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DonJoy SE-4 ACL Knee Brace

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DonJoy SE-4 Knee Brace

Provides improved support and full protection to your knees while playing any contact sport.

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DonJoy is please to introduce the most cost effective functional ligament knee brace known as the SE-4 Point, with its patented 4-point dynamic leverage system technology. The SE 4-Point has made a name for itself as a strong and low profile brace in the off-the-shelf market.

The SE 4-Point provides the basic frame of the traditional legend at a fraction of the cost. It is ideal for moderate to severe ACL, and/or PCL, MCL and LCL instabilities. The SE-4-Point is recommended for use in all contact sports. The brace features a non-chip outer covering which is also safe for salt and fresh water activities.

Features and Benefits

  • ACL (shown), PCL and combined versions feature patented 4-point dynamic leverage system.***
  • Low-profile design.
  • 7 sizes (ranging from a 13" to 32" thigh).
  • 10° extension stop installed
  • 6 month warranty on frame and hinge.
  • Available only in black.

Knee Options (ACL, PCL, CI): Left, Right

Shop our complete selection of knee braces here.

Take the measurement of your thigh and calf 6" above and below your kneecap using a flexible type tape measure.  Use the diameter you measure here to choose your size.

    Size Thigh Knee Center Calf
    XS 13" - 15.5" (33-39 cm) 12"-13" (30-33 cm) 10"-12" (25-30 cm)
    S 15.5" - 18 .5" (39-47 cm) 13"-14" (33-35 cm) 12"-14" (30-35 cm)
    M 18.5" - 21" (47-53 cm) 14"-15" (35-38 cm) 14"-16" (35-40 cm)
    L 21" - 23.5" (53-60 cm) 15"-17" (38-43 cm) 16"-18" (40-45 cm)
    XL 23.5" - 26.5" (60-67 cm) 17"-19" (43-48 cm) 18"-20" (45-50 cm)
    XXL 26.5" - 29.5" (67-75 cm) 19"-21" (48-53 cm) 20"-22" (50-55 cm)
    XXXL 29.5" - 32" (75-83 cm) 21"-23" (53-58 cm) 22"-24" (55-60 cm)

    Center Knee 1.Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, legs slightly bent and leg muscles contracted.
    6 in Above 2. Measure up six inches from the center of your knee with a tape measure, as shown.
    Thig Circle 3. Measure the circumference of your thigh at the 6-inch mark, as shown.
    6 in below 4. Measure down six inches from the center of your knee with a tape measure, as shown. Then measure the circumference of your calf at the 6-inch mark.


