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Dura*Kold Arthoscopic Knee Wrap


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Attention Medicare Patients

Provides extended cold therapy to the knee area for acute, chronic, or post-surgical applications.  Read More

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Product Description

Ideal Application

Provides extended cold therapy to the knee area for acute, chronic, or post-surgical applications. Cryotherapy can reduce pain, swelling and facilitate faster rehabilitation.

Features and Benefits

  • Long term cold therapy with DuraKold
  • The ice mat is sewn into the wraps, keeping the water pillows in place and applies easily
  • Even adjustable compression with contact closures
  • Keeps patients comfortable and dry while allowing mobility

Sizing: thigh circumference 6" above patella

Standard (13" x 15") = <15"
Large (13" x 23") = 15" - 23"
XL (13" x 28") = 23" - 28"

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DonJoy Dura*Kold Arthoscopic Knee Wrap

Product Questions

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  • Skip A. at 8/20/2015 2:56 PM
    • I ran across an old Dura*Kold knee brace, Is it suppose to have liquid in the cells behind the mesh? If so, I'm thinking that over the years it must have evaporated. Please advise?
    • Skip
      Yes there was liquid in those squares
  • Peggy at 6/5/2015 9:27 AM
    • Can these also be warmed in the microwave to provide heat therapy?
    • No they cannot, they are only used for cold therapy.
  • CJ at 8/27/2014 9:07 AM
    • Does this provide cold therapy to the entire knee area (360 coverage, front and back)?
    • CJ
      It really depends on the size of the leg. Here are the dimentions:
      Standard (13" x 15") = <15"
      Large (13" x 23") = 15" - 23"
      XL (13" x 28") = 23" - 28"

      We really do not reccommend using a lot of cold on the posterior surface of the knee because of the nerves that run very close to the surface of the skin. Too much cold can damage the nerves
  • KB at 6/23/2010 6:10 PM
    • Is this made to hook up to my existing donJoy iceman system?
    • No, this cold wrap goes into the freezer on it's own and doesn't work with the DonJoy Iceman in any way.
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DonJoy Dura*Kold Arthoscopic Knee Wrap

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I have used these for years. I have had 5 knee surgeries and they are the best for icing down a swollen knee. The worst part about these braces is you end up lending them to people and never get them back. So over the years I have purchased 4 or 5 of them and can't say enough good stuff about them...
Posted on August 29, 2013