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Post-Operative Knee Braces

Our Post-Operative knee braces provide protected range-of-motion, stabilization, and immobilization after surgery.

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  1. DonJoy TROM Advance Knee Brace
    Improved design takes post-operative bracing to the next level
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Post Op Knee Braces
Post-op knee braces are often recommended by doctors because they are a great asset in helping heal your knee after a surgery or even certain injuries. Post-op knee braces help by stabilizing the knee and preventing unwanted movement, such as when we toss and turn in our sleep. They also protect the leg when bumping against people or objects, and lets others know that we're recovering from an injury and may need extra assistance. Similar to some knee immobilizers, post-op knee braces often come with customizable range of motion, so that your doctor can adjust how much your knee is allowed to move based on the stage of your recovery. Additionally, post-op knee braces help prevent infection by safely covering the site of incision and minimizing the harmful bacteria that comes in contact with your knee. Check with your doctor to determine the appropriate post-op knee brace for your situation.
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