4.85 9

DonJoy SE-4 Knee Brace reviews

The brace itself isnt bad at all except after continous walking it starts to slip off. Also, it squeezes ypur squeeze if put on too tight but then you think about it, you need it to be snug tight. - KAsiedu
J. R.
Bought these for my son who is a High School Freshman. He tweeked a knee in baseball and it followed him to the football field. He plays offensive line (center to tackle as needed) and figured braces were chheaper than surgery at this stage of his life. The initial difficulty with fitting was resolved by the school trainer. He had no problems with mobility, and after a week can barely tell he has them on. He took a couple of hard hits directly to and below the knee with no complications. I would highly recommend these braces for HS Football and possibly on to College. - J. R.
Mr Is
With 58 years of life experience passed thru the knees, ACL PCL MCL LCL arthritis and the remnants of a plane crash, my knees are Thrashed. Surgery fixed the chunk of cartilage floating in the works. The second I strapped on this brace the world was again a place to explore instead of fear. If you think of the brace as exo ligaments, until the muscles and or bones fail the brace restores full capability. It is absolutely essential to fit and wear this brace in its optimum position. - Mr Is
Bought this for my junior year because i injured my knee during my sophmore year and have a meniscal tear making my knee unstable. While being a lineman i know that our knees take alot of abuse and a brace like this is needed. Im really happy with it, it's very comfortable, decent weight, and stays in place. And it's a good value for a knee brace if you are tight on money. - JC III
This brace gives my knee the stability and support it needs to do my job. I work in a small package environment, and need my full range of motion. I squat, climb, speed walk, and carry bulky and heavy items. I tore my acl a few months ago, and with Physical Therapy, and a lot of hard work, I haven't had to have surgery. I still have weakness in the joint, but wearing this brace has allowed me to return to work without limitations. Excellent design, more comfortable than any other brace I have worn, and once you get used to putting it on, easy to wear. - UPSer
Mr Lucky
I tore my PCL in my left knee and my ACL in my right playing soccer. I'm 44 and still playing soccer and running 30 miles a week. I credit the DonJoy SE-4 in a large part to allowing me to continue to do what I love with confidence. The brace combined with disciplined strength training will get you back in the game. The price of the SE-4 is also the best on the market. Now it takes a little getting use to, especially on both legs like me. But for the most part my range of motion is excellent and my speed is as competitive as ever. Good luck! - Mr Lucky
Four years owner
Bought my donjoy se-4 four years ago due to acl and meniscus tear , thanks to it I can play soccer and basketball without worry but need to get the right size as I've bought one above my size which gave me some problem. Slight issue I have with it is when i sweat it has the tendency to slide down. - Four years owner
Jim Jim
I had bad insurance and went with this brace for ACL reconstruction rehab. Very solid fitting brace and I bought the pneumatic condyle pads to help solve the problem of it slipping down. - Jim Jim
Mista Royce
Gets a little getting used too on the field...but this knee brace held my torn acl knee together....i was cutting and stopping with no knee pain and no problems.... - Mista Royce

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Questions on DonJoy SE-4 Knee Brace

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  • From john at 7/5/2010 8:03 PM
    • Is this model also made of Aircraft aluminum?
    • Yes, but it also has a Kraton coating to protect from chips and damage.
  • From joseph at 9/23/2010 6:05 PM
    • can you pay for the brace with insurance or get a perscription for it
    • Hello Joseph,

      A prescription is not required to order a brace, however we do not bill insurance at this time.
  • From Brandon at 11/5/2010 1:03 PM
    • Is the CI version for the MCL? What is the difference between the Legend SE-4 and the Legend?
    • The CI version will address both ACL and PCL. The Legend SE-4 is the same as the Legend, but with an extra set of pads and liners.
  • From Deanna hessert at 11/30/2010 8:21 AM
    • will the SE-4 take care of my knee the same as the legend? I have both ACL and PCL issues, needing surgery, and want to replace my legend and wondering if this SE-4 would be equivalent
    • The Legend and the Legend SE-4 are the same brace. The only difference is the Legend comes with an extra set of softgoods with the order.
  • From Lei at 10/9/2011 8:38 AM
    • Your options are pcl, ac, or cl for knee compartments. What does this mean?
    • PCL=Posterior Cruciate Ligament, ACL = Anterior Cruciate Ligament, CI = Combined Instability (PCL & ACL Tears), Knee Compartment = Medial or Lateral Joint Line Osteoarthritis.
  • From Aj at 11/6/2011 7:36 PM
    • which option would i choose if i have an LCL instability? PCL,CI or ACL
    • Hi Aj,

      Choose the ACL strapping option for a LCL injury

      Have a great day.
  • From susana at 5/7/2012 5:51 PM
    • Can this be worn over slacks?
    • The braces are not really designed to be worn over clothes, as it can cause the brace to slip, or the pants to get bunched up in the frame. Wear it directly on the leg if at all possible.
  • From TJ at 5/8/2012 8:52 PM
    • I am looking for a brace to wear while water skiing. Will this brace hold up being in the water? Any special care instructions? Thanks.
    • Yes it has a rubberized Kraton coating to protect the aluminum frame from rust and corosion. Simply rinse with fresh water after each use and air dry.
  • From katie at 6/9/2012 10:10 AM
    • how many hours a day can you wear this?
    • Hi,

      The product can be worn as long as needed.

