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DonJoy Velocity Ankle Brace - LS Model

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DonJoy Velocity Ankle Brace

An extremely comfortable brace that offers an extra level of support to help prevent ankle sprains. Great for the active person!

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Is the Velocity Ankle Brace Right for me?

Prevent sprains and rollovers to previously injured, or weak, ankles during sports or other high-impact activities.

Designed to treat and protect:

  • Inversion Ankle Sprains
  • Eversion Ankle Sprains
  • Unnatural Rotation of the Ankle

Best for:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer

Never Sprain Your Ankle Again!

The DonJoy Velocity Ankle Brace is one of our best selling ankle braces because it not only provides extra support to the ankle joint and helps prevent ankle sprains, but it is extremely comfortable too! This brace is ideal for a person who is healing from an existing ankle injury or looking to prevent a future injury.

Product Features…and the benefits you’ll experience!

Low Profile and Lightweight
This brace easily fits into your shoe giving you the extra support you need without bulkiness.
Anatomically Designed Bilateral Hinges
You get to experience natural, unrestricted movement while wearing this brace.
Moldable Foot Plate
Enjoy the benefits of a custom fit with out the cost!
R3 Technology (Rapid-Rigid-Ratched) in the Calf Cuff
Provides compression to your ankle joint to prevent swelling.
Rigid Uprights
Gives extra protection to your ankle in case of impact.

Instructions for Use…how to put on your DonJoy Velocity Ankle Brace.

Step 1: Unfasten and loosen all straps. Place ankle in the brace and position at 90o. Step 2: Wrap and secure calf liner.
Step 3: Insert calf ratchet strap end through opening on the opposite calf ratchet strap. Step 4: Pull, wrap, and lock both calf ratchet straps snugly into place without impairing circulation.
Step 5: Align tongue with the center of the forefoot. Step 6: Pull and wrap ankle strap(s) snugly into place without impairing circulation.

How to use the heat moldable foot plate.

1. Remove inner liner and outer shell (ES version).
2. Apply heat evenly to the area of interest using a heat gun. Heat molding the foot plate should be performed by medical professionals only. Do not use an oven, boiling water, or any heat source other than a heat gun. Do not heat foot plate to more than 300F as melting may occur. Do not attempt to heat mold any component other than the foot plate. If heated, the rivets will readily burn bare skin.
3. Manually form desired changes with gloved hands prior to cooling. Do not attempt to form components against bare skin.
4. Reheat and continue forming as necessary.
5. The foot plate will retain heat after heat source is removed. Allow sufficient cooling time prior to making contact with bare skin.

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Sizing Information

Size Men's Shoe Size Women's Shoe Size
Small 6-8 8-9.5
Medium 8-12 9.5-13.5
Large 12 + 13.5 and +

Calf Measuring Information- Measure calf circumference 8" from ground.

