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Wrist Wraps - Wrist Brace


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Attention Medicare Patients

Ideal for sports and job-related injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, this wrist brace allows freedom of the hand from splinting  Read More

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Product Details

Product Description

Is the DonJoy Wrist Wrap right for me?

Ideal for those who need to limit range of motion in a single direction, such as extension, flexion, ulnar or radial deviation during contact sports, work or other daily activities. Try our Brace Advisor for personalized product recommendations to meet your needs!

Ideal Application:

The Wrist Wraps Support is ideal when limitation of range is needed in one direction only, such as extension, flexion, ulnar or radial deviation. It is also ideal for sports-related and job-related injuries allowing freedom of the hand from splinting. Can be used in football (linemen) for prophylactic use as well as jobs requiring repetitive hand/wrist movement. These wrist wraps can be used for all sports including tennis, golf, and even water sports such as swimming and diving.

Features & Benefits:

  • Neoprene inner lining for comfort
  • Interchangeable foam inserts for variable support
  • Woven nylon outer shell for durability
  • Opposing straps limit rotation of brace
  • Can be worn on either wrist

Product Care

Wash with mild soap, rinse and air dry.


Purchase of this product comes with one single brace. To wrap both of your wrists, you will need to purchase two.

Size Chart & Fit Help



S 5-6” ( 12.75-15.25 cm)
M 6-7” (15.25-17.75 cm)
L 7-8” (17.75 cm - 20.25 cm)


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DonJoy Wrist Wraps - Wrist Brace

Product Questions

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  • Connor at 2/2/2016 2:02 PM
    • I have ecu tendon instability. Will this brace keep the tendon stable while still allowing me to swing a bat? Thanks
    • The Wrist wraps will provide support and compression to the wrist but still allow you use of your hand. This may be what you want to use while playing ball and swinging a bat
  • Brandon at 1/13/2016 2:01 PM
    • Is the Brace comparable to the ones that the guys in the NFL wear?is the there any hard plastic in them?
    • This brace is worn by some Pro FB palyers and no there is not any hard plastic in the brace. There is a rigid piece of foam that can be added in the wrap to be alittle more supportive
  • shawn at 11/20/2015 8:59 AM
    • will this brace provide support for powerlifting
    • Shawn
      Yes this brace will provide the support you need
  • Ceniah at 9/27/2015 5:54 PM
    • I am a cheerleader and I am also a tumbler would I still be able to tumble and stunt with it on
    • Yes, the Wrist Wraps will leave you help completely free and you should be able to tumble and cheer with the brace on
  • Tami at 9/14/2015 1:37 PM
    • Son has Kienbochs disease (avascular necrosis of lunate bone) and he is a high school baseball catcher. Would this wrap be best for this position? And what about batting/sliding projection?
    • Tami
      Yes the Wrist Wrap would be a good support for your son becuase it will provide some support but still allow for some movement of the hand and wrist while playing baseball
  • Leslie at 9/14/2015 6:46 AM
    • can it be used to play tennis?
    • Yes these can be used with any sport
  • Luis at 5/26/2015 7:34 AM
    • Does this brace provide support for swimmers with scafo-lunate instability?
    • Luis
      This brace can be used for this type of injury. The wrap will give compression and support to the wrist but still allow some movement
  • Murphy at 4/27/2015 7:36 AM
    • I am a server and having difficulties - both wrist are weak and the one actually has torn ligaments. Was hoping to find a supportive brace to assist in carrying trays. Would this brace be suitable? What would you recommend? (other than new job:)
    • Murphy
      Yes I would suggest the wrist wraps for your issue
  • Marian at 4/18/2015 6:34 PM
    • Will this brace be suitable for a tennis player who has stress on the right side of the right wrist?
    • Marian
      The wrist wraps will give you compression and support of the wrist while playing tennis and still allow full use of the hand
  • Andrew at 1/12/2015 10:38 AM
    • How will the wrap fit while wearing a football glove? (Offensive Line) And can I use these wraps as replacements for wrist tape?
    • The wrap will have to go on over the glove
  • Debbie at 1/3/2015 8:46 AM
    • I have RA in both wrists, and would like to continue the practice of yoga. Would these wraps be suitable for use/support?
    • Debbie
      The wrist wraps will provide mile support to the wrist but still allow motion, so if you would like to use them for Yoga, they should allow you to still move
  • Conner at 11/15/2014 11:41 AM
    • Would this be an ideal brace for swimmers -- trying to prevent backward bending similar to the way a wrist is bent during a regular push-up? Also, chlorine damage is a concern. Thank you. :)
    • Yes, you can wear these braces for swimming to help prevent too much wrist extension. Make sure to rinse the braces with tap water after getting out of the pool and let the braces air dry.
  • Scott at 9/6/2014 8:02 AM
    • Should I size up if I'm planning on wearing these with football gloves?
    • Only if your measurment is at the end of the sizing chart, to where a few cm will take you to the next size.
  • Cameron at 8/7/2014 8:17 AM
    • When you receive these after ordering them, will they say: Wraps by Donjoy on them? Also, will you be able to see the blue? I noticed NFL players such as Andre Williams and Luke Kuechly wearing these and they look totally different.
    • The wrist wraps look exactly like the picture on the website. The reason they look different on Pro FB players is that they cover up the logos for advertising purposes and they use a sharpie to cover the blue
  • Melanie at 5/2/2014 5:57 PM
  • isaac at 4/15/2014 12:25 PM
    • I have a old tfcc injury in my right wrist would this wrist wrap work or are the cxt a must?
    • Isaac
      These braces should be fine for you old injury, there is not need to go to a CXT
  • Thomas at 1/29/2014 11:27 PM
    • Are these the same kind of wrist brace that NFL line backer Luke keuchly wears?
    • Yes, Luke wears these wrist braces.
  • Lafreceia at 10/10/2013 8:05 PM
    • My son is a stud running back for our school.. He has beening dealing with some pain in his wrist for about 2 yrs.He fell on it doing a game and hurt it.He went to the Dr. They did X-rays and MRI and found out he had a old break in his wrist..they are going to fix it after football season. The Dr said he can play he just have to wrap his wrist really good!! I want to know do y'all have a brace that will help give him a little support if he falls or tackle someone? I need a good wrist brace.
    • Take a look at the DonJoy CXT & SXT Functional Wrist Brace: http://www.betterbraces.com/all-sport-dynamics-imcs-wrist-sport
      This brace has maximal support for the wrist and can be engineered to limit wrist extension if need be. It has an open palm so he will still be able to grip the ball. This brace was designed for athletes in mind.
  • Rebecca Lauriault at 9/23/2013 4:29 PM
    • I have carpal tunnel. Is this brace going to protect my wrist the same way that a brace designated for carpal tunnel will. I need something that will impede my wrist from moving at all in the water.
    • Rebecca,
      This brace does not offer the ridged support. It will give you some compression and mild support to your wrist. If you are interested in one of our carpel tunnel braces keep in mind, of our braces are designed to be worn in the water (pool, beach, lake). We suggest hand washing them after each use with light soap and water along with air drying. If you have any further questions please feel free to call us 800.553.6019
      Thank you.
  • kara at 4/3/2013 7:55 PM
    • Is there anything at all touching or wrapping around the thumb?? this is what I need. nothing at the thumb but more than just a tensor around my wrist. in my job it is unsafe for anything to be obstructing the thumb.
    • Hello, Kara -