      Have a nice day.
  • From Rolando at 6/22/2012 9:04 PM
    • I was wondering can I wear this brace while I go swimming in the ocean?
    • Yes just wash it after with tap water to get the salt off of the brace and let air dry
  • From Hayley at 7/8/2012 9:25 PM
    • Is this brace best for ACL post-op surgery?
    • All of our rigid knee braces have the 4 points of leverage system design which aids in ACL stability. The durability of the brace would depend on what activities you are planning.
  • From Bradley at 7/16/2012 8:19 PM
    • i am ordering these for football is it ok to wear a sock under part of the brace
    • Yes, that's fine.
  • From NH at 1/19/2013 11:25 AM
    • I'm a defensive back on a women's football team. I have instabilities on my left knee including hyper extension and mcl and acl. Would this brace be sufficient or should I move up to the armor or full force?
    • Hello,

      Because you are an athlete who plays football, we recommend that you go with the DonJoy Armor brace. This brace is a bit more durable and designed for athletes in collision sports (such as football). It will provide the appropriate stability for your needs.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day!
  • From Dusty at 2/2/2013 10:27 AM
    • Is this the right brace to use for contact sport like jiu jitsu? I have a partial tear on my
      acl and the sport that i do is jiu jitsu
    • Hello, Dusty -

      This brace can be worn to support your ACL for activities, however in higher contact activities such as jiu jitsu we recommend the DonJoy Armor, designed for more collision, high contact sports. The Legend SE-4 can be worn during your chosen activity and will provide the appropriate amount of support you need.

      If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our product specialists at 888-405-3251.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day!
  • From John at 2/9/2013 5:09 PM
    • I play football and recently suffered a torn meniscus and my ACL is REALLY unstable. Would this knee brace help stabalize my knee and protect it from future injury? Thanks.
    • Hello, John -

      Yes, this brace will assist in supporting your ACL as well as overall knee stability during activity. However, if you are looking for a brace to use during football, we recommend the DonJoy Armor as it is has a more sturdy frame and made to withstand more sheer blows to the knee. It is designed for high impact and collision sport athletes.

      If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our product specialists at 888-405-3251.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day!
  • From Deon Viljoen at 2/10/2013 9:42 PM
    • I have ruptured ligament on inside of knee, will SE 4 be OK? My knee is 8 weeks post surgery 44,5cm, will large be able to fit? My thigh and calf is 48,0cm? Thank you!
    • Hello, Deon -

      Yes the DonJoy Legend SE-4 will provide appropriate support for your knee ligament. Currently your knee measurement is a size XL. You stated "My thigh and calf is 48,0cm" - did you forget the thigh measurement or is your thigh and calf both 48.0? Your calf also measures an XL, however if your thigh is 48.0, then it is a medium. I would recommend an XL to you.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day!
  • From marissa m at 4/15/2013 5:11 PM
    • I have an unstable ACL/possible tear - I play D2women's soccer. Is this the right brace for me
    • For soccer You should look at the Armor it is our most rigid off the shelf knee brace and can handle the physicality of soccer. Or the FullForce, they will be able to handle sliding and the physical pounding the brace will take.
  • From Trevor Danley at 6/2/2013 6:04 PM
    • I am an active guy playing baseball and working out a lot. I hurt my MCL playing football and am looking for support. My only thing is I'm a catcher and I don't know if this would fit under my shin guard and if it would allow me to get into a full squat. Could you let me know if this would limit me catching?
    • Hello Trevor,

      You have Full Range of Motion in all our Off the Shelf Bracing.

      Selecting a Brace depends on the level of activity you are participating in.

      For Baseball Players I would recommend the Armour, its the strongest frame on the market, stronger than our Custom Defiance Brace. It's intended for contact sports like football, soccer, where their is lots of contact and sliding. Since you are a catcher and players will be sliding into you I recommend the Armour, FullForce, or 4titude, these have a sleek design.

