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DonJoy Maxtrax Air Walker

Air cushioned sole designed to absorb shock upon heel strike

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The MaxTrax Air walker is designed to increase stability and help decrease pain and edema following trauma or post-operative procedures. The use of pneumatic walkers is a cost-effective option to serial casting. Cushioned inner/outer soles designed to absorb shock upon heel strike and improve patient comfort. Low profile, Rocker bottom helps promote natural gait and reduce plantar pressures.

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable air chambers to accommodate changes in edema during rehab
  • Maximize patient compliance
  • Integrated pump designed to make the liner simple to inflate and adjust
  • Medial/lateral dual air cell system inflates sides equally

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Sizing determined by shoe size:


Sizing Information: Men Women Pediatric
X-Small NA Up to 4 Up to 2
Small Up to 5 4.5-6  
Medium 5.5-10 6.5-11  
Large 10.5-13.5 11.5-14.5  
X-Large 14-17 NA  
5 3

DonJoy Maxtrax Air Walker reviews

After advancing to WB from NWB status post mid foot fusion surger, I used this boot for 3 months. It was very comfortable and easy to walk in. I found that wearing a sneaker on the good foot was the perfect height difference. My gait was never bothered when wearing the boot and a sneaker. I highly recommend this product. - Vicky
i broke my foot last year and this has come in handy i have the old one to use till i get my new one i fell upsteps and broke bone in the same foot thanks - dock
I have worn walking casts on 4 previous occassions and must say that this is by far the best engineered and most comfortable cast I have experienced to date. A remarkable product that can be worn all day in relative comfort. Extremely well made and a great value given the quality. Kudos to the designers. - Veritas

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Questions on DonJoy Maxtrax Air Walker

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  • From John Johnson at 4/4/10 3:56 PM
    • I wear a 10.5 US size shoe. Would I wear the medium or large.
      Is this shoe designed for plantar fascittis with pain in the arch...I am not having heel pain.
      Thank you
    • For a 10.5 Shoe size you'll want to size Large for the DonJoy Maxtrax Air Walker (

      However this boot is not designed to address Plantar Fasciitis. It is designed as an alternative to casting and mainly to immobilize the leg and ankle.

      We have a great selection of Braces for Plantar Fasciitis.

      The Aircast Airlift PTTD Brace ( )

      Foot support and ankle stabilization are provided by the AirLift integrated aircell and semi-rigid shells. The aircell, located under the foot arch, is adjustable using the Hand Bulb (included with the brace). When inflated, the aircell can accommodate variances in arch shapes and heights and comfortably lifts the foot arch to achieve a more natural foot position. For ease-of-use, aircell inflation can be adjusted while wearing foot wear. The semi-rigid shells are anatomically designed to the shape of the ankle for secure support and stabilization. These shells help realign the ankle and support the patient.

      We also have the ProCare Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint ( ) for nightly wear.

      Featured & Benefits
      Allows for controlled application of a prolonged stretch on the Plantar Fascia and Achilles Tendon
      Lightweight, sturdy, one-piece flexible Shell
      Adjustable bilateral dorsi-flexion straps
      Cool terry liner and padded calf and ankle straps for additional comfort
      Shipped with toe wedge for additional stretch on plantar fascia
      Fits right or left.
  • From Alexa at 2/13/11 3:15 PM
    • How much does the Medium walking boot weighs? I was told it was fairly heavy -- can you give me the actual weight of the boot? Thanks!
    • 2.8 lbs
  • From dave jones at 2/23/11 3:07 PM
    • can I just buy a replacement outer shell. My wife is wearing one and the rubber on the heel wore off and she took a nasty fall on our tile floor.
    • Sir, Unfortunately the outer shell of this brace is not sold separately or the rubber on the heel. However there is a 6 month warranty on this brace through DonJoy and if your brace is within the 6 months, there can be a quality replacement done.
  • From Patrick Morand at 4/18/12 6:18 AM
    • Can I wear a regular sock under the boot? The surgery site is now clean, and I can shower without bagging, so I'm thinking I can simply wear a regular sock.

      Thank you.
    • Yes as long as your doctor has cleared you to remove your dressings and shower, you are able to wear a clean cotton elastic athletic sock under your boot liner.
  • From Madeline at 5/8/12 5:18 PM
    • How do you wash the liner of the MaxTrax boot?
    • You can hand wash and air dry the liner.
  • From Michael at 7/10/12 8:57 AM
    • Is there a weight limit or a suggested weight limit for the person wearing the boot?