Calf Cuff Calf Circumference
Standard 7.25” – 10”
Wide 10” – 12.5”
4.85 24

DonJoy Velocity Ankle Brace reviews

I play soccer at the collegiate level, and this brace is outstanding. Not only is it comfortable, but it prevents any chance of your ankle rolling. It is a little bit bulky, but it's light and still lets you move regularly. - Nick
i Purchased the DonJoy Velocity ES version ankle support and all i can say is wow. very comfortable and absolutely no way of rolling your ankle. like the review above it is a bit bulky but not to bad. still have free range of movement (with exception of side to side to prevent ankle roll overs) and very comfortable. 5 Stars. - -Alex
My son was injured playing AAU basketball and was told to wear an ankle brace. We bought an off the shelf brace and he reinjured himself 2 weeks later. Finally went to an orthopedist who recommended the Velocity ES brace. It has been great. No more injuries because you cannot roll the ankle wearing it. - Ali
Mom of student-athletes
My 16 year old son plays competitive high school basketball and volleyball. He has rolled his right ankle a couple of times playing basketball, with the latest sprain sitting him out for six weeks. After much resistance to even trying the Velocity Brace on inititially (he thought it would be too bulky and restrictive), it is now his go-to support brace of choice. Recently during his last basketball game, he tweaked his left ankle (his right ankle was protected with the Velocity Brace). After a few bags of ice on the previously uninjured left ankle, he asked me to purchase a left foot Velocity Brace. That's the best kind of review I could ever post! And, by the way, I'm buying this second brace from Better Braces because of their great customer service. Experienced some trouble during their transition to a new system a few months ago, but other than that, they've been great to work with. - Mom of student-athletes
Injured both ankles years ago playing basketball. I don't play much anymore because I don't want to risk re-injuring them. Ordered a DonJoy Velocity ES and played last night with it on. I can attest that it would be very difficult to sprain an ankle with this on. It offers great protection. It's very comfortable too. I forgot I even had it on while I was playing. Very impressed, I just ordered another one for the other ankle now. Highly recommended. - Steph
Admittedly you can't really review the effectiveness of a brace until you roll your ankle in it, but I have worn a lot of braces and rolled my ankles a million times playing basketball and I can say that this is the best brace I have worn. It is a little odd at first because the brace is so light weight and you have so much range of motion front to back that you don't feel that it is substantial enough. But once you get on the court, you can tell the hard plastic sides provide maximum support right to left and the free range of motion straight ahead feels great. I would say you definitely have to wear high socks with them because the ankle clip will dig into your skin. If you have ankle problems playing basketball buy these. I got the max support versions for my right ankle after I rolled it badly (while wearing the standard laceup brace from the local sporting goods store). I then rolled my other ankle (again while wearing a brace but luckily not as badly) two weeks later so I went back and got another one for my left ankle. Highly recommend. - Ben
I had a stroke in September 2011, and that caused weakness on the left side of my body. When I started Physical Therapy one of the therapist suggested I get an AFO because my foot would roll outward due to weakness in the ankle when I tried to walk. My insurance would not pay for any kind of braces for adults so I tried several different ones until I found this one. It was absolutely perfect, It kept my ankle stable so it would not roll to the outside and still left me with the plantar point and the flexing movement needed to walk properly. I love this brace and I would reccomend it to anyone needing ankle stability from having a stroke. - Bobbie
I recently broke my fibula and caused a class 4 sprain while playing basketball. It has taken almost two months to get where I could even walk again. I ordered the A60 hoping that it would help me but I needed more support. The A60 is very comfortable, while giving good support for someone playing an active sport that causes the to make sharp turns on the move. I needed more stability while I am in rehab. Today, I got my velocity brace and was surprised how easy it was to install and it did not take much time. I decided to test it out after I put on my shoes and went for a walk. When I walk with the A60 I needed to take my time and be cautious but with the velocity there are no worries. I am not able to run yet but I know that I wont injure my ankle walking. However, I am a little concerned to what the limitations are for this brace, when it comes to which sports that can be played while wearing it. It felt if I were to run and have to stop quickly (in a lateral movement) that the stiffness of the brace may hurt my leg below my knee. Other than that, this brace is great for rehab and getting back to good physical condition. - DC
Over about a year and a half in college I repeatedly sprained my right ankle playing basketball, eventually resulting in two torn ligaments. I tried several other braces, but they either completely immobilized my foot (so basketball wasn't possible) or they were too flimsy (resulting in another sprain). Once I recovered from the torn ligaments I found this brace and have been using the same one for 5 years now. ZERO sprained ankles. I have tweaked it a couple of times, but this brace kept what could have been a catastrophic injury from being anything more than a little bit sore the next day. It is truly protective, but allows the mobility I need for basketball. Just fantastic. I'm leaving this review as I order a second one - five years has put some miles on the original. - lecodecivil
Reverend Deb
I have a rare and extremely painful nerve disorder in my lower left leg called Complex Regional Pain Disorder, the result of a relatively minor sprain to my left ankle. I needed to find an ankle brace that would allow me to walk on the leg, while at the same time prevent strains, sprains, dislocations, and fractures which would be hard to detect without an x-rays or an MRI, as the symptoms would be the same as the nerve disorder. Another requirement was that the brace fit firmly to avoid extreme pain from even the slightest slippage. Another requirement is that the materials of the brace not cause skin breakdown. I also wanted the brace to be able to fit under clothing and inside normal footwear. Add to all this was the need to be very affordable since I am now disabled and cannot work until someone comes up with a way to cure the problem. It took months to find the right brace that met all my needs. Finally, a physical therapist recommended the Velocity, and it tuned out to be precisely what I had been searching for. I use it to prevent lateral rolling and rotation, while allowing flexion-extension so I can exercise to prevent contractures. As CRPS/RDS is an extremely painful disorder of the sympathetic nerves, I was happy to find that the brace can easily and quickly be put on or removed, while at the same time it stays put without any slippage (even light rubbing from slippage feels like a red hot belt sander, even with the softest material using the lightest touch). The velcro fasteners seam to wear out pretty quickly, and the leather-velcro portion of the ratchet straps splits at the point where they are sewn onto the plastic portion of the straps. The first problem I solved by simply wearing an additional sock over the brace, to hold the velcro fasteners in place. Once the ratchet fastener splits completely, I use bandage tape to hold it in the correct setting until I can order a replacement brace (about every 6-9 months). However, I wear the brace for normal ADL level activities (walking, standing, driving, physical therapy, etc), and about 18-20 hours a day, every day, which is likely far more than most others. With the relatively low cost of the Velocity ES, the problems with the fasteners I encountered are no big deal, especially since the Velocity is thus far the ONLY brace that meets my unusual needs. The brace fits firmly in my footwear, without the need to wear two different sized shoes or boots. I can wear my work boots over the brace on bad days when added support is needed, and can even wear my knee high dress boots that zip up the side. Slip-on style boots won't go over the brace. Using a cane, I can now walk well enough to get around my home and perform most household chores and walk short distances outdoors. I can also exercise the left leg to keep the strength in the upper leg and stretch the lower leg. My doctors have finally stopped ordering x-rays and MRI's every time they see me (to make sure what they are seeing is the CRPS, not another injury). This is definitely preferable to using crutches or a wheelchair, both of which are very expensive alternatives which would further hinder my ability to take care of myself without assistance from others. If your lower leg is disabled to the point where you cannot move your foot, or prevent it from rolling or rotating to the point of injury, this is the brace to get. I use the extra support model, as well as the ankle strap from the moderate support model for maximum support. On occasion I will wear my heavy work boots for absolute support for extended periods outdoors on uneven surfaces. On the boots, I wear a full size larger than I previously did to accommodate the brace, and will wear a heavy sock on the good foot so that boot isn't too loose. As mentioned, I have to replace the brace about every 6-9 months due to constant use, but even with my now much lower income, this is still a very affordable solution, especially when compared to the alternatives. - Reverend Deb
I broke my ankle playing volleyball earlier this year. I had a plate and six screws put in a few days later. My doctor recommended this brace to me after I was done with my walking boot. I absolutely love this brace. It is amazingly comfortable and it doesn't rub against the screws like other braces I have tried. It feels very sturdy and I feel like it protects my ankle very well. I'm going in for a second surgery in a couple of weeks and I'm glad I have this brace to wear after. Eventually, when I get back to volleyball, I will be purchasing one for my other ankle as well. - Katie
John R.
This is one of the best ankle braces I've worn, very comfortable and great ankle protection! - John R.
I broke my ankle (left) and after getting out of my cast my physician suggested I wear this brace. It is amazing!! It is so comfortable. I also had surgery on my right foot (accessory navicular removal) several years ago. I have a very bad habit of rolling my ankles, always have. I am wanting to get back in shape but am concerned about walking and exercising too much because I don't want to damage my ankles again. I am going to get another brace for my right ankle. I know then I will be all set!!!! This is the #1 brace ever! I have tried other ones, and they are so tight, they hurt my ankle. - Gena
I have never written a review of a product before, but this brace is so exceptional I had to take a moment to tell others! My son is a 6'5, 205 lb Freshman. He is a three sport athlete, so no break in activity for us! During basketball season, he severely sprained his ankle 2 times...bad enough to warrant a cast. 8 weeks out of the cast, he rolled it again. He's a "big" in basketball, so coming down on others' feet happen frequently. We were so frustrated and concerned, as 2/3 of his sprains happened while wearing a brace!! I conducted research, asked collegiate athletes for their advice, and kept getting referred to the velocity brace. Although costly, it has been worth EVERY penny! The third time he sprained his ankle, he was told to not play sports for another 8 weeks. That weekend, he had a tourney in WA. We ordered the it on time...and he played the entire weekend!! Oh, forgot to mention, he has a completely torn front ligament, and a stage 2 tear on the side. With this brace, you would NEVER know. He has FULL mobility, and the necessary protection. He's played in a total of 4 tourneys in 8 weeks....landed on multiple feet...and hasn't incurred a single roll/sprain! No swelling, either. It really does seem impossible with this brace. It is a little bulky, and finding a football cleat to fit it will be a challenge, but I will take that challenge for the protection. Hope this review helps! - Debbie
Just ME
I broke my ankle a long time ago in a high school cross country meet. It wasn't diagnosed and I went on to seriously injure my knee because I was running on a fracture that gave out. Over the following years I kept twisting it but most times it didn't hurt. Finally 4 years ago I fell and tore 2 ligaments badly. Even then it took the other foot hurting badly for several months after stopping physical therapy. I finally went to a podiatrist who rapidly diagnosed 3 issues with my bad ankle and another with my good foot. An MRI proved that I need to have surgery but it hasn't been possible because of other issues in my life. He also found with the MRI that I don't feel the sprains because my ligaments are all scar tissue and are so stretched that I don't feel it. I had been wearing another brace for several months then but I inverted so badly that I was wearing through one every 8-10 weeks even with very supportive custom orthotics. We decided to try this and I've worn them for 3 years now. I am ordering my 3rd one today because with daily use the hinge eventually comes loose and allows wobbling. However I've never gone this long without a sprain since my fracture 22 years ago. My only complaint is that the ES strapping kits don't last very long. I usually have to replace the strapping every 3-5 months because the velcro curls up and won't stick. It is still cheaper than replacing the other brace I tried every few months and hopefully I will have insurance when this one wears out. - Just ME
Alina J
I got the Donjoy Velocity in the Moderate Support and LET ME TELL YOU. It's the best. I broke my feet badly in 2012 and smashed my left foot to pieces. 7 surgeries later, we're waiting for my ankle to go but the doctors think daily brace usage will give me a few years before we have to replace the joint. I have tried a million and one ankle braces, desperately trying to find one that will fit in a shoe. I'm talking NORMAL GIRL SHOES, like cute flats, sandals, etc. These fits in thin flats, my high top sneakers, my super thin merrell zero drop sneakers, everything. It's snug without being overbearing. I tried the extra strength of the Velocity and it was too big to fit in my loosest shoe, a loafer. Best ankle brace for heavy support and daily use for someone who actually wants to wear normal shoes. MODERATE support - Alina J
I have worn the ES model for 2 years while playing Rugby. The quick wrap is about ready to need replacement, but it has gotten a lot of heavy use and help up well. I have been really thankful that I have these braces as they have certainly saved me. - John
My daughter turned the same ankle twice after 6 weeks playing select fast pitch. The second time was worse. She was wearing a lace up brace at the time, but it failed. It actually turned while she was slowing down to a walk...just gave out. Got this brace a week later and she can not start walking and exercising allowing it to get stronger with support. I am buying one for the other foot so she does not have to have a lift put in her other shoe to even her hips up. I can't see her foot turning in this brace. It feels weird to her, but I think that when she starts jogging and gets used to it, it will feel more natural. - RT
8 months ago I sprained my ankle pretty bad and since then, the healing process has not been easy. I wait tables in an extremely busy restaurant nearly every day, so I'm continuously running up and down stairs and back and forth through the restaurant. Every day for the last 8 months I have gone home in so much pain; sometimes almost unable to walk. I have used a number of different braces and not a single one has ever helped. I finally came across this brace and with the amount of pain I was going through on a daily basis, dropping $100 on a brace just seemed like the next best step. I am so glad I did! Ive been using this brace with the added extra support for about 3 weeks now and have not experienced any pain whatsoever while at work with it on. I can actually work a 12 hour shift with absolutely no pain now! This brace has been a life saver! It did take some getting used too in the beginning, and by the end of a work shift I was ready to get it off my foot, but now I really don't even notice it. Now with this brace I'm hoping my ankle will finally start to heal! $100 well spent! - SS
Great ankle brace, you've read that. I have the ES model and molded the plastic bottom in the shape of my orthotic. I don't need to use both as the plastic of the brace helps (although I can fit both in the shoe). I suggest buying a heat gun from Amazon for $20 when you buy the brace and molding the bottom right away. It's pretty easy, just go slow so you don't overheat the bottom. I found the foot portion uncomfortable until I molded it. Now it fits great and acts as a decent orthotic. - stx
After playing about an hour of competitive basketball for 6 months, my MS brace began to crack, and I know need to purchase a new set. The braces are not as durable as I would have hoped for for $80 each, but have been an absolute LIFE SAVER on the court. There were times where I felt my ankle start to roll, but the MS brace completely negated what could have been 2 months on the sidelines. The best brace money can buy, but wish they lasted longer at full strength for competitive play. I would not be purchasing two more braces if I was not satisfied with the results.. Lifelong customer!! - Jack
I have sprained ankles numerous times playing basketball, and this ankle brace is amazing. It goes on relatively fast, and the combination of hard shell plus soft laces is great. It is like a lace-up brace plus an Active Ankle brace all in one, and amazingly it isn't too bulky. Well worth the investment. - Joe
During my previous football season I completely tore my left ankle ligaments in one of the first games of the season, I played a vital role on the team and I made the decision to keep on playing through the injury. Tape was not enough so my trainer bought me this ankle brace. The pain was still there of course but there was no way I could have gotten through a 14 game season without this ankle brace. It was a life saver, and even though my ankle did give out a couple of times due to the fact that all of my ligaments were torn, it still provided the extra stabilization I needed to play good enough. I had surgery 2 months ago and the surgeon was shocked that I was even able to play another game with how bad my ankle was, and the ankle brace was a huge factor of how I was able to. This ankle brace is a life saver, without a doubt saved my season and continue to help me play from week to week. - Joseph
The braces are great but the extra stable straps don't last well. The velcro on the straps quit holding after a few months, and a strap broke after about 6 months. I would prefer something that ties. Fortunately, it's easy to buy replacement parts. I play tennis and they work very well. - stx2
I'm a club volleyball player for a national team. I have had these braces for about two years and I do private lessons 4 times a week and stillI have never had a problem with them. I had an ankle injury in the fall and my sports medicine doctor said that if it weren't for my ankle braces, I would've broken my ankle. I'm in love with these in every way possible and don't regret getting them for a second. - Kendahl

