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Procare Braces and Supports

ProCare Braces & Supports

ProCare is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of orthopedic bracing and soft goods. The ProCare product line represents the advanced technology and high standards of DJO Global, and is dedicated to creating products for individuals of all ages, abilities and levels of fitness. Here at, you'll find the top-of-the-line ProCare braces like walking boots, ankle braces, elbow supports, cervical collars, as well as compression garments. We believe in the quality of the ProCare brand and are proud to offer an unconditional 90-day money back guarantee on every ProCare product we sell.

  1. ProCare Premium Panel Elastic Binder
    Constructed with panel elastic and soft cotton type lining for patient comfort.
  2. ProCare Kallassy Ankle Support Brace
    Provides moderate support for active people or athletes who suffer from chronic ankle injuries. Great at preventing ankle injuries.
  3. ProCare Elastic Knee Support
    Sturdy, heavy-duty elastic provides cool, compressive support.
  1. ProCare Stabilized Ankle Support
    Low profile design constructed with non-stretch ballistic nylon for comfort, performance and durability.
  2. ProCare Evenup Shoe Balancer
    Reduce body strain while walking in a cast or in a walker
  3. ProCare Quick-Fit Wrist II
    For the treatment of wrist and hand injuries and trauma
  1. ProCare Thigh Sleeve
    Thigh sleeve provides firm compression and soothing warmth for hamstring and quadriceps strain.
  2. ProCare Lace Up Ankle Brace
    Sturdy canvas stirrup design fits easily into any athletic shoe.
  3. ProCare Universal Wrist O Prene
    Wraparound neoprene brace provides compression and support for treatment of Carpal Tunnel syndrome (CTS) and wrist sprains and strains.
  1. ProCare CTS Wrist Support
    Contoured cotton/elastic construction provides comfortable compression for proper support following mild sprains, strains and cast removal.
  2. ProCare Low Contour Cervical Collar
    The special low, contoured design offers a better fit for patients with short necks.
  3. ProCare Surround Patella Knee Strap
    Applies the right amount of pressure where it's needed to relieve pain
  1. ProCare Dorsiwedge Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint
    Soft padding and contoured design adds comfort in addressing plantar fasciitis
  2. ProCare ComfortFORM Wrist w/Abducted Thumb
    Durable lightweight fabric is Lycra® lined for breathability and patient comfort.
  3. Procare Silicone Heel Cups
    Molded medical-grade soft silicone to help reduce shock and vibration loads to joints
  1. ProCare Form Fit Cervical Collar
    Cervical collar to restrict cervical spine flexion, extension and rotation
  2. Procare Deluxe Arm Sling w/Pad
    Generous size envelope to support the arm.
  3. ProCare Tennis Elbow Support
    Combines soothing warmth of neoprene elbow sleeve with a counterforce strap that restricts full extension of muscles and tendons.
  1. ProCare Universal Ankle Brace Support

    Ideal for acute and chronic ankle instabilities, as well as, prophylactic use.

  2. ProCare Universal Surround Elbow w/FLOAM
    Comfortable neoprene strap features FLOAM bladder and wraparound universal design with loop-lock closure.
  3. Procare XcelTrax Ankle
    Ideal support and comfort following trauma or post-operative procedure
  1. ProCare Reddie Hinged Knee Brace
    1/8" neoprene wraparound configuration and strap tabs provide ease of application.
  2. ProCare Clavicle Splint
    Adjustable prong buckles ensure correct fit
  3. ProCare Quick Fit W.T.O.
    Comfortable, lightweight nylon/foam laminate with adjustable dorsal pod to accommodate various size patients.
  1. ProCare Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint
    Allows for controlled application of a prolonged stretch on the Plantar Fascia and Achilles Tendon.
  2. Procare XcelTrax Air Tall
    Ideal support and comfort following trauma or post-operative procedure
  3. ProCare Quick Fit Wrist
    Easy, quick fitting wrist brace
  1. Procare Leg Elevator
    Full foam construction to elevate and maintain proper knee, ankle and lower leg position at 45┬░ angle.
  2. ProCare Deluxe Tennis Elbow (black only)
    NOTE: This product comes in BLACK only! Perforated vinyl construction with counter-force strap and contact closure provides a comfortable fit to address medial and lateral epicondylitis.
  3. Procare XcelTrax Tall
    Ideal support and comfort following trauma or post-operative procedure
  1. ProCare ACTION Neoprene Brace/Wrap 1/8
    Available in black 1/8" neoprene only. Front opening for easy on/of and custom fitting.
  2. ProCare ACTION Neoprene Brace/Sleeve 1/8
    Available in choice of 13" or 17" lengths. Black 1/8" contoured neoprene sleeve with dual axis motion control hinges.
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