not be falling to one side. Have your clinician recheck your fit and application in person to verify it's being done properly.
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Procare XcelTrax Tall

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