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Tips to Prevent Common Ski Injuries this Winter.

San Diego, California – November 30, 2010 –, the sports bracing and therapy experts, recommends wearing protective gear to prevent some of the common injuries that plague skiers. Many skiers can experience an outside knee injury while skiing as a lot of pressure is used to make sharp turns. Wearing knee braces to ski can offer knee pain relief, giving individuals more control while on the mountain.

Skiing can be a fun winter sport, and as with all sports, presents risks of injuries and pain from skiing mishaps and injuries to the outside of the knee while skiing. Wearing the proper protective gear including a knee brace to ski, can prevent some of the most common ski injuries like knee sprains, fractured wrists, and head injuries.

“Skiing can take a toll on a person’s body,” stated Jason Zinn, president of “The good news is some of the most common injuries can easily be avoided by simply wearing a protective knee brace to ski or helmet. If you already have an injury and want to ski, wearing a brace to ski can can help with knee pain relief. As with all sports, the best way to get over an injury is to prevent it in the first place.”

In the case of knee sprains and fractured wrists, strapping on a brace provides extra stability and protection to the joint. A helmet provides the same layer of protection from head injuries. That way if a fall does occur, the skier is protected. Depending on the severity of the crash an injury may still occur, but wearing the brace or helmet helps keeping the injury from being more severe. has a section of their website devoted to helping equip skiers with protective gear – Skiing Braces and Supports. To learn more about preventing skiing injuries, checkout their Sports Injury Info Center. also carries a wide array of products that help with knee pain relief. It is the official source for braces, supports, and therapy products from the industry’s leading brands – DonJoy, Aircast, Compex, ProCare, Saunders, and Chattanooga.