Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Meeting with a doctor about joint pain can be confusing at times, especially because there can be so many different causes for your condition. Dr. Kevin McIntyre of Burlington Sports Therapy takes a deeper look at shoulder impingement (also known as shoulder pain) and breaks down several of the common causes. Here’s an excerpt:

It’s always easier to understand a condition when we simplify it. This happens quite often in the world of physical rehabilitation. An example in the knee would be the diagnosis of patellofemoral syndrome. This is a term that many practitioners use to describe a patients knee pain, yet it doesn’t specifically distinguish between various causes of pain in this area. Quite often patients are diagnosed with a condition in the shoulder called impingement. Again, this is helpful for some patients so that they can understand their condition better, but it is still a very vague term.

Check out the full article and learn more about the common causes of shoulder pain.

Benefits of Shoulder Braces

A lot has changed in shoulder brace and support technology in the past few years. Materials are lighter, stronger, straps are easier to adjust, shells are comfortable. You can get them custom-made or buy supports that come in different sizes, and that are just as comfortable.  Learn what shoulder brace is right for your shoulder pain.