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Questions on DonJoy Velocity Ankle Brace

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  • From Sammy G. at 3/22/2010 2:04 PM
    • Can you mold the foot plate on the DonJoy Velocity Ankle Brace? If so how do you do it?
    • Yes you can mold your ankle brace by following the steps below.

      How to use the heat moldable foot plate.
      1. Remove inner liner and outer shell (ES version).
      2. Apply heat evenly to the area of interest using a heat gun. Heat molding the foot plate should be performed by medical professionals only. Do not use an oven, boiling water, or any heat source other than a heat gun. Do not heat foot plate to more than 300F as melting may occur. Do not attempt to heat mold any component other than the foot plate. If heated, the rivets will readily burn bare skin.
      3. Manually form desired changes with gloved hands prior to cooling. Do not attempt to form components against bare skin.
      4. Reheat and continue forming as necessary.
      5. The foot plate will retain heat after heat source is removed. Allow sufficient cooling time prior to making contact with bare skin.

      Keep in mind once you've molded the brace it is not returnable.
  • From Robert at 4/5/2010 10:22 AM
    • I'm not sure what version of this brace I should get...the DonJoy Velocity MS or ES. I play soccer and sprained my ankle awhile ago. My ankle is now healed, I just wear a brace to try to keep from injuring it again. What do you recommend?
    • The DonJoy Velocity MS Ankle Support is good for active people who need support, but want less material inside their shoe. The DonJoy Velocity ES Ankle Brace is for athletes that need maximum support and wear footwear that can accommodate the extra material. Both versions provide moderate to maximum support with ES version providing the most ankle support between the two.
  • From Sandra at 8/12/2010 1:38 PM
    • I just sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago. Third degree sprain, and it is the third time. I play soccer and have my very last game ever in a week. Will this provide enough support?
    • Hello Sandra,

      Your doctor will be able to advise what type of ankle brace your should wear during the course of your recovery.

      The DonJoy Velocity Ankle Brace is a great brace to wear during games to add support to the ankle and prevent rolling.
  • From John Hempel at 9/6/2010 9:53 AM
  • From jaime marshall at 11/16/2010 3:51 PM
  • From jaime marshall at 11/16/2010 3:51 PM
  • From Diane McHutchison at 11/24/2010 9:42 AM
    • Can this be adjusted to hold the foot in a slight plantar flex? My husband injured his achilles tendon, and we need to have the foot positioned so that his toes point downward a bit.
    • Hello Diane,

      We don't have any ankle braces that control the plantar flex.

