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Compex Muscle Stimulators & Electrodes

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Electrode Size: 2" x 4", 10 PACK (qty 20)
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Compex Electronic Muscle Stimulators
Machines that provide electrostimulation to your muscles can help you run faster, jump higher and perform better in competitive sports and activities. Electronic muscle stimulators reproduce the body's natural muscular contractions by applying an electrical impulse to your motor nerves. This helps your muscles contract stronger and more efficiently than what can be done during regular training or exercise. This means you can work out more thoroughly without the risk of injury to your joints and ligaments… and without fatigue!

Compex muscle stimulators are the leading brand in electrostimulation devices. Compex devices come with various training programs that can help you develop strength, speed, endurance and explosive power. They can even help you recover from intensive workouts more quickly. Compex electrodes also come in standard or easy snap versions, so you can quickly apply your muscle stimulation device and start working out your muscles.
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