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Hamstring Brace & Calf Sleeve

Leg Supports & Shin Splint Braces for Leg Injuries

We offer an unconditional money back guarantee on every leg brace we sell. Whether you need a shin splint sleeve or a thigh and hamstring support, we have the perfect leg brace for you.

Click on the type of leg support you need to view the braces our brace experts recommend.

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  1. ProCare Thigh Sleeve
    Thigh sleeve provides firm compression and soothing warmth for hamstring and quadriceps strain.
  2. DonJoy Thigh Support
    Provides compression and warmth to injured and inflamed tissue
  3. DonJoy Shin Splint Support Sleeve
    Neoprene sleeve with anterior padding provides compressive support for anterior tendonitis
  1. Procare Leg Elevator
    Full foam construction to elevate and maintain proper knee, ankle and lower leg position at 45° angle.
  2. DonJoy Performance ProForm Shin Splint Sleeve
    Neoprene shin sleeve attacks pain from shin splints with foam buttresses
  3. DonJoy Performance Trizone Calf Support
    The first of its kind; introducing bracing to the calf muscle

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  1. Shin Splint Sleeves (2)
  2. Thigh & Hamstring Supports (2)
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