      We do carry a DonJoy Maxtrax ROM Air Ankle Walker that features ROM (Range of Motion) control.
  • From Henry Gonzalez at 2/25/2011 2:30 PM
    • Hello.
      I'm seeing in the picture now and I´m thinking if the DonJoy it is very thick on the ankle. Can I close properly any shoes? or Will I need an especial sport shoes? I play basket and I have had many sprains.
      Thank you
    • Hello Henry,

      This ankle brace is designed to be worn inside a standard atheletic shoe.
  • From Amit at 3/1/2011 6:15 PM
    • Good day,

      My daughter who is 8 years old have a problem with her LEFT Ankle,
      where doctors say that she should be wearing such a support with which
      there is no body pressure on ankle,
      which should at least take 70 % to 80 % of body weight..

      can you suggest which is the best cast which you recommend for her ,, and
      at the same time she should be able to go to school and wear her shoes.

      awaiting your earliest reply
    • Thank you for taking the time to email us here at regarding a product for your daughters ankle to take weight bearing pressure off of her joint. To answer your question the best product would be the Aircast SP walker, based on her shoe size, you may order this product. We do offer this in a pediatric size.
  • From Al at 3/15/2011 8:06 AM
    • Does the moderate style brace come with the footplate or is it the lace up style?

    • With the DonJoy Velocity, no matter what style you get it will always come with the foot plate, uprights, and ratcheting top strap. It always starts out as a Light support and then you can build on. With the moderate support you get the lower soft good strap with velcro pulleys, and the Extra support you get the full encompassing soft good with two velcro pulleys. Each brace goes up in level of support.
  • From Tuan at 4/20/2011 8:02 AM
    • My son is 14 and plays for a U14 premier league soccer team. He injured his right ankle about 4 weeks ago. He is ready to play again but needs a really good ankle brace. Please recommend the best one for him. He was slide tackled by an opponent and had a severe case of sprained on the outside of the ankle. X-Ray shows that he also may have a micro fracture at the growth plate.
    • Our most semi-rigid and most supportive ankle brace is the Velocity ES. I would suggest getting this. It will provide him the most support while allowing him to still be active and proceting the ligaments in that area.
  • From Rose at 4/25/2011 6:59 PM
    • I have an ankle that is torn and turns inward when walking, extreme pain. The ankle brace dr gave me a year ago was the donjoy surrournd FLOAM and it was very uncomfortable and I have gone thru three in a year as the cloth piece underneath kept ripping. I saw the Velocity and was thinking it will give me better support and be more I correct? I can't check with my dr anymore as I have no health insurance to see him....also, can you wear it with sandals in the summer? I will need my ankle reconstructed when I do get insurance. Please advise if you feel this is an adequate brace before I spend $85.

      Thank you very much, I appreciate your input!
    • Hey Rose,
      The Velocity does not provide as much support as the Surround Floam. However, the Aircast Air-Stirrup is of a similar design and usually thought to be more comfortable and provides as much stability as the Surround Floam does. Also, with the air stirrup you can buy replacement heel straps so you don't have to worry about buying a new brace every time that strap wears.
      As far as wearing sandals, considering your level of injury I couldn't imagine any doc allowing you to wear sandals. There is no support in sandals, and it wouldn't matter which brace you were using, the risk of injury is too high to allow you to wear shoes without support. Tennis shoes or sneakers are your best and safest option. I hope this helps.

  • From John at 4/25/2011 7:21 PM
    • I recently broke my fibula right at the Lateral malleolus level. The break was clean and did not require surgery. I have been in a walking boot since 1 week after the intial break. The doctor said the joint was stable and surgery and a hard cast would not be nesscary. I have 2 more weeks left in the walking boot but regular check ups to the doctor have all had great results. I will be getting back into regular shoes in two weeks and I will be going to Europe the following week. I want to know what ankle brace would be best for protecting me from more swelling and injury while in Europe. I am still young at 25 and hope for a quick recovery I just want to prevent any accidents while the bone is still weak.
    • Hey John,
      Considering the extent of your energy and the amount of activity you will be doing while in Europe, I would actually recommend the Aircast Air-Stirrup. It will be bigger and bulkier, but it will also be stronger and more supportive. The aircells lining the inside of the brace will also help to keep swelling down which will be useful during long periods of walking. This is a brace you would wear for an additional 4-6 weeks after the boot, and then you would be able to buy a more functional brace for higher level activity.

  • From Deanna at 5/2/2011 12:34 PM
    • I am about to come out of my Cam walker boot for a nondisplaced fracture of the distal fibula. Will this brace work for me in the next phase of my rehab? I am waiting for my doctor to email some choices of braces, just trying to get an idea of what he might suggest and maybe get it cheaper from you. Thanks
    • Yes the Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace does such a great job in this phase of rehab. I would reccommend it for you.
  • From Sonia at 5/19/2011 5:12 AM
    • Whats the difference between the Don Joy Velocity MS and LS.
    • The difference is in the amount of outer material. The DonJoy Velocity MS has a strap and laces that go around the ankle part to cinch it tighter. The LS has no outer material, it is just the plastic shell.
  • From P C at 7/8/2011 9:22 AM
    • Does the ES model have the same foot plate as the MS model?
    • Yes the Donjoy Velocity ES has the same footplate as the MS. Should you have any other questions please let us know.
  • From Peter at 7/31/2011 6:48 AM
    • Hi, I am looking for a brace I can use for cycling. I have no strength in my ankles/feet to spush down on the pedals due to a spinal injury. I am looking for a brace that will stop my foot moving up and down but still fit inside a shoe. Holding the foot at 90deg to the leg would be perfect by not essential. Do any of your products do this?
    • It sounds like you are looking for an AFO - Ankle Foot Orthosis which holds your foot at a 90 degree angle. This is a prescription item that your doctor would need to order. This can be done through the local rep representative which can be identified with your zip code.
  • From Hector at 7/31/2011 3:47 PM
    • A little over a year ago I had a bimalleolar ankle fracture with an ankle dislocation. I had surgery and had two plates and numerous screws put into my fibula. I have regained about 80 percent of the strength in the ankle. I want to start doing more athletic activities, but I am a bit apprehensive as I do not want another ankle dislocation. Is the Don Joy velocity brace perhaps be helpful in preventing another ankle injury. I do everyday activities with no support fine with no pain. Also does the foot plate need to be molded? Thanks.
    • Yes the Donjoy Velocity ankle would be the best product for your condition. The foot plate is heat moldable but not required to wear the product.
  • From Paul at 12/5/2011 9:10 AM
    • Hello,
      I sprained my left ankle playing volleyball by rolling it laterally after landing on an opposing player's foot. I've tried on the Donjoy Velocity ES, but found it took up too much volume in my volleyball shoes. Will the Donjoy Velocity MS have the same volume issue, or is there a better brace you can recommend? Thanks.
    • Hi Paul,

      If you still have the Velocity ES, you can remove the bottom portion of the speed wrap to see if you like the fit better. The MS version is the same as the ES with less softgoods materials, thus providing moderate versus extra support..

      If you have additional questions, please call 1-800-553-6019.

      Have a nice day.

