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Introducing the ProCare Sports Medicine Products

Are you looking for great quality in sports braces and supports? Are you suffering from an injury and are shopping for a brace or a support product to help with the healing process? Has your health care professional recommended wearing protection during sports or day-to-day activities?

You will want to check out ProCare products. Part of DJO Incorporated, ProCare manufactures top-of-the-line sports medicine products. They take great care in designing their products for maximum comfort and efficiency. ProCare choose only the best materials to ensure every product they manufacture is of the highest quality.

For someone looking for extra control to avoid rolling their ankles – and therefore preventing injury – the ProCare Kallassy ankle support is perfect. It allows for excellent control and prevents the ankle from rolling in the shoe. Its unique feature is the lateral straps that keep the ankle in a neutral position. Discreet and comfortable, it can be worn everyday by active people. It can also be worn by athletes suffering from chronic ankle instabilities or recurring ankle injuries.

Have you recently undergone arthroscopic surgery in your knee? ProCare makes an arthroscopy knee brace that provides compression and additional support to be worn post-op. It is a comfortable wraparound design that’s easy to put on.

For a more serious knee operation, the ProCare KneeRANGER II Universal knee brace, which is fitted with a polycentric hinge – or, if you prefer, many pieces in the center – is the ideal knee brace. It provides protected range-of-motion for any needed periods of immobilization after surgery. The knee that has been fitted with this brace will heal much faster, having been immobilized in natural degrees of flexion (from 0° to 60°, and even 90°) for more stability. ProCare offers a whole line of knee braces and immobilizers to fit everyone’s needs.

ProCare also makes ProCare cervical collars for immobilization following trauma or just for added support to the spine, compression garments to be worn after surgery to help heal and reduce post-op edema, and elbow supports and wrist braces for mild to maximum support to avoid injury and help healing.

They also make ProCare walking braces for patients recovering from surgery or injury and for post-op immobilization and compression to control edema and even decrease pain following trauma.

The ProCare line of products also includes:

ProCare has a complete line of products for all these areas in order to keep patients comfortable, reduce their pain, help their healing processes and prevent further damage to tissues and ligaments.

Ask your health care professional which ProCare product is right for you.

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ProCare Kallassy Ankle Support ProCare Arthroscopy Knee Support ProCare KneeRANGER II Universal
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