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Knee Brace Accessories

Knee brace accessories like undersleeves (commonly called knee brace socks), brace covers, supplemental straps provide additional comfort and support to your knee brace.

  1. DonJoy Chamois Condyle Pads

    DonJoy Chamois Condyle Pads

Knee Brace Accessories
Sometimes wearing knee braces can be uncomfortable. They may rub against your skin and cause rashes and other types of discomfort. Luckily, we offer knee brace accessories that can prevent some of these issues. For example, wearing a knee brace undersleeve can help absorb moisture and put a stop to chaffing. Knee brace accessories can even improve your knee brace in other ways. Knee brace covers can cushion the brace, or knee hinge padding can help inhibit the brace from slipping around. Check out some of our top knee brace accessories and see the different ways you can make your knee brace even better!

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