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Shin Splint Sleeves

Shin splint sleeves help retain heat and provide compression and support to your lower leg muscles. Our experts recommend these shin splint sleeves:

  1. DonJoy Shin Splint Support Sleeve
    Neoprene sleeve with anterior padding provides compressive support for anterior tendonitis
  2. DonJoy Performance ProForm Shin Splint Sleeve
    Neoprene shin sleeve attacks pain from shin splints with foam buttresses
Shin Splint Sleeves
Shin splints (also known as medial tibial stress syndrome) refers to pain along or behind the shinbone in the front of the lower leg. It results from too much force on the shinbone and the connective tissue that attaches to your muscles. Shin splints occur often in runners and sports where there are sudden starts and stops to running, such as football and basketball. You can help reduce the stress and pain from shin splints by resting, applying ice, wearing insoles in your shoes, stretching, and retaining heat in the shin area. Shin splint sleeves are helpful at retaining the natural heat that comes off your body, increasing blood flow to your sore muscles which aids in healing. Shin splint sleeves also provide support and compression to the lower leg to help reduce strain on muscles.
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