  • From Kelsie at 12/10/2011 1:15 PM
    • Hi,

      I have been looking all over for a place to heat mold the foot plate on this brace. I live in Orange County, CA. My pain management doctor, orthopedic surgeon, and Certified Athletic Trainers have no idea where to go. Please help? Where can I get this done? How long will it take and how much will it cost?

    • Hi Kelsie,

      The tool used to mold the foot plate is a heat gun. Did the meidcal professionals you asked know that is what you need? I would ask you physician if they know of an orthotist in your area, he or she could most likely help you.

      If you have additional questions. please call 1-800-553-6019

      Have a nice day.
  • From Rebecca at 4/8/2012 5:16 PM
    • I have subtalar joint arthritis that is contributing to tendonitis in both ankles. I have orthotics that I wear and also some ankle braces, but I don't think they are helping enough. I am in constant pain. I am a nursing student on my feet alot and need the best support I can get. Is the Velosity the best? I want it to be comfortable, but above all provide extra support. It does not take much for my ankle to turn.
    • Hi Rebecca,

      The Velocity ES is the most supportive ankle brace we offer. If you are looking for maximal protection, it is the right brace to choose.

      Have a nice day.
  • From Luis Plascencia at 11/20/2012 1:40 PM
    • I broke my fibula two months ago, in the lower part by right above my ankle. I got surgery and had a metal plate and screws. Will this brace help me prevent further injuries, i play football and im a cornerback. Im hearing good feedback from this but is this good for me?
    • Hello, Luis -

      You are correct, the DonJoy Velocity is the one most highly recommend for return to play for football. There are 3 types of Velocity braces and since you are post-surgical, we suggest you go with the DonJoy Velocity ES (Extra Support) which provides the highest level of support of all 3.

      Thanks and have a great day!
  • From Richard Hughes at 1/1/2013 8:51 AM
    • What is your return policy if I am not satisfied with the DonJoy Velocity Ankle Brace?
      Is this the best brace for rolling ankle due to stroke? Do you have to heat mold the foot plate? Which would be best the MS model or the ES model?
    • has a 90 day return policy, you can return the product no questions asked for the price of the product you purchased. The foot plate needs to be heat molded for a custom fit. This brace is used for ligament weakness and severe ankle injuries, the ES gives the most support of the three ankle braces
  • From Brittany at 2/5/2013 3:23 PM
    • I recently got a an extreme 2nd degree sprain and I am looking for a stable brace. The doctor suggested that braces with a lace up had more support. I had been thinking about getting this brace, but during the video, the person was able to move their ankle to both sides. I was wondering if y'all had a brace that only allowed for forward and backward movement, but not sideways, to prevent another severe sprain.
    • Hello, Brittany -

      The DonJoy Velocity would be an excellent choice. All of our ankle brace are designed to prevent/support the lateral movement of the ankle as inversion sprains account for a majority of ankle injuries. The Velocity would be considered our premier product in ankle brace support.

      We encourage you to contact our product specialists at 888-405-3251 if you have further questions.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day!
  • From Courtney at 4/15/2013 3:43 PM
    • I am a size 6.5 in women's. Will the small fit securely enough to protect my ankle?
    • The Small Standard would fit around the ankle and shin. You mave to heat mold the foot plate to get that to fit if it does not.
  • From Traci at 4/28/2013 12:13 PM
    • Can the fabric on the velocity be replaced? My son has worn the velocity without injury and he loves it. Problem now is the Velcro no longer sticks and the fabric around the foot mold has worn through.
    • Yes we have replacement parts for the Velocity ES. Below is the link where you can purchase the ankle replacement part.

      If you have further questions please call Product Support at 1-888-405-3251

      Have a Great Day.
  • From Kyle at 5/16/2013 12:52 PM
    • If I wear the Velocity ankle brace daily, how long will the brace last?
    • Hello Kyle,

      Depends on your level of activity and what type of activity you are participating in. If you are playing volleyball/basketball indoors it should last a couple of seasons. If you are playing football there may be a little more wear and tear to them. We do have replacement parts for the Velocity, if the liner gets worn we can replace the liners for you.

      Thanks for contacting Donjoy.

      If you have additional questions, please contact a Product Specialist at 1-888-405-3251.

      Have a Great Day.

  • From Bryan at 5/29/2013 6:54 PM
    • I am recovering from a longitudinal tear of my posterior tibial tendon. My doctor has told me I'll likely need to wear a brace for future athletic activity. Would you recomment the MS or ES versions of this brace?
    • Hello Bryan,

      Both Braces would be appropriate for you. The brace itself is the rigid frame. In addition you can add the MS Strapping or ES strapping. Those may be purchased as replacement parts should you need more or less support.

      Please call a Product Specialist for further questions. 1-888-405-3251.

      Have a Great Day.
  • From Jeremy at 6/16/2013 10:26 PM
    • I have rolled my right ankle so many times I've lost count. I need extra support!
      Can I wear this with logging boot or hunting boot like a danner or whites boots?
    • Hello Jeremy,

      Yes, you can fit the velocity into a shoe. We also, have other ankle brace options.

      The stabilizing Pro is similiar to ankle tape, most popular among athletes, if you want a more rigid brace the next step would be the Rocketsoc. If you want maximum sport the Velocity.

      Please call Product Support with additional questions. 1-888-405-3251.

      Thanks for contacting Donjoy.
  • From Stephen at 6/18/2013 10:02 AM
    • Hi I've been having really bad ankle injuries due to different sports since 2010 and now I'm into the sport of wakeboard I've been injured again on my left ankle due to a bad fall. My doctors told me to wear an ankle support but it didn't change a thing so I'm thinking of wearing the velocity while wake boarding is it possible that while wearing this ankle brace it would fit into my bindings/wakeboard shoe? (My size for the bindings are 9-10 us) if possible what size should I get? And if not what other braces would you guys recommend? Thanks and have a good day
    • Hello Stephen,

      Yes, you can use the Velocity in the water.

      Below find the link to the sizing chart.

      Sizing Information

      Size Men's Shoe Size Women's Shoe Size
      Small 6-8 8-9.5
      Medium 8-12 9.5-13.5
      Large 12 + 13.5 and +

      Calf Measuring Information- Measure calf circumference 8" from ground.

      Calf Cuff Calf Circumference
      Standard 7.25” – 10”
      Wide 10” – 12.5”
  • From Brian at 6/26/2013 8:58 AM
  • From Shahrukh at 6/27/2013 2:55 AM
    • Hi I play tennis on the weekends I just want to no if this is good for me and can I get a deal if I buy 2 thanks
    • Hello Shahrukh,

      Yes, this is a great brace. We also have another ankle brace that is popular among Tennis Players. Take a look at the Aircast A60, it slips on like a sock. It has a medial and lateral semi-rigid support, and it's low profile.

      Thanks for contacting Donjoy.
  • From JAMES at 6/28/2013 11:10 AM
    • Hello, my ankles have taken a beating playing soccer all of my life and I have always warn the canvas lace-up braces. Two months ago I broke my ankle in a game despite wearning my braces. At this point I cannot compromise functionality for comfort. Does your Extra Support version allow enough freedom of movement for soccer, and does it fit in a soccer shoe, which is typically thinner and tighter material than other sports? I recognize that some braces offer better movement, but as long as it is POSSIBLE to play soccer in the Extra Support version I will.
    • Hello James,

      I recommend an ankle brace with lateral/medial supports. I suggest the Pro-Ankle Stabilizing Brace, and the Velocity. If you need mild support I recommend the A60.

