It’s Not Too Late for Skiing and Snowboarding Braces

The winter season is still going strong with snow on the slopes and skiers and snowboarders from all over the United States enjoying the fun. If you’re planning on skiing or snowboarding this season, don’t forget your protective gear. Here are some braces and supports for skiing and snowboarding that we offer:

Skiing Knee Braces – Knee injuries and ligament tears are actually quite common in skiing, since sometimes the leg may turn one way while the ski is turned another. Wearing a skiing knee brace may help minimize these injuries or even prevent them from happening!

Skiing Back Braces – Many skiers hunch over while going down the slope to lower their center of gravity and wind resistance. However, this position may also strain the back and cause pain. Wearing a skiing back brace can give your back extra support while you’re headed down the slopes.

Snowboarding Knee Braces – Knee injuries are also very common in snowboarding because the feet are bound to the snowboard. Sometimes the snowboarder may go one way while the board goes another! Like skiing, snowboarding knee braces may help prevent injuries such as knee sprains and meniscus tears.

Snowboarding Wrist Braces – Falling is a part of snowboarding. The natural reaction when falling is to put out your arm to brace the impact with the snow. However, this puts your wrists at risk for injuries such as sprains and fractures. Wearing a snowboarding wrist brace may help prevent these injuries.

Check out our skiing braces and snowboarding braces today!

Wrist Braces for Snowboarders

A few weeks ago we wrote about the importance of wrist protection for snowboarding. As that article mentions, it’s been proven that wearing a wrist brace while snowboarding significantly lowers your odds of wrist injuries while snowboarding. Here are the two wrist braces we recommend for snowboarding:

DonJoy Wrist Wraps – This wrist brace allows your hand to freely move around. It won’t get in the way, but still provides ample protection for the wrist during sports and job-related wrist activities. DonJoy Wrist Wraps are also very comfortable to wear and easy on the wallet.

DonJoy CXT & SXT Functional Wrist Brace – This wrist brace provides maximum protection for the wrist. It can be used for all types of activities that cause high impact on your wrist (even activities such as motocross, BMX, hockey, and football.) It’s made of carbon fiber so it’s incredibly strong, and you can adjust the range of motion of the wrist brace so that it matches your needs.

These wrist braces are also great for other activities or sports that involve a lot of falling, such as skateboarding, roller hockey and skiing. Check out our snowboarding wrist braces today!

Wrist Protection for Snowboarding

A few weeks ago we shared about knee injuries while skiing. While snowboarding knee injuries do occur, they are not nearly as common as snowboarding wrist injuries.

As snowboarding gains popularity, so do the injuries that come from this fun winter sport. It is very normal for snowboarders to fall, but oftentimes they will put out their hand to brace the impact with the snow. This can lead to wrist fractures, wrist sprains, and other wrist injuries.

Wearing wrist braces on each of your hands may help protect you from getting hurt this winter season. A wrist brace with a rigid outer shell will help guard your wrists during impact. They also provide compression so that your ligaments stay aligned as you fall. According to an article found in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, wrist guards significantly lower your odds of getting hurt while snowboarding.

There’s nothing as bad for an athlete as being out for a season due to injury. Check out our snowboarding wrist braces today!

The snow is falling…and so are the snowboarders.

With the first big snow storms of the season working the way across the country, snowboarders are flocking to resorts to take advantage of Mother Nature’s early Christmas present…fresh powder.   If you love snowboarding, keeping yourself free of injury will be in the back of your mind as you hit the slopes.  After all, snowboarding is not an easy sport on the body.  There are many common snowboarding injuries that you need to be cautious about.  More than anything just remember the best way to prevent an injury while snowboarding is to get in shape before you hit the slopes, consider wearing a protective brace if you’ve previously injured yourself, and, most of all, know your limits.