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A Knee Brace can Alleviate Symptoms of Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Osteoarthritis is a painful condition, which occurs when the cartilage that protects and shields the joints breaks down over time. Bones that should be separated by cartilage begin to rub against each other. This friction results in damage to the tissue and underlying bone which causes swelling and joint pain. Any joint can be affected, but for many older adults or very active middle aged adults the knee joints especially are a source of pain sometimes to the point of disability.

Osteoarthritis of the knee symptoms include:

  • Pain will occur as a result of activities, and will gradually grow worse towards the end of the day. Over time as the disease progresses, there will be pain even during periods of inactivity or while at rest.
  • Range of motion limited. As time goes on and more cartilage is worn down, it will become difficult to move the knee completely forward or backward in a normal range of motion.
  • Stiffness, especially on waking in the morning, that can last for a few minutes or up to an hour after rising.
  • The knee can become enlarged and disfigured around the joint as a result of both fluid buildup and bone damage.
  • The area around the joint can fill with fluid causing swelling and pain.
  • There might be a feeling or sensation of grinding when moving the knee, accompanied by sharp pain.

These symptoms can range from minor to severe, but most of the time medication and home treatment can reduce symptoms. In many cases, a knee brace can be used to stabilize the joint thus reducing further damage and pain.

The DonJoy OAdjuster knee support brace is designed specifically for those suffering from this condition. While nothing can cure osteoarthritis, this brace can help a person return to the type of activities he or she loves.

The OAdjuster osteoarthritis knee support works by:

  • Redistributing the weight and joint alignment. This is done by a process called ‘off-loading’ which takes the direct weight off the joint. This allows the leg to move more naturally.
  • Bi-Axial hinge gives the brace more flexibility and the ability to better fit the leg comfortably.
  • Load sensor helps the device to determine the forces being applied by the brace.
  • With the relief from pain and better stability, the brace allows for an increase in leg functions, which leads to building up the muscles around the joint.
  • More mobility reduces stiffness in the morning, allowing more activity during the day, and reduced pain when at rest.

This knee brace is light weight and easily adjustable by the patient. It offers a 20 degree increase in range of motion and a 4-point dynamic leverage system. The OAjuster knee support brace has many arthritis friendly features and is commended for its ease-of-use design by the Arthritis Foundation.

An osteoarthritis patient should discuss using the brace or any other such appliance with his or her doctor first and understand what activities can be attempted before using such a device.

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