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Universal Thumb-O-Prene


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Lightweight, low-profile wraparound design with two stays, rigid and spiral, for comfort and custom fit to address pathology.  Read More
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The enhanced universal wrap-around neoprene design provides a low-profile comfortable, custom fit that is both functional and simple. The unique design combines two stays, rigid and spiral plus a movable elastic strap to address various pathologies of the thumb including Tendonitis, Basal Joint Arthritis and instability of the CMC (Carpometacarpal) joint.

The elastic strap may be wrapped between forefinger and thumb to help stabilize the CMC joint without restricting the use of the thumb or wrist. Bilateral fits right or left thumb.

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Procare Universal Thumb-O-Prene

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  • Alonzo Carlton at 11/12/2014 6:19 PM
    • I have a brace on both hands for stability and my physician recommends this site. I was told that I needed a short brace so will this keep my wrist stabilized. Recommendation needed.
    • Alonzo
      Do you need something for your thumb because the Universal Thumb o prene will support the thumb and wrap around the wrist. If you need something just for the wrist the Don JOy Wrist Wraps may work for you. http://www.betterbraces.com/donjoy-wrist-wraps-wrist-brace
  • Marsound at 9/20/2014 7:33 PM
    • Can it be worn in water (surfing)?
    • Yes it can be worn in the water
  • Bev Lahr OTR at 8/29/2014 6:06 AM
    • Have stroke patient that needs stabilzation of R thumb joints in extention /palma abduction. He is not contracted but is just begining to develop spactic tone in thumb and small finger of an otherwise flacid hand/wrist
      Will this splint provide enough support to keep tendons involve in flexion/palmar add. from sitting in a shorten position.
    • One of the Thumb spicas would be better. either the comfortFORM Wrist and Thumb or the Quickfit WTO. The Thumb-O-prene only has one aluminum stay on the top of the thumb. It won't accomplish what you want. http://www.betterbraces.com/procare-quick-fit-wto http://www.betterbraces.com/procare-comfortform-wrist-wabducted-thumb
  • bryan at 5/12/2014 8:48 PM
    • My thumbs are bad on both hands. Can this be switched between each hand?
    • Thank you for your question. The Procare Universal Thumb-O-Prene is designed to fit either hand. It can be switched between the right and left hand at any time.
  • molly at 5/2/2014 10:36 AM
    • I had a carpectomy and am in a long brace. I am looking for a shorter wrist brace that has a thumb imobilizer. not neroprene. it makes me sweat and it doesnt have enough support for the wrist. any help would be appreciated
    • Molly
      I am not sure what length the brace you are in now but my suggestion is the Procare Quick Fit WTO:http://www.betterbraces.com/procare-quick-fit-wto The brace is ideal for wrist and thumb injuries, has no neoprene in it
  • sharon at 3/26/2014 2:54 PM
    • I have arthritis of the thumb will these be ok to use?
    • Sharon
      Those braces will work for you, they have removable metal stays in them for support
  • Pete at 2/15/2013 12:24 PM
    • Will I able to still play badminton wearing this brace?
    • Hello, Pete -

      Yes, the brace was designed flexible enough to be worn while playing sports activities.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day!
  • Connie Nelson at 11/16/2011 4:07 PM
    • i have a wrist that seems swollen right underneath the hand; i pulled too hard trying to get my compression socks over my ankles; i also have a right thumb that is growing towards the left at the tip and a right index finger that is leaning towards the right also at the tip. i am looking for a brace that can keep my thumb and index fingers straight up and keep my carpal muscle nicely supported at the wrist as i sleep and possible wear it daily when not in water or cooking...can you help me find a brace that will do that so I don't get real crooked fingers...i am 64 yrs old and need a small...thanks you for your reply in advance...Connie
    • Universal Thumb-O-Prene™ and a finger splint would be reccommended for your condition.
  • dolphinsarnett@aol.com at 5/7/2011 12:05 AM
    • does this work on either hand
    • Yes the ProCare Universal Thumb-O-Prene works on either hand and all sizes so there is only one part number 79-82700 to order.
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Procare Universal Thumb-O-Prene

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Inexpensive and good option but

Reviewed by:
I have purchased 3 of these and use them during my different daily activities with the 2 different metal support inserts. They are more comfortable than other devices and hand wash well, but the construction around the top of the thumb is week and thin and will start to separate after sometime. The brace that I use during limited day-to-day activities where thumb movement is limited holds up well. The other 2 which are used when a large amount of thumb activity is necessary such as yard work or construction do not stand up well and are beginning to fray at the inside top of the thumb. I still find this one to be one of the more comfortable thumb braces available.
Posted on May 20, 2015

This is not a brace I recommend - poor quality around the thumb seams

Reviewed by:
This particular product is not well made around the thumb area. I have had two braces within 1 month and both of them pulled apart at the inside seam around the thumb. The brace needs to be reinforced around the thumb area - particular around the top and around the seam.
Posted on January 22, 2014

ProCare Universal Thumb brace

Reviewed by:
This is bar none the best brace for stabilization and relief from thumb joint issues.
Posted on December 9, 2013