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Choosing the right ankle support for ankle sprains

An ankle is often injured by stretching or tearing a ligament, most often on the outside of the ankle. The ligaments hold the muscles and bones together and limit the amount of side-to-side movement, so when these are stretched or torn, even mildly, it causes sharp pains in the ankle, often accompanied by swelling. Sprains can happen during any kind of sport, whether high collision or low impact, and even from stepping in a hole and twisting an ankle.

Wearing an ankle brace while recovering from a sprain can improve the stability of the ankle and protect it from further injury. Wearing a brace to prevent injury is also common amongst athletes who have already put up with ankle sprains in order to steer clear of further injuries and damage to soft tissue. In fact, it’s recommend that athletes involved in sports that are likely to cause ankle sprains like snowboarding or soccer wear ankle supports to prevent the occurrence of this painful injury.

Nowadays, there are high-tech ankle braces, each designed for their own purpose. Some ankle supports are especially made for protection against injury and are made of light fabric to be comfortable and offer mild support. Anyone having suffered an ankle injury is better off wearing ankle braces or even ankle supports to avoid further damage to tissues.

DonJoy Velocity Ankle Brace
Aircast Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace

Different degrees of support can be found in the many ankle braces available on the market. For instance, braces like the DonJoy Velocity are designed to be worn inside the shoe and features more flexibility and lightweight construction to encourage the proper movement during sports. These light ankle supports are usually worn to help stability and avoid injury. Some lightweight, comfortable ankle supports can also be worn to increase stability, thereby avoiding injury in everyday activities.

If someone is recovering from a Grade II or III ankle sprain, there are ankle braces offering moderate support, which are especially designed to promote healing of this type of injury. These braces can also be worn if you suffer from chronic ankle sprains. Those who are unfortunate enough to experience a bad ankle injury resulting in a severe sprain should take relief in knowing there are many ankle supports that are meant to be worn immediately following the incident and throughout recovery. One of the most popular is the Aircast Air-Stirrup ankle brace. The air cell technology utilizes compression to help reduce swelling while stabilizing the injured ankle.

Elastic ankle braces and supports are available for those who suffer from acute and chronic ankle injuries and can also be used by those who experience osteoarthritis of the ankle and foot.

Recognizing that cold therapy is an integral part of the recovery, there are many foot and ankle wraps that include cold pads. The cold helps reduce swelling, thus reducing pain and discomfort.

No one likes to be slowed down by a bad ankle. It can compromise even the easiest everyday tasks and movements. People who are enduring a bad ankle are strongly recommended to discuss this with their therapist or health professional for a proper appraisal of the condition of their ankles. Health professionals are the people who know best which ankle brace or support you should be wearing.

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