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Compression Wear & Post-Op Garments

Compression wear and post-op garments can help provide post-surgical support and compression.

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  1. Bell-Horn Compression Support Socks
    Relieves the discomfort that comes with leg fatigue.
  2. ProCare Breast Augmentation Wrap
    Procare Breast Augmentation Wrap
  3. ProCare Facial Garment Wrap
    Procare Facial Garment Wrap
  1. Bell-Horn Closed Toe Knee Stocking 18 mmHg
    Helps prevent formulation of blood clots
  2. ProCare Compression Above Knee Garment
    Procare Compression Above Knee Garment
  3. Bell-Horn MicroFiber Closed Toe Stockings 20-30mmHG
    Lightweight and sheer for a comfortable, therapeutic fit
  1. ProCare High Waist Compression Above Knee Garment
    Procare High Waist Compression Below Knee Garment
  2. ProCare High Waist Compression Below Knee Garment
    Procare High Waist Compression Below Knee Garment
  3. Bell-Horn Medical/Surgical Thigh Stockings w/ Silicone Band 20-30mmHG
    Features silicone band to prevent slippage
  1. ProCare Compression Bra
    Procare Compression Bra
  2. Bell-Horn Open Toe Knee Stockings 18 mmHg
    Prevent the formation of clots after surgery or during periods of inactivity
  3. Bell-Horn Medical Surgical Stockings 20-30mmHG
    Helps generate circulation and relieve the pain associated with tired and aching legs
  1. ProCare Arm Compression Garment
    Procare Arm Compression Garment
  2. Bell-Horn Closed Toe Anti-Embolism Stocking 18 mmHg
    Helps prevent the formation of blood clots
  3. Bell-Horn TheraLite Closed Toe Stockings
    Stockings are light and sheer, complimenting an active lifestyle
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Compression Wear
Special clothing or therapy products for after a surgery or operation may be required by your doctor to help facilitate the healing process. Post-op garments provide excellent post-surgical support and compression for the area that was operated on. This not only provides much-needed support but may also help reduce swelling. Most compressive wear is designed to be worn under clothing so it's discreet and easy to use. Always consult your doctor to see if compression wear is right for you and your condition.
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