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Knee Immobilizers

Our selection of knee immobilizers are ideal for post-op stabilization and immobilization.

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  1. DonJoy Deluxe Knee Immobilizer
    Superb Lightweight Immobilization
  2. ProCare Super Knee Splint
    1 Review(s)
    Comfortable, sturdy, foam/mesh construction with alternating web straps
  3. Bell-Horn OrthoArmor Knee Immobilizer
    Unique posterior stay and dual-cuff design delivers greater immobilization
  1. ProCare Clinic 3 Panel Knee Splint
    1 Review(s)
    Three-piece design for ease of adjustment and correct size adjustment.
  2. ProCare Quick-Fit Basic Knee Splint
    Easy fitting basic knee splint is ideal for immobilizing the knee joint
  3. ProCare 3 Panel Knee Splint
    Universal size, 3-piece nylon/fiber laminate construction provides post-operative knee support and immobilization.
  1. DonJoy Universal Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer
    Three-piece construction immobilizer allows for easy application
  2. ProCare Universal Foam Knee Splint
    Constructed of open cell foam and detachable medial/lateral aluminum I-beam stay panels for easy adjustment and custom fit.
  3. Aircast Knee Immobilizer

    Knee immobilizer is ideal for post-op stabilization

  1. ProCare Universal Foam Knee with Loop Lock Closure
    Constructed of durable open cell foam with moveable medial/lateral stay casings for proper positioning.
  2. ProCare KneeRANGER Universal
    Ideal for those recovering from injury or surgery with full and limited range-of-motion settings
  3. ProCare KneeRANGER - Sized
    One-piece easy on/off design
  1. ProCare Compression Knee Dressing
    Provides full compression to aid in prevention of edema.
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Knee Immobilizers
Knee immobilizers are often used after surgery to help prevent unwanted movement that could re-injure the leg or cause harm to the healing area. A key example of this is during sleep, when a patient may toss and turn and accidentally reinjure the knee joint. Knee immobilizers are also sometimes called knee splints. Knee splints stabilize the knee joint and cushion it from impact from outside forces. Oftentimes they even have a rigid shell that adds extra protection. In some cases knee immobilizers help in preventing bacteria and other organisms that cause infection from getting on the wound. Your doctor may also use knee splints to help rehabilitate the knee. Many knee immobilizers come with controllable range of motion hinges so your physician can adjust how much you can rotate your leg. This helps patients heal faster and safer. Check with your doctor to learn what's appropriate for your situation or injury. Shop our wide selection of knee immobilizers today!

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