    • 300 pounds.
  • From Beverly at 8/2/12 9:01 PM
    • Would this splint help immobilize and decrease weight bearing for a stable mid tibia fracture?
    • This would help immobilize the Tibia. The only thing that would help with weight bearing would be crutches.
  • From Helen at 11/10/12 1:36 PM
    • The boot aggravates my ankle, and presses on my calf near the injury. It feels uncomfortable when wearing it. I have a shoe size 10, and got a medium boot. My calf circumference is 19". Should I get a large boot instead? Or a different kind?
    • Hello, Helen -

      Your dimensions fall within the correct parameters of the Medium boot. Have you adjusted the pneumatic pressure of the air cells built into the brace? That may ease on the pressure on your calf. I am a little unclear on what you mean about the boot aggravating your ankle.

      We recommend that you contact product support at 888-405-3251 to speak live with a product specialist with more detail on the issues you are having with the walker.

      Thanks, have a great day!
  • From Jason at 6/23/13 9:05 PM
    • Does this Maxtrax Air boot come in left and right or just one designed to be worn on either foot?
    • Hello Jason,

      The Maxtrax Boots are Universal, can be worn on either foot.

      Thanks for contacting Donjoy.
  • From Josh, at 6/27/13 10:35 AM
    • Hospital gave me the Aircast XP Walker, It is heavy and very uncomfortable as my surgery was for a Tibia IM rod which was inserted at the knee and when crutching around it pulls down on the knee causing the discomfort.

      Do you have a lighter product for this application? How/ where do I buy in Canada?
      Contour Air Walker? or MaxTrax Air Walker?

    • Hello Josh,

      Take a look at our Aircast Walking boots, they are the lightest boot available.

      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.

  • From chris gardner at 7/4/13 7:43 AM
    • I've had my Max Trax air boot for three days now...and I am getting used to it. My question is....when I return to my office...can the boot be worn over my clothing? I've got no problem with wearing it at home...with a pair of basketball shorts....but not quite the attire fitting for my workplace. Thanks in advance...
    • Hello Chris,

      Please contact your Physician about your return to work procedures.

      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.
  • From Wayne Burton at 7/22/13 4:46 AM
    • I need a slip resistant walking boot for my work, is there such a thing?
    • Hello Wayne,

      Take a look at the Aircast Walking Boot, these boots have treads on the sole and are slip resistant.

      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.
  • From Cynthia at 3/22/14 10:40 AM
    • When I pump as little air into the Maxtrax walking air cast and turn the ,little knob to lock in the air, as I walk it seems to fill up with more air until it gets uncomfortable. I then have to turn the knob and let the air back out. I have a post tibial tendon tear and like a little air for support. I went to the drugstore where I bought it and they couldn't figure out why it's inflating more as I walk. Can you help me?
    • Cynthia
      This does sound strange since the only way to get air into the bladder is to first turn the valve and close it, then pump air with the inflation bulb on the liner. That is it, you should always close the valve first then pump, loosen the valve to let air out. please make sure you are doing it correctly and if you still have problems and the drugstore will not exchange the boot for a new one then call Customer Care at 800-336-6569, so we can replace the boot for you
  • From Caroline at 3/22/14 12:57 PM
    • I currently have a sprained ankle and I am allowed to remove the cast to shower.

      I read that keeping a compression wrap will help with the swelling along with elevating it and adding ice.

      My question is... Can I use a compression wrap with the MaxTrax Air Walker? Or would you recommend a compression sock instead?
    • Caroline
      You can wear a elastaic compression bandage with the boot, just make sure it is not too tight.
  • From Stephanie at 5/24/14 11:30 AM
    • I am currently in the maxtrax airwalker for a tibial stress fracture. The boot itself is fairly thick on the bottom and going up and down the stairs at my work can be a little tricky with the rocking bottom. Would you recommend wearing a tennis shoe on the other foot while I have this on? What do you think would be best for safety? I walk up and down three flights to my office. Thank you!
    • Thank you for your question. It is best to try to level out the sole of the walking boot with a shoe of equal height. This can be difficult because of the height of the boot. We do have a product called the ProCare Even up which can be worn on the opposite foot of the boot to equalize limb length.
  • From Ben at 6/2/14 10:26 AM
    • My foot size is roughly 13.5 wide, should I get the large or X-Large? Since my foot is on the high end of the large, I'm concerned that the boot will be too tight.if I get the large.
    • If you are concerned with the large being too tight(which it could because your foot size is technically for a XL) then get the XL boot it will be abit roomier and you can tighten it by pumping up the boot
  • From June at 7/13/14 5:23 PM
    • I have a max trax fracture boot. And my question is: can it get wet? It's summer and we all wanted to go to the beach. But it's no fun if you can't go in the water! I have a broken metatarsal and I can walk just fine with the boot on but I can't walk with it off. So is it safe to go in the water?
    • June
      It is not reccomended to get that boot wet

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