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Elbow Brace

Elbow Braces and Arm Supports

Support your arm and protect your elbow from hyperextension, overuse, or tennis/golf elbow with an elbow brace. Tendonitis is a common elbow injury and can be cared for by wearing an elbow brace that offers compression and helps alleviate pain. Shop our recommended elbow braces to support your arm so you can play your best game.

  1. Aircast Pneumatic Armband
    Our most popular brace for alleviating symptoms of tennis or golfer’s elbow.
  2. BandIT Elbow Band
    Provides temporary relief of pain due to tendonitis or tennis elbow
  3. DonJoy Spider Elbow Pad
    High impact resistant foam compared to conventional elbow pads
  1. DonJoy Surround Floam Elbow Support
    Neoprene strap with unique Floam padding is great for elbow problems
  2. DonJoy Performance Trizone Elbow Support
    Great for sore elbows caused by overuse injuries
  3. Procare Deluxe Arm Sling w/Pad
    Generous size envelope to support the arm.
  1. DonJoy Performance Bionic Elbow Brace
    Max support for injured and recovering elbows with hyperextension stops
  2. DonJoy Performance Trizone Tennis/Golf Support
    Comfortably relieves pain from both tennis and golf elbow
  3. ProCare Tennis Elbow Support
    Combines soothing warmth of neoprene elbow sleeve with a counterforce strap that restricts full extension of muscles and tendons.
  1. ProCare Universal Surround Elbow w/FLOAM
    Comfortable neoprene strap features FLOAM bladder and wraparound universal design with loop-lock closure.
  2. DonJoy Tennis Elbow Band
    Provides comfortable uniform compression for mild tendonitis
  3. DonJoy Elbow Guard
    Provides stability for mild to moderate hyperextension injuries
  1. DonJoy Performer Elbow Support
    Adjustable wrap-on design for secure and uniform fit
  2. ProCare Deluxe Tennis Elbow (black only)
    NOTE: This product comes in BLACK only! Perforated vinyl construction with counter-force strap and contact closure provides a comfortable fit to address medial and lateral epicondylitis.
Elbow Braces and Arm Supports
The elbow is susceptible to strain from repetitive use. This can cause pain and discomfort in the elbow joint, especially if your job or recreational activities involve using the elbow repeatedly. This is common in sports such as tennis and golfing where the elbow is frequently used. Wearing an elbow brace or support can help reduce the amount of strain on the elbow. They provide compression on key areas to help prevent your tendons from moving unnaturally. Some elbow braces are also used after an injury, such as arm immobilizers, to help during the rehabilitation process. Check out our wide selection of elbow braces, elbow supports, arm slings and other products for the elbow:
  1. Arm Slings and Immobilizers (2)
  2. Elbow Pads (1)
  3. Elbow Supports (7)
  4. Tennis Elbow Supports (8)
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