      The SE4 is a little thicker in the Frame, but you may be able to get this brace under your shin guards.

      find links below.
  • From Mauro Lehner at 6/12/2013 7:28 AM
    • Can you add Flex/Extensión stops to the SE-4 Version of the legend? You say it has an instaled ext stop at 10 degrees?
    • Yes extension and flexion stops can be added to any of our off the shelf rigid hinged knee braces. All of our rigid hinged knee braces come with a 10 degree extension stop installed.
  • From Julie at 7/11/2013 11:17 AM
  • From Big Mel at 7/18/2013 5:36 PM
    • Does the SE have support to give some relief of some OA symptoms. Im a basketball player who has had an ACL reconstuction in 2008. And im have some OA discomfort. The Dr told me me that had some OA going on when i got my surgery.
    • Hello,

      I recommend an OA brace. Take a look at the OA Fullfource, it's an OA brace and ACL brace. This brace will take the pressure off the injured meniscus.

      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.
  • From Sherri at 8/1/2013 5:35 PM
    • Are the braces marked right or left? If so where are they marked?
    • Hello Sherri,

      Yes the brace is labeled. Pull the thigh liner away at the edge, you will see the size, and left or right label on the liner.

      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.
  • From Tara at 8/6/2013 7:57 AM
    • I have had multiple surgeries on my meniscus to repair latitudinal tears. I also had ACL reconstruction several years ago. I'm told that all of my ligaments are extremely loose causing more instability - and that along with a small meniscus tear leaving it almost impossible to repair again as I'll most likely just continue to re-tear. Both of my knees hyperextend as well. I have the most instability when swimming or doing activities where my knee is bent / hanging. I need something that's more of an everyday brace for any activity. Not sure if this is the most appropriate brace or not, but the fact that I can wear it in the water is what interests me the most. Any advice would be helpful.
    • Hello Tara,

      You can wear any one of our braces in the Water, we recommend that you rinse when you exit the Ocean/Pool. I recommend the Full-Fource, its the lightest ACL brace we have. This brace features the FourcePoint Hinge which provides additional ACL support. You are also able to insert Extension Stops if needed to protect against hyperextension.