      No, there is nothing that is obstructing the thumb with the DonJoy Wrist Wraps Wrist Brace.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day!
  • Steve at 12/12/2012 2:18 PM
    • I'm looking for a wrist wrap that I can use for Olympic Weightlifting. When holding a wide grip heavy weight over head (lift is called the snatch) I need to prevent ulnar deviation. I know the description for this wrap specifically mentions this, but the picture on the site doesn't seem like it could possibly work.

      In my mind I need something that does not interfere with the palm of my hand so that I can grip the bar, but I also need some sort of splint like object that supports the side of my hand up to the knuckle of my pinky finger.

      Am I just not understanding from the picture how this wrist wrap could prevent ulnar deviation?
    • Hello, Steve -

      The foam inserts which provide the support are interchangeable depending on what areas you would need the support. The picture does not depict all of the variable positions that the brace's supports can be worn. As far as supporting the entire length of the hand up to the pinky, the length of the brace does not extend that far up the hand through the base of the fingers - the design is intended for wrist support, not finger/hand.

      If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our product specialists at 888-405-3251.

      Thank you and have a great day!
  • Marc E at 2/26/2011 8:35 AM
    • Do you sell a non-leather wrist guard for a gymnast?
    • These Wrist Wraps are ideal for football, gymnastics and diving. These braces have a Neoprene liner and a Nylon outer shell material. There is no leather on this brace.
  • benm861 at 2/12/2011 3:02 PM
    • Are these braces suitable for use in the sport of <a href="http://www.betterbraces.com/swimming">diving</a>?
    • Yes, the Wrist Wraps are ideal when limitation of range is needed in one direction only, such as extension, flexion, ulnar or radial deviation. You'll need to rinse the brace off with fresh water after immersion.
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DonJoy Wrist Wraps - Wrist Brace

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I ordered some of these last year for my junior year in high school football down in Miami. The rating for this is product is a 10 off the rip. This product is wonderful man! I haven't had a wrist injury since. I love these wrist wraps. I'm going to buy some more before the season kicks off. Thanks betterbraces.!!!!
Posted on July 29, 2015