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Braces and Supports for Neck Strains

Neck sprains refer to a ligament sprain or muscle strain in the neck. They are most typically associated with the whiplash injury (common in a car accident) but also occur frequently during sports. They are the result of a fall, impact or contact with another person, object or surface. A neck brace can really help you deal with recovery from a neck injury.

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  1. DonJoy Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap
    Hot and cold therapy eases away pain, inflammation and stiffness
  2. ProCare Universal Cervical Collar
    Medium density foam collar with supporting vinyl panel
  3. ProCare Transitional 172 Cervical Collar
    Cervical collar to restrict cervical spine flexion, extension and rotation
  1. ProCare Vista Cervical Collar
    Innovative height adjustment technology
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