DonJoy Defiance Protects NFL Quarterback Tom Brady from Injury

New England quarterback Tom Brady has worn a DonJoy Defiance custom knee brace on his left knee since his season-ending injury in 2008. Ever since that incident, the NFL has made it a violation to tackle quarterbacks below the knee. Some even call it the “Tom Brady Rule”.

This past Sunday versus the Chargers, Brady nearly experienced the same injury as San Diego’s Antonio Garay tackled him on a low hit to his left knee. Brade escaped unscathed from the incident.

Brady spoke with WEEI sports radio and credits his knee brace for protecting him during the incident. “I’m glad I had a knee brace on. Those are scary, man, when you’ve been through those ones before. He got me in a good spot, and I’m glad the knee brace took the brunt of the force. Why I never wore a knee brace before, I have no idea. Why every quarterback doesn’t wear one on their left knee, I have no idea. It’s just so unprotected.”

Protect your knees starting today by learning more about knee braces for football.

Achilles Tendon Football Injuries

Football players are at exceptionally high risk for injuring their Achilles tendon because of the explosive acceleration and sharp changes in direction in football. Five year NFL veteran Jon Beason has never missed a game, but due to a torn Achilles tendon he’ll miss the rest of the 2011-2012 season. Before the regular season even started, more than 10 players league-wide had already suffered season-ending Achilles tendon tears.

Achilles injuries can happen to any athlete, from recreational to professional.  The Achilles tendon is located just above the heel and it helps attach the lower part of the calf to the bone in your heel. It helps your calf muscles work when running or walking, and it’s the largest and strongest tendon in the human body.

To help reduce risk of Achilles tendon tears and Achilles tendonitis, athletes are encouraged to strengthen and condition the muscles in the foot, stretch, and stay warmed up during games.  If you suffer from an Achilles tendon injury there are braces that can help stabilize the foot while you recover.

Football Knee Braces for Injury Prevention

Earlier this week we posted about how to prevent football injuries. Knee injuries are especially common in football because of the tackling, sharp turns and lateral movement in the sport. Wearing football knee braces can help prevent injuries to the knee when playing. Here are some of the top football knee braces:

DonJoy Armor Knee Brace with FourcePoint Hinge – Great after an injury has occurred, but more importantly it can also help prevent an injury from happening in the first place. Comes with the patented FourcePoint hinge which is the only knee brace hinge proven to prevent ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries.

DonJoy Playmaker Knee Brace – This knee brace also comes with the FourcePoint hinge. It conforms to your knee’s natural motion so you won’t feel restricted when moving around.

DonJoy Deluxe Hinged Knee Brace – A knee brace designed for maximum patient comfort. It provides knee stability before or after injury and is also easy on your wallet.

DonJoy FullForce Ligament Knee Brace – This knee brace is especially designed to help protect the ligaments in the knee, including the ACL, PCL (posterior cruciate ligament), MCL (medial collateral ligament) and LCL (medial collateral ligament).

How to Prevent Football Injuries

Back to school is just around the corner… which means football season is about ready to kick off! Football is great fun, but with it also comes risk of injury. Luckily there are several measures an athlete can take to help prevent injuries while playing football.

  • Proper Training – Learn correct ways to tackle, fall, catch and run. Knowing proper football techniques protects you and other players during impact.
  • Strength Training - Keeping your muscles strong not only helps you perform better on the field, but can also prevent injury to your ligaments. Weak muscles tend to allow joints to move out of their natural position, which is why strength training is so important for injury prevention.
  • Stretching - Increase your range of motion by stretching before and after workouts. Make sure to warm up before each football game – not only will this prepare your body to function on the field, but you’ll get mentally focused as well.
  • Wear Football Braces – Wearing protective gear for football can be a key factor in avoiding injury. They prevent your muscles and joints from moving the wrong way. For example, most of our football knee braces come with technology that reduces the time your knee is at an “at risk” position for a ligament tear.

Follow these suggestions and make sure to stay safe this season!

Don’t Be Like Terrell Owens – Wear a Football Knee Brace

The latest in NFL injury headlines is that Terrell Owens is recovering from ACL knee surgery. He plans to be ready for the season start, but experts are saying he is likely not coming back to the game until late November.

ACL tears and other knee injuries are very common in football. From quarterbacks to kickers to linebackers — all positions are likely to sustain season-ending knee injuries. Many famous football players wear football knee braces, including legendary quarterback Joe Namath, wide receiver Hines Ward, and Pro Bowl offensive tackle Jake Long. In fact, the Buffalo Bills require their entire offensive line to wear a knee brace for football.

Knee brace technology has come a long way. They are much lighter and more effective than they used to be, so they don’t restrict your range of motion and are comfortable to wear. Do the right thing for your body — get a football knee brace!