      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.
  • From Patty at 6/29/2013 11:47 AM
    • Hi
      I have weakness in my ankles and have repeatedly sprained my left to the point where I really supinate when walking. I do rehab in water and on land, would the velocity MS be it ok in a chlorinated pool. I also have some neuropathy and need a brace that doesn't rub or irritate my foot in a shoe.
    • Hello Patty,

      Yes you can use the Velocity in a Pool, we recommend rinsing it with water after use in the Pool or Ocean.

      Thanks for contacting Donjoy.
  • From Edy Gomez at 7/21/2013 7:35 AM
    • Hi,
      I just wanted to know if you guys have a location where you sell or you just sell online... Thank you for your attention
    • Hello Edy,

      I can give you the name of your Local Representative and they can come out and measure you for a brace or you can purchase online.

      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.
  • From Jazmyn at 7/23/2013 2:43 PM
    • About 2 years ago I almost ripped my tendon in dance class I ended up having tendinitis. I had to wear a boot for about a month and they gave me the velocity brace ES to wear after, since I am also in Marching Band at my School. Band Camp started again recently and I noticed pain in my foot coming back. Should I continue to wear the velocity brace throughout marching season ? Will it help my injury ? I know it will give me support I need to not further injure my foot, but there is also a plastic part that pokes into and irritates my skin. Ive tried band aids. What would you recommend I do to prevent this from hurting me ?
    • Hello Jazmyn,

      Is your Velocity 2 years old? If so, it may be time to purchase a replacement liner, the pad on the inside of your brace.

      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.
  • From Adam Robbs at 8/3/2013 6:11 PM
    • I broke my ankle and tore a ligament in June. I should be cleared for football in Sept. I have a plate and screw in my ankle. What brace would be best for protection stability and performance.
    • Hello Adam,

      I recommend after you have completed your Physical Therapy and have been released by your Athletic Trainer, you can use the Stabilizing Pro Ankle brace. It laces up and has 2 stirrups, it's very similiar to getting your ankle taped.

      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.
  • From Kerry at 10/5/2013 12:54 AM
    • Do you have the DonJoy Velocity MS or ES for larger calves?
    • Karry
      Thankyou for contacting Product Support. Yes the velocity has a calf option when ordering from The standard calf fits a circumference of up to 10" and the wide calf fits up to 12.5". if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Diana Keith MA, ATC
      Product Support Specialist
      DJO Healthcare Services
      DJO, LLC
      A DJO Global Company
      1430 Decision St, Vista, CA 92081-8553

      O 760-734-3144

      Responsibility Restorative Discipline Consistency Competition

      Confidentiality Notice: This message, together with any attachments, is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential or privileged information. If you think you have received this message in error, please advise the sender and then delete this message and any attachments immediately.
  • From vinny123 at 10/15/2013 9:10 PM
    • Recently in July i broke the outer part of my right ankle, fractured my fibula and tore the ligaments the length of my leg skateboarding. Had surgery with a mini Tight Rope put in my ankle. I'm trying to find a ankle brace that is good to surf in, that's durable in salt water, but that also provides a lot of support. Been looking at the Don Joy Neoprene Rocket Soc and the Don Joy Velocity ES.Which do you think is a better choice?
    • The Rocket Soc would be a good decision. The velocity provides good dynamic support however, the Rocket Soc being made of neoprene will provide the compression and support you need in the water. It will also be a more ideal fit when you don’t have shoes on. Make sure it is rinsed out and air dried after each use. This brace will also fit well into a sneaker for your other activities, such as skateboarding.
  • From CoachD at 10/30/2013 7:57 AM
    • Hello, I have an 8 year old son that has hypertonicity of his calf due to stroke, he is very active and plays competitive sports including baseball and tackle football. His ankle rolls really badly on the football field, particularly when he gets fatigued. I tape his ankle before each practice and game and have gone through at least 10 different braces this football season. This brace looks like it might be the answer but it doesn't appear to be available in a small enough size.

      Do you have an extra small size and if not can you share your thoughts on a good brace that will allow my son to stay active but protect that ankle?

    • Coach
      The Velocity would be the best brace for your son but since he is not yet big enough to fit into one. take a look at the DonJoy Rocketsoc Ankle Brace. It has straps to lock the heel to prevent lateral ankle sprains and comes in a lace-up version as well. This brace can be used for acute and chonic ankle sprains and has a XS sixe if that is what you need. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us
  • From BirdX at 10/31/2013 6:28 PM
    • I play offensive guard for my highschool football team and I have been prone to ankle injuries on both ankles. A week ago I had an eversion sprain on my right ankle. The third time i rolled it in such a way in one season! I am unable to push off with the force i am accustomed to. I am much more concerned with the protection of the inner part of my ankle but most braces I have come across support inversion sprains. Would the velocity brace be the right choice for me?

      Also, would this brace be a better alternative to getting ankles taped under and over a cleat?
    • The Velocity ankle brace is our most rigid ankle brace. This is a good choice for injury prevention and to use during rehabilitation phase as well. It will be a personal preference to use in lieu tape. The Velocity brace will be easier and quicker to apply. It will not loosen up and is more rigid than tape. Thank you for your question.
  • From Ball out at 11/4/2013 11:12 AM
    • Would this brace give support for posterior tibial tendonitis dysfunction?
    • The Velocity is a rigid hinged ankle brace that has a foot plate that would go right under the arch of your foot so it could help with Posterior tibial tendonitis. Another possibility is our Aircast airlift PTTD Brace that is specifically made for posterior tibial tendonits disfunction in mind. Take a look at our website:
  • From Adrian at 11/5/2013 1:55 PM
    • I broke the outer side of my left ankle a cpl yrs ago but I tend to roll both ankles a lot I'm very active year round playing football and basketball and I dnt wnt to reinjure my ankle or hurt the other. I would like to know what's the best brace to get, I'm looking at the don joy velocity ES and the A60. Which of these would be best or do you recommend something else?
    • Adrian,
      The DnJoy Velocity Ankle Brace is our most rigid brace. Adding the Extra Support is going to be a good option for you. The A60 would be recommended for lighter activities, playing contact sports year round the Velocity will give you more support. Thank you for contacting DJO.
  • From Michele at 11/8/2013 9:09 AM
    • My son is required to wear a brace at all times while playing basketball due to constant rolling of both ankles causing severe sprains. He is 6'2, 211 pounds and wears a size 15 shoe. He has rolled his ankle in his previous braces but I want to know if this a( is the right brace for him and b) will accommodate his size?
    • The DonJoy Velocity Ankle Brace is out most functional brace and provides maximum support. This brace is one of our best sellers for athletes. The large size will accommodate your son’s shoe size of 14. Thank you for your question, please feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.
  • From Eric at 12/11/2013 5:48 PM
    • I have broke my right ankle twice. First time 15 yrs ago playing football, rolled outward. Second time 6 yrs ago playing volleyball landed on somebody else's foot, tore ligaments, bone fragments away. Second required surgery. I was pretty good about wearing braces after first injury, but after 2nd I have been religious about both ankles being in braces for absolutely any activity. Just a few nights ago playing basketball I came down on someone's foot, rolled my right ankle bad enough it swelled/bruised/tender for a week now. Being injured while wearing the brace, made me question if there is something better out there. I've been wearing Aso braces that lace and have two figure 8 type straps. These braces have worked well for years with no major sprains until the other night. What brace would you recommend. I've been reading all about the rocket soc and velocity braces. Or is there something else you'd recommend? I want something so supportive that I'll blow my knee and break my leg before rolling my ankle again. Thank you in advance.
    • Eric
      The DonJoy Velocity is most likely going to be the best brace for you. It our most supportive brace and should be used by those who suffer chronic ankle sprains and someone like yourself who has had multiple fractures. It is a hinged ankle brace that fits into your shoe, but will allow you to compete in sporting activities. There are three versions to choose from: light support, moderate support and extra support. You might want to think about either moderate support or extra support..
  • From Mary at 12/21/2013 4:04 AM
    • I am recovering from a severe high ankle injury with 4 ligament partial an one full ligament tear plus 2 bone bruises-calcaneus and tibia. Rehab going well, ready for more activity. Can I remove the velocity ES strapping as I improve and turn it into a lighter support brace? Like the MS and then just the shell. I am in for a long recovery but wondered if the MS can be adapted as I improve.
    • Thank you for your question. The Velocity when ordered with the extra support can only be converted down to just the shell. You can but additional soft goods to convert to MS for $12.99 on the following link.
  • From Am. at 12/29/2013 3:19 AM
    • I greatly appreciate if you can help me with the following questions:

