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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lists Best Knee Brace To Prevent Knee Injuries Snowboarding

Knee injuries while snowboarding can be less severe and possibly preventable by wearing the proper knee brace

San Diego, California – December 1, 2010 –, the sports bracing and therapy experts, introduces some of the best knee braces for snowboarding to help prevent knee injuries while snowboarding.

Ligament injuries such as ACL, MCL, or PCL are some of the most common knee injuries from snowboarding. Whether a snowboarder is suffering from a sprained or torn ligament, they’ll experience a lack of stability in the knee joint. Wearing one of the best knee braces for snowboarding, like the DonJoy FullForce knee brace, can provide extra support and stability to the knee joint.

The DonJoy FullForce knee brace is designed for snowboarders suffering from hyperextension of the ligaments around the knee, to help ease snowboarding knee pain and cushion the strain on the ligaments. It eases moderate to severe ligament instabilities caused by sprains or ruptures, to let the snowboarder heal to continue enjoying the sport without further injuring the knee.

“My favorite aspect of the FullForce is when you wear this brace your knee instabilities are continually corrected through DonJoy’s Four-Points-of-Leverage system and the FourcePoint hinge,” stated Jason Zinn, president of “This means knee injuries from snowboarding may be prevented, which significantly decreases your chances of getting hurt”.

In addition to recommending the DonJoy FullForce as the best knee brace for snowboarding, has an entire section of their website devoted to products that will help snowboarders protect themselves from injuries this season - Snowboarding Braces and Supports. also carries a wide array of products that help with knee pain relief. It is the official source for braces, supports, and therapy products from the industry’s leading brands – DonJoy, Aircast, Compex, ProCare, Saunders, and Chattanooga.