      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.
  • From Derrik at 8/20/2013 6:01 PM
    • Is this a good brace for knee injury prevention? I am a football lineman and want extra support to protect my knees from major injury. Thanks.
    • This has the same support of all of our rigid hinged knee braces, because of the material used it may not withstand the punishment of a lineman, this is why we recommend the Armor, our most rigid framed brace and used by 21 of the 25 BCS football teams for their linemen.
  • From christian at 8/25/2013 3:11 PM
    • I have torn up meniscus and ligaments in my knee and need a brace to wear at work. Do any of the hinged braces fit nicely under clothing?
    • The Fullforce is a low profile brace that fits under clothing, so does the ACL Everyday.
  • From Ed at 9/1/2013 12:27 PM
    • My grandson is 14 and playing football lineman. His thigh is 24" and calf 16". The thigh pits him at an XL while the calf is an L. He's still growing. What size brace, SE-4, would you recommend? And there is no instruction for the knee circumference.
    • I would jump up to the Legend and get an XL. The legend is a malleable brace, so you could shape the calf cuff down to fit better, then flare it out as he grew, as well as the thigh cuff can be flared out some as he grows.
  • From Kyle Bates at 10/12/2013 6:44 PM
    • Is the Legend SE-4 recommended for skiing? I need a brace as a free-skier and active backcountry ski guide, who wears a brace sometimes continuously for 8-12 hours at a time. Any input is greatly appreciated.
    • Kyle
      Thank you for contacting product support. The Legend SE-4 is a good brace for moderate to severe ACL instabilities as well as PCL, MCL and LCL. It is made for contact sports, and has our Four-Points of Leverage strapping system which will help protect the ACL. Another suggestion although it is a little more expensive than the Legend is the Armor Ski version It is designed for skiers having a shorter calf and deflector on the inner hinge. It also has our FourcePoint technology which will decrease chances of injury to the ACL. If you have any other questons do not hesitate to contact us
  • From Lauren Mcilmurray at 11/1/2013 6:03 AM
    • I have a MCL grade to tear would this brace work for basketball
    • Lauren,
      For a MCL injury you will want a brace with hinges so the SE-4 will give you that support on the medial aspect of your knee. This brace will also give you our four points of leverage that will isolate and anchor your femur and tibia in a position that adds security to your Ligaments. You may also want to look at the PlayMaker 2. The PlayMaker 2 with FourcePoint hinge is a great brace for noncontact sports. Thank you for your question. Please let us know if you need any more assistance.
  • From kobe at 11/12/2013 11:52 AM
    • Hi, im a running back in football and i was wonder what brace would you recommend without it weighing me down
    • Kobe,
      The SE-4 is a fairly light weight brace. It is not uncommon for athletes to wear this brace. If you have an ACL injury you may want to look into the FullFource as an option. Thank you for your question.
  • From Brian at 12/2/2013 5:55 PM
    • Could I reshape the brace as my thighs and calves grow bigger
    • Brian,
      This brace has some malleability to its frame. However, if you have had large amounts of mass gain you may want to get a larger brace for a more comfortable fit.
      Size Thigh Knee Center Calf
      XS 13" - 15.5" (33-39 cm) 12"-13" (30-33 cm) 10"-12" (25-30 cm)
      S 15.5" - 18 .5" (39-47 cm) 13"-14" (33-35 cm) 12"-14" (30-35 cm)
      M 18.5" - 21" (47-53 cm) 14"-15" (35-38 cm) 14"-16" (35-40 cm)
      L 21" - 23.5" (53-60 cm) 15"-17" (38-43 cm) 16"-18" (40-45 cm)
      XL 23.5" - 26.5" (60-67 cm) 17"-19" (43-48 cm) 18"-20" (45-50 cm)
      XXL 26.5" - 29.5" (67-75 cm) 19"-21" (48-53 cm) 20"-22" (50-55 cm)
      XXXL 29.5" - 32" (75-83 cm) 21"-23" (53-58 cm) 22"-24" (55-60 cm)

      Thank you for your question.
  • From Katey at 12/4/2013 9:12 AM
    • I play softball and my positions are Catcher and Shortstop and I am going through physical therapy right now but which brace would be best to prevent further injuries to my knee
    • Katey
      Thank you for contacting DJO. Without knowing what your previous injuy was, the DonJoy SE-4 Knee Brace will give support to moderate to sever injuries to all of the ligament of the knee. It will protect your knee from further injuries and you should be able to play both positions on the softball field
  • From Ken at 12/4/2013 5:31 PM
    • My measurements are 17" thigh, 15.25" knee, 14.25" calf. What size should I buy?
    • Ken
      Thank you for contacting product support. Since your thigh is in the small range and the calf meium and the knee center is in the large, this is what we roccomend. Order the Medium brace and if it is a little tight at the knee center you can change the condyle padding, it comes with replacemtns 1mm,2mm and 3mm pads. You will need to compress the thigh part of the frame to conform to your thigh since it is in the bigger range. The material can be molded around your body.
  • From Amy B at 12/26/2013 8:00 PM
    • My son had acl reconstruction and? meniscus surgery as well. He is a wrestler in high school. Are these braces allowed in wrestling competitions?
    • Amy
      To be sure you should contact the coach and ask him the rules but, he may be able to wear it with a sports cover on it.
  • From Laura at 12/31/2013 9:04 PM
    • how much does this brace weigh?
    • Laura
      The brace weighs 21 oz
  • From James at 1/8/2014 1:24 PM
    • I have had an incomplete tear in my lateral meniscus and have had knee problems over the last 4 years with re-injuring back and forth.