      1) I sized my calf cuff 8" from the ground (without socks) and is about 9.6"-9.8"... which size should I go for? Standard Calf or Wide Calf?....

      2) as I am using Lebron X basketball shoes which is a bit tight on the sides, which model is more comfortable while providing good support MS or ES?

    • Am
      You should fit into the standard calf, and you can use the MS for support. Thank you for contacting DJO
  • From Mike at 1/13/2014 6:17 AM
    • I had ankle tendon surgery 3 months ago and was just cleared to return to sports, specifically basketball. As a 46 year old man I am looking for as much protection as possible while still allowing me to play. Which brace do you recommend ?
      Also, I see some braces need to have the foot plate heat molded, are you able to wear the brace without molding the plate?
    • Thank you for your question. The Velocity Ankle Brace will be the most supportive functional ankle brace we offer. The Velocity is offered in 3 levels of protection, light, moderate and extra support. If you are looking for maximum support and functional ability this would be the brace for you. You do not need to mode the foot plate but it is an option if you would like to.
  • From Jackson at 1/19/2014 4:46 PM
    • I am recovering from a grade 2 ligament ankle sprain. I play football in college. Is the Velocity Ankle Brace the best brace for football? I am about to start offseason workouts which will include lots of cutting, sudden stopping, etc on both basketball floor surface and turf. Which brace do u suggest is the best for that while offering the most support? Also can the velocity brace fit inside a pair of football cleats? Thanks
    • Hello,

      I suggest the Velocity or the Donjoy Stabilizing Pro. The Velocity is Rigid, the Pro is made of fabric has 2 stirrups that figure 8 around the ankle and is most similiar to having your ankle taped.

      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.
  • From Mario at 1/22/2014 11:02 AM
    • Just wondering if I could wear these Ankle brace with a motocross boot?

    • You should be able to wear these braces in that boot
  • From megan at 3/10/2014 5:33 PM
    • I have a high ankle sprain a/k/a tibiofibular syndesmosis. Would the Velocity MS be appropriate for this, or is there something better. I need to have flexion, so I can't wear a solid boot...
    • Thank You for your question. A velocity MS would be an excellent choice for you.
  • From JennG at 3/10/2014 9:01 PM
    • I have severe chronic instability in my right ankle and will be having the Brostrom surgery next week to repair and tighten tendons, etc. I also wear custom orthotics in both shoes. I've been looking at the Velocity since my injury in October, but my doctors have me in a boot and also the option of a brace she recommended that I don't quite trust. I can roll my ankle just standing in one place!!! I'm pretty certain the Velocity is my best choice, but my main question is will my custom orthotic fit on top of the foot plate? Also, can the top fastening strap be replaced if needed?

      Thank you in advance for your help!!
    • Thank you for your question. The foot plate is moldable, however is not designed to have an orthodic between your foot and the foot plate. There are no replaceable parts for this brace other than the soft accessories that would create a MS or ES support.
  • From Diana at 3/25/2014 10:01 PM
    • What sort of delivery timeframe will I be looking at?
    • Orders will be dispatched within 24 hours for in-stock merchandise purchased before 3pm Monday to Friday. Orders made on Saturday or Sunday will be dispatched the following Monday. Charges will be $10 for all orders. All orders will be dispatched via courier. If a product is out of stock customer will be contacted with an alternate ETA or offer of a refund.
      Standard shipping usually takes 4-7 business days
  • From mike frye at 4/16/2014 10:39 AM
    • I have traumatic arthritis in my ankle and am looking for a brace to ease pain of walking. What is the best choice?
    • Mike
      If youhave instability in your ankle then I would suggest the Aircast AirSport Ankle brace: This brace will give you compression and also has two stays on either side of the ankle plus a trap for added support. If you feel that you do not have instibility then I would suggest a aknle sleeve for compression. warmth and comfort such as the DonJoy Deluxe Elastic Ankle Support:
  • From Colleen Klingenmeyer at 4/20/2014 6:19 PM
    • My daughter has been in the emergency room for ankle x-rays and in PT to strengthen her ankles. She has had 3 sprains this past school year. Does insurance ever pay for these braces? I would think this would be cheaper than emergency rooms and pt sessions, but I know insurances don't always work like that.

    • Colleen
      Insurance does pay for ankle braces, you would need a prescription from your physician and you can go through either your local DJO Sales Rep found here: or call our insurance department directly at 800-548-3370. Just tell them which brace you would like and give them you insurance information so they can tell you if it is covered
  • From BOGo at 5/26/2014 8:12 PM
    • On the video I heard that a custom orthotic can be used with this. The answer to one question says a custom orthotic cannot be used with this. Please clarify. I need the orthotic for chronic plantar fascitis. Thanks.
    • Thank you for your question. The Velocity footplate is heat moldable and trimable. Since you are able to customize the footplate to your foot, you are able to wear it with an orthotic.
  • From jake at 6/3/2014 1:48 PM
    • hey there,

      I've been a skateboarder for 8 years now and have had plenty of bad ankle rolls/sprains and now my ankles are so loose i can't even walk on a pebble without them giving one way.. Is this brace gonna allow me the movement to skate and still heal? I want to find the BEST protection and rehabilitation brace out there!!
    • Thank you for your question. The DonJoy Velocity will give you the maximum support and still be very functional. This is a popular brace among athletes and active people.
  • From Mike at 6/10/2014 7:56 AM
    • I have broken both feet and ankles over 10 times playing soccer and basketball and receive cortisone shots monthly. I have always used Aso lace-up braces and obviously they never work. I have retired from playing sports but I want to make a comeback playing basketball. I have a bone spur sticking out of my left foot and have injured my left foot/ankle more in recent years than the right. It usually breaks after jumping and landing on someone else's foot and completely rolls and cracks. What do you recommend to basically guarantee me that my ankle/foot won't roll so I can play my game and not be scared that I am just going to re-injure myself?

