Why Knee Brace Size is Important

People buy knee braces to help reduce knee pain, prevent injury and to protect their knees.  However, what people often underestimate is the importance of finding the right knee brace size.  Wearing the incorrect size of knee brace can prevent the support from being effective, or may even add to your risk of injury.  This is true for knee brace sizing that is too tight or too loose on your leg.

Here are some ways we have made it easy to find the knee brace size for you on BetterBraces.com:

  • Most of our knee braces are available in XS to XXL.  Some braces are even available in XXS or XXXL.
  • Find your knee brace size with the help of one of our brace experts at (800) 553-6019 or email service@betterbraces.com.
  • Use the size chart tab available on each page (under the images and to the right of the Product Description).

knee size example Why Knee Brace Size is Important

  • If you receive your knee brace, and it doesn’t feel right, take advantage of our generous 90-day return policy.

We hope these ways help you to find the knee brace size for you and give you peace of mind when shopping for the right knee brace size on BetterBraces.com!

2013 Best Selling Custom Knee Brace

donjoy defiance iii custom knee brace 5 2013 Best Selling Custom Knee BraceWhere do the pros turn when they’re looking for the ultimate support for their knees?

The DonJoy Defiance III Custom Knee Brace.

There’s a reason why the DonJoy Defiance line of custom knee braces has been a top runner amongst other custom knee bracing solutions. It’s designed with your protection and comfort in mind, with the latest in knee brace technology.

When you purchase a Defiance III custom knee brace, a DonJoy knee brace expert will take your measurements to ensure a perfect fit and maximum protection. This makes certain that all the components of the brace align seamlessly with your body and for the sport or activity that you are using the knee brace for. The DonJoy Defiance III provides superior support for your ligaments to help treat or prevent ACL, PCL, MCL or LCL instabilities. Plus, it comes with the DonJoy Knee Brace Guarantee… that’s how confident DonJoy is about the quality of this knee brace.

It’s plain to see why the DonJoy Defiance III remains the leading custom knee brace for professional and recreational athletes alike. If you’re searching for a custom knee brace, then consult your doctor to see if the DonJoy Defiance III is a good fit for your situation.

Our 2013 Most Popular Knee Brace

donjoy reaction knee brace gray Our 2013 Most Popular Knee Brace

The reports are in, and our top selling knee brace of 2013 was the DonJoy Reaction WEB Knee Brace!

It’s easy to see why. The DonJoy Reaction is recommended to help support many types of knee conditions, such as runner’s knee, patellar alignment issues (kneecap tracking issues) and osteoarthritis. It’s a great knee brace to use during many types of activities. Many athletes use the DonJoy Reaction Knee Brace for both contact and non-contact sports, and especially for any sports that involve running. For non-athletes with knee pain, the DonJoy Reaction provides premium support to help reduce aches.

What makes this knee brace so great is its unique webbed design. The webbing supports the knee on all sides to provide maximum stability, absorbing shock to the knee joint yet remaining flexible enough to allow for comfortable movement.

If you’re experiencing knee pain or need extra support for knee alignment issues, check with your doctor to see if the best selling DonJoy Reaction Knee Brace can help your situation.

P.S. The DonJoy Reaction comes in various colors too, so it can be worn discreetly or match your team’s uniform!

Why DonJoy Makes the Best Knee Braces

When it comes to knee braces, there’s a wide selection of varying types of supports. However, when it comes to quality, DonJoy Knee Braces are unbeatable.

Over 30 years ago, DonJoy pioneered the idea of functional knee bracing and works closely with doctors and athletes to continue that spirit of innovation. The DonJoy brand is commonly used by professional athletes and often prescribed by physicians for all types of knee pain and conditions.

A great example of DonJoy’s innovative knee brace technology is with the FourcePoint hinge. DonJoy set out to make a knee brace hinge that better protected an athlete’s ACL ligament. The FourcePoint hinge reduces the amount of time that the knee is near full extension, otherwise known as the position where the knee is at most risk for an ACL injury (or re-injury). It’s been clinically proven to provide additional ACL protection.

Here are some products using FourcePoint Hinge technology:

You can also shop for other high-quality DonJoy knee braces.

Why You Should Wear Gardening Knee Braces and Back Braces

Did you know that even the simplest tasks can cause wear and tear on your joints? Even ordinary chores such as gardening can cause prolonged joint pain, especially in the knees and back.

Now that it’s Fall (with Winter just around the corner!), make sure you pay attention to how you’re treating your body when gardening. Issues in the joints can occur when raking leaves, stooping down to pick up weeds, digging, laying sod, or even when bending over to water a hard to reach plant.

In order to help reduce your chances of injury while working in the yard, we recommend trying gardening braces for the back and knee. These gardening braces help support your joints during bending and twisting motions. This helps minimize joints from moving out of place and lowers your chances of injury. Gardening braces can be especially helpful if you’ve had a previous injury, since an injury may leave your back or knee more susceptible to re-injury.

Here are some gardening braces you can check out:

Gardening Braces for the Back

DonJoy Back Brace – Provides compression all around the back for lower back support, and is adjustable for your needs. It’s also easy to use and the breathable material makes it ideal for a gardening brace.

DonJoy ComfortFORM Back Support – A great general purpose back brace and ideal for extra joint protection while gardening. It’s designed to help promote proper back alignment.

Gardening Braces for the Knee

DonJoy Reaction Knee Brace – One of our bestselling knee braces. Webbed design helps disperse energy and pressure around the knee, for more balanced, controlled activity. It may be especially helpful for gardeners with previous knee injuries.

DonJoy Performer Knee Support – Great for mild support of the knee. Provides all around compression to minimize knee strain and reduces pressure on the knee