      I play basketball often and go skiing several times each year. Would this be the brace I should get for my needs or should I look at another like the playmaker II?
    • James
      The SE4 would be fine for playing basketball but the length of the brace is 16" so it might not fit with ski boots. If you want a rigid brace that will fit the Armor would be able to do that becuase you can get it with a short calf. A shorter soft hinged knee brace will do the trick as well such as the Deluxe hinged knee brace.
  • From joe at 2/17/2014 4:01 PM
    • I play lacrosse and i am in need for a more advanced brace and i was wondering which you would prefer for me to get. i have a partial acl tear and a past mcl tear. and is the se-4 any different from the fullforce ligament knee brace?
    • Thank you for your question. The FullFource and the SE-4 are both rigid frame braces that use the 4 points of leverage position the tibia and the femur to better protect your knee. Both braces can be worn during contact sports which would make them good options for you.
      The SE-4 only comes in one length, standard. It is 16” in length and comes with a 6 month warranty.
      The FullFource has a 1 year warranty on the frame and hinges. It also has a Fource Point hinge which is an added feature to protect the ACL. The fullFource come in 2 sizes, standard at 16” and short calf option which is 15”.
      If you have any questions about these products please don’t hesitate to call us.
  • From David Adams at 2/18/2014 10:18 AM
    • I am a pretty active guy, Im in the market for a knee brace. I play basketball on average 3-4 times a week and i work out a lot to try and stay fit. I've had ACL surgery and Meniscus Surgery in the past. My knee is somewhat unstable as of recently and my MRI shows no ligament damage. Is the FullForce Ligament knee brace sufficent for my activities rather than the Armor Knee Brace?
    • Thank you for your question. The FullFource would be the best brace for you. The Armor would be suggested for contact sports such as football or high speed impact sports such as motor cross and skiing. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.
  • From Angus Livingston at 2/23/2014 10:33 PM
    • I had surgery on my meniscus and instability in my mcl would the SE-4 be a good choice for me seeing that I play softball, if so what option would I chose for this brace?
    • Thank you for your question. The SE-4 Knee Brace is designed for contact sport for a person with your injuries. You may also look at the Armor if you do a lot of sliding. It is a thicker brace and can withstand more pounding that the SE-4.
  • From Sean at 4/28/2014 3:12 PM
    • I have a right LCL injury. Is the ACL knee compartment the best choice? I'll be using for softball and golf.
    • Yes the ACL strapping would be the correct strapping configuration
  • From Neal at 5/10/2014 5:20 PM
    • Hi. My measurements are 17-15-14.5. Which size should I go with? If the fit isn't right, can I return it for a refund?
    • Neal
      You thigh measurement is a small but your knee and calf are a medium. Get the medium brace and you can mold the thigh cuff by pushing it in to make it smaller. If it does not fit we have 90 day money back guarentee
  • From Ron at 5/25/2014 5:45 PM
    • I have a meniscus tear that was repaired. I'm in the Navy and have to run for my fit testing would this brace work well with getting the cl I also like cross fit and bike riding. Thank you
    • Thank you for your question and your service. This brace can be worn for your diagnosis and activity level. It would be suggested to call customer service to place the order on this brace. Some of the sizes/strapping types are on back order so it would be best to verify the one you need could be shipped out right away.
  • From joseph at 6/13/2014 10:06 PM
    • Hi I was wondering if the small middle piece of the knee brace protects the patella really well?
    • The middle of the brace or hinge has padding on both side of the knee but should not touch the patella at all. Your patella will be exposed as it would be with any rigid knee brace. If you are looking to protect your patella i would suggest something differrernt such as a soft hinged knee brace, the Playmaker or the DonJoy Hinged H buttress
  • From Colton b at 6/25/2014 7:51 PM
    • Hi, I am a football player and I have had knee braces in the past. But they all fit on the outside of my pants. Will the SE-4 fit on the outside and if so will I knee to get a bigger size to make it fit on the outside?
    • Colton
      Our braces are meant to be worn against the skin, that is haow they are going to funtion correctly. The brace could be worn on the outside but it will most likley slip down your leg
  • From Norma at 7/10/2014 9:25 PM
    • I am in my fifties and both of my knees are artificial. I have been in martial arts for many years. My question is: Will this brace help protect my artificial knees when kicking.
    • Thank you for your question. This brace will add stability to your knee joints. If you feel laxity or have hyper extension concerns this brace would be a good fit for you.
  • From Rick at 8/9/2014 4:58 PM
    • Torn acl/mcl requiring acl reconstruction. I am active in fast paced, aggressive mountain biking and would like to know if the Full Force is a good brace for such athletic endeavor?
    • Rick
      The Full Force is a great brace to use for this but if you want a brace with a little stronger frame in case of accidents on the bike another choice would be the DonJoy Armor with the Fourcepoint hinge in a short calf. The Armor has a double layer of aluminum to make it a brace for contact sports.
  • From Deon at 8/25/2014 1:27 PM
    • I am looking for lock out plate to restrict bending to 90 dgrees and Double D clips to add additional strap to my brace for additional support. Is this spare parts available?