      Thank you!
    • Thank you for your question. The DonJoy Velocity-Extra support, offers the maximum level of support. It is going to be the best option for you in your return to basketball.
  • From Dd at 6/14/2014 7:57 AM
    • I rolled my ankle playing tennis. Which brace would your recommend. It should fit within my tennis show and not impact mobility.
    • The DonJoy Stabilizing Pro willdo both of those things.
  • From David Wenthold at 7/9/2014 2:57 PM
    • My ankle circumference is about 9 1/2 inches. however, that is without socks. I play basketball and wear two pairs of pretty thick socks that put my ankle circumference over 10 inches. Should I order standard or wide?
    • David
      The Velocity sizing is by shoe size not circumference. The wide is at the top of the brace near the calf. so if you measure that cirumference and it is 10" then get the wide
  • From Melissa at 7/22/2014 6:21 PM
    • My teenage daughter is very petite and wears a women's size 5.5 shoe. She has broken her ankle 3 times and badly sprained it a year ago. She needs a brace that is going to prevent her from rolling it but also give her the ability to run wide open on the field hockey field. Will a small fit her properly?
    • Yes the small will fit her properly
  • From Jenni at 7/23/2014 9:18 AM
    • Re: DonJoy Velocity Ankle Brace

      Do you carry this ankle brace in a size XS? I am a women's size 6.5. The sizing chart provided on this site says that the size small is for womens size 8.

      Thank you.
    • Jenni
      the small is the smallest size
  • From Christopher at 7/28/2014 7:16 AM
    • if I buy the light version of the Velocity Brace and decide that it's not enough support, can I simply buy the replacement speed straps for the MS or ES version to convert the brace to either version? If so, the pricing seems off for the ES brace. I can buy the LS version for $75 and the ES speed wrap for $17 for a total of $92, but the ES brace costs $100 if purchased in that configuration.
    • Christopher
      Yes you can buy the LS version of the brace and the speed wrap for the MS or ES seperatley
  • From Dave at 8/26/2014 7:30 AM
    • I'm 5'11, 220 lbs and I'm looking for a brace to put in a basketball shoe. I generally lean towards having more protection, but can the ES fit comfortably in a basketball shoe? My current shoe is not a "high-top" because 1) they don't prevent ankle rolling and 2) other ankle supports I've used would be too bulky when stuffed into the shoe. Would the ES work well (or another version) in a low-top basketball shoe?
    • Dave
      The ES version should fit into the shoe without being too bulky, and the brace is our best ankle brace.
  • From James at 9/2/2014 4:14 PM
    • I'm 6 feet tall and 170 pounds. I rolled my left foot outward ever so slightly after stepping in a recess while mowing my yard. I felt a little crick with burning pain on the outside of my foot, and the pain ran up my ankle as well. It was very sore for days, but only "stabbed" me with pain when I stepped on uneven surface and started to roll out slightly (invert). Then, for 2 weeks I felt enormous burning pain on the outer side of my left knee. A week later, the pain stayed on the outer side of my left foot and ankle. I'm limping because I can't walk normal (and apply my body weight). My doctor gave me and ASO lace up brace - BUT, my foot still hurts, and I'm unstable when walking. I need something I can walk in, that will keep my foot level and my ankle straight. I want my foot to stay level like perfect concrete floors at all times, and also stabilize my ankle and alleviate the joint. Any ideas? Oh, and I'd still like to wear my sneakers if I can - or not if it will allow me to heal. thank you
    • James
      The only thing that will allow you to walk without pain is a walking boot, which will also keep the ankle completely immobilized. The Velocity ankle brace will prevent your ankle from rolling but will not immobilize the ankle. The pain will go away with time to heal. If you are looking for a ankle brace that has more stability than the lace-up you are using then I would suggest the Velocity or the Aircast Airsport Ankle Brace.
  • From Janice M at 9/7/2014 7:43 AM
    • Does the DonJoy Velocity ES ankle brace have to be custom molded? If not, is it very uncomfortable if you do not custom mold it? My daughter is a college lacrosse player that repeatedly rolls her ankle due to an ankle break in 9th grade-she basically has no ligaments or tendons to support her ankle. She has been wearing a Mueller brace, but I think she needs more support. At this time, she would not have access to a medical provider to custom fit the brace. It seems like this is the brace we have been looking for....
    • Janice
      The brace does not need to be custom molded, it comes ready right out of the box to be worn. The only adjustment that could be made is to heat the foot plate and cut it if it is too long, but that rarley has to be done.
  • From Linda at 9/12/2014 4:38 AM
    • If a brace is necessary and doctor ordered, do you know how I can submit to my insurance?
    • Thank you for your question. You would need a prescription, then you would contact the local DonJoy Rep in your area. You can find the contact information for your rep using your zip code in the following link.
      Please let us know if you have any additional questions.
  • From Sherry at 11/5/2014 3:25 PM
    • Hi,

      Just a brief history to set up my question....recovering from an avulsion fracture of the distal fibula with a severe ankle sprain. This ankle has a history of ankle sprains in the past 4 years. I am a long distance runner, think 50K, 50 mile races and I race off road. I plan to return to running in the next month or so. So my question is: I was going to order the velocity brace to wear while running off road however, the smallest women shoe size is size 8-9. I wear a size 6.5-7 running shoe and I have a wide calf (13 inch calf). Would you suggest the size Small/Wide Velocity Brace or would you suggest a better option knowing that I will wear this brace for hours at a time for many miles. Thank you for your advice in advance. Sherry B
    • Sherry
      You could order the small with the wide calf, if your calf is truly bigger than 10".. The brace should fit fine even though you have a samller shoe size.
  • From Allin at 1/8/2015 7:28 AM
    • I have a Velocity MS in a size large. I had foot drop following a knee surgery and wore a toe-off for two years. I had a nerve release done last year and have some foot mobility back but my ankle is still fairly weak. The MS is working great. But the Velcro on the speed wrap around the ankle is starting to come loose regularly. Is there a place to purchase just the added wrap since the structure on the brace and the higher wrap around the calf is fine. Thank you.
    • Allin
      We do not have the speedwrap kit for the Velocity MS on BetterBraces but it is available if you call DJO direct at 800-336-6569
  • From Mark at 2/19/2015 12:59 PM
    • How do you know what size to order. For example, what size would I order for a Men's Size 11 street shoe?
    • Mark
      there is a size chart on the web page and according to your size you would order a medium
  • From Tyler at 4/14/2015 11:51 AM
    • How hard is it to put on one handed? I have hip and elbow issues on the left side, same side I need an ankle brace for, and I cannot reach my foot with my left arm.
    • Tyler
      Its is not going to be impossible to put the brace on with one hand but it may be a little difficult

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