DonJoy FULLFORCE Knee Brace – great when recovering from ACL reconstruction

DonJoy FULLFORCE knee Brace

DonJoy FULLFORCE knee Brace

The DonJoy FULLFORCE knee brace combines two clinically proven DonJoy technologies in one brilliantly performing brace. DonJoy’s 4-Points-of-Leverage System provides ligament stability and significantly reduces ACL strain. DonJoy’s FourcePoint hinge dampens knee-joint extension, which increases flexion angles and reduces anterior shear forces on the tibia. The result – less strain on the ACL and a considerable decrease in the chance of injury. The FULLFORCE is a great brace if you’re recovering from ACL reconstruction.  This ACL reconstruction brace provides improved stability and reduced strain on the ACL, as well as increased flexibility and reduced chances of over extension as a result of the FourcePoint hinge, which moistens knee-joint extension. This cuts down on the sensation of the knee failing and gives the patient confidence when walking or moving quickly.

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