    • Deon
      that brace is a patient ready brace so it cannot have an extra strap added to it. The brace should have come with standard stops to you can add the flexion stop to stop bending the knee past 90 degrees. If you do not have the stops then you will need to contact a local sales rep to see if they can get the stops for you and install them for you. To find your local sales rep please follow this link:
  • From John at 8/30/2014 1:08 AM
    • Hello i was wondering which brace would be the best for me i tore my meniscus and during the sugery they took the whole meniscus out because it would stay in place i play a wide receiver and i just want a brace that is comfortable and wont slow me down which would u recommend or would this brace work?
    • John
      Since the entire meniscus was removed you no longer have that cushion between the bones so the knee surfaces will rub on each oterh and can cause damage after time. I would suggest one of our unloading braces to keep that from happening. The DonJoY OA FullForce is a great brace that can unload that side where you had the meniscus removed. The brace itself is very low profile and light wieght only 20 oz. The unloading hinge pushes against the leg to create a 3 point unloading counterforce to unload that side.
  • From Barry at 9/4/2014 10:42 AM
    • I am a football official, I had total knee replacement 6 months ago and I am looking for a brace that will stabilize the knee and take some of the impact off the knee when running.

      Will this brace work? I don't anticipate any heavy contact since I am not a player.

      My thigh is 21, knee 18.5 and calf 18.5 what size would you recommend?

    • Barry
      The SE-4 Knee Brace will be a supportive brace for what you need it for. Because your knee and calf fall in the XL range that will be the size you will need to order but it will be a little large in the thigh region. The brace is very flexible so you will need to mold that thigh cuff to make is a little more snug.
  • From Roberto at 9/15/2014 7:41 PM
    • which configuration would be best to order with needed MCL support. Should i choose the CI or the ACL configuration?
    • The ACL configuration will give excellent support for your MCL issue. The CI is used for ACL and PCL issues.
  • From JARO at 9/23/2014 10:07 AM
    • Hi there, just wanna ask. i recently have a torn meniscus on my left knee and don't want to have surgery. I still want to play basketball without being re-injured. is this braces can help go back from previous speed on the game and also jumping, i kinda jump high you know, so i'm also kinda worry that my game will change. can i still be that much on the game even though i have torn meniscus and not to mention i also have torn acl on my right knee 6 years ago and it's healed on it's own.

      So, that's it ...looking forward for your reply ASAP, because i feel so depressed having this kind of injuries. thanks a lot! :D
    • You should be able to play basketball in the brace. It should not slow you down or affect your jump, however your meniscus tear may do that since you are choosing not to get it fixed.
  • From Monroe at 9/23/2014 12:03 PM
    • Hi , Just wanna ask is this the right braces for me?.. last week i have a meniscal tear and just wondering. I'm still in the process of healing. just wanna know, am i able to go back to my previous skills with this brace or what brace suits me , even though i won't have to do surgery..or surgery is a must for meniscal tear? should i need to do surgery before using this brace? thanks in advance!
    • You can wear this brace with a meniscus tear and still do activities. It should give great support. You need to ask you physician if you need to have the surgery
  • From Sam at 9/23/2014 2:36 PM
    • hi, I teared my acl about 5 months ago and my doctor told me you have to to surgery and your acl is completely teared. But I don't want to and I want to wear this brace instead. can I use the brace and not do surgery?
    • Sam
      This brace may not be the best for you, if you are not going to have the surgery. I would suggest getting one of our braces that has the fourcepoint hinge such as the Armor or Full Force ligament brace. and Without a ACL your knee is suseptible to more damage depending on what activities you are doing. The fourcepoint hinge will give more protection to the knee than a standard hinge by resisting extension of the knee
  • From Sam at 9/24/2014 9:37 AM
    • I forgot to also ask how bout for boxing If I want to use it only for that...
    • Yes
      you can wear it for boxing
  • From Hunter Jones at 10/14/2014 4:24 PM
    • I just got sugary on my knee and its still unstable and loose. I got it cleaned up inside of my knee what brace option should i order?
    • Hunter
      It depends on what you are wanting to do in the brace and what you were originally diagnosed with. The donJoy SE 4 is a good brace to protec all the ligaments of the knee. It will give you the support that you need to feel stable. It can be worn while doiing everything
  • From Jesus at 12/6/2014 7:01 PM
    • I got 18 on my thigh a 15 on my knee & a 13.5 on my calf. What size do u recommend me?
    • You can try the small
  • From Rubne at 12/14/2014 9:59 PM
    • Hello I was wondering what brace is good for a torn meniscus?i can't really be active because my knee gets stuck and I fall down.
    • Any hinged knee brace will be fine for a torn meniscus. So the Playmaker II is a good choice but if you want something more rigid the SE4point will work as well to give you general knee support.
  • From Billy Timmins at 1/23/2015 3:22 PM
    • will the patella pull attachment work on this brace?
    • Billy
      Yes you can install the Tru-Pull Attachement on this brace
  • From troy at 1/24/2015 4:15 PM
    • Hi, I have an extremely unstable knee due to an acl injury. Also, over the years I've developed some bone-on-bone crime on the inside of my knee. I've been told I'm going to need a replacement but would like to put that off for a while.Would the se-4 be a good brace for me? I'm fairly active at work and at play. Thanks
    • Troy
      The SE4 will provide protection of the knee including the ACL during activities. If you would like to unload the inside of your knee where you have the OA, you may want to choose an OA brace such as the OA Full Force. This will provide both the ligament stability and you can unload the medial comparment where your bone-on-bone is occuring.
  • From Jeff at 1/26/2015 7:28 PM
    • Is this brace good for tennis or volleyball?
    • Jeff
      The SE4 can be worn for any sport
  • From Chad at 2/10/2015 7:10 PM
    • My son plays high school football and has not had any knee injuries at this point but we are interested in the SE4 for both knees as pertection. I see you recommend the the more expensive armor brace. The SE4 is easier for me to afford the pair than a pair of the armor braces. Will this brace work? He is a smaller sized linemen.
    • Chad
      Even though we do suggest the Don Joy Armor for lineman, the SE-4 is also for contact sports so your son can wear this brace as well. It is a less expensive alternative
  • From BC at 2/17/2015 9:17 PM
    • I have a torn ACL and trying to avoid getting the surgery the Dr says I need. I'm in a lot of pain recently and I need a good brace to support my knee its extremely unstable. Is this a good brace for me? I'm a plus size woman but I'm very active. I don't play sports but I walk a lot. My sizes are thigh 28 1\2" knee 16" and calf 17" what would you recommend for me?
    • BC
      You do need a rigid knee brace but your measurments do not fall within a "off the shelf" brace. Becasue your thigh is XXL and the knee and calf are L, you would need a custom brace. I would speak to your physician about getting a custom knee brace.

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