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Knee Brace Accessories

Knee brace accessories like undersleeves (commonly called knee brace socks), brace covers, supplemental straps provide additional comfort and support to your knee brace.

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    DonJoy Undersleeve Cotton/Lycra for Knee Braces
    5 Review(s)
    Increases comfort and minimizes chafing from the brace by protecting the skin. Easy to apply. Machine washable for convenience.
  2. DonJoy Neoprene Knee Brace Undersleeve
    2 Review(s)
    Improves comfort, provides warmth and protect your skin from chaffing.
  3. DonJoy Reaction Knee Undersleeve
    DonJoy Reaction Undersleeve Replacement
  1. DonJoy Sports Brace Cover
    2 Review(s)
    Helps protect others from your brace during sports, as well as keeping dirt and debris away from the brace hinges.
  2. DonJoy Neoprene Suspension Strap Kit
    An add-on accessory to help enhance the fit of rigid knee braces.
  3. DonJoy Air Condyle Pads
    The air condyle pad provides cushing against the leg.
  1. DonJoy 26" Piece of Silicone Strap Padding
    Silicone pad will aid in better suspension of the brace
  2. DonJoy Anti-Migration Band For Rigid Braces
    1 Review(s)
    This band, made of suede, replaces the strap pads on the upper calf strap
  3. DonJoy Condyle Pad Kit
    Includes one pair each of 2, 3, and 5mm neoprene condyle pads with covers.
  1. DonJoy Suede Condyle Pad Kit
    Includes one pair suede condyle pads
  2. DonJoy Floam Condyle Pad
    Condyle pad with 100% memory for increased comfort and compliance. Please Note: This item is sold as a single pad. If you require two pads, please order two.
  3. DonJoy Supra Condylar Pad
    Helps to suspend and keep your brace in place during activity.
  1. DonJoy Impact Guard Knee And Shin Protector
    The Armor by DonJoyâ„¢ Impact Guard is designed to protect the shin and knee from blunt blows.
  2. DonJoy Armor/Armor FourcePoint Strap Kit

    Armor Strap Kit

  3. DonJoy Pinch Guard

    To help prevent pinching of skin between your brace and ski boot.

  1. DonJoy Chamois Condyle Pads

    DonJoy Chamois Condyle Pads

  2. DonJoy DropLock Hinge Kit
    DropLock hinges are ideal for full leg extension lock for patient standing assist, ACL/Quadriceps complications and post-polio syndrome.
  3. DonJoy FourcePoint Hinge Kit
    The DonJoy FourcePoint Hinge is the only bracing technology clinically proven to protect the ACL
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Knee Brace Accessories
Sometimes wearing knee braces can be uncomfortable. They may rub against your skin and cause rashes and other types of discomfort. Luckily, we offer knee brace accessories that can prevent some of these issues. For example, wearing a knee brace undersleeve can help absorb moisture and put a stop to chaffing. Knee brace accessories can even improve your knee brace in other ways. Knee brace covers can cushion the brace, or knee hinge padding can help inhibit the brace from slipping around. Check out some of our top knee brace accessories and see the different ways you can make your knee brace even better!

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