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Cervical Collars & Neck Braces

Help prevent injury or further aggravation to your neck, head or spine with a cervical collar. Our brace coaches recommend the following cervical neck supports:

  1. ProCare Low Contour Cervical Collar
    The special low, contoured design offers a better fit for patients with short necks.
  2. ProCare Form Fit Cervical Collar
    Cervical collar to restrict cervical spine flexion, extension and rotation
Cervical Collars and Neck Braces
Cervical neck braces are used to support the neck after strains, sprains and whiplash. They are critical in stabilizing a patient's spinal cord after a traumatic injury to the head or neck. A cervical collar can also be therapeutic by realigning the spinal cord and relieving pain. Because such critical areas of the body are involved, you should always consult a doctor to see which cervical collar is right for your situation, as well as to make sure that you are wearing it correctly and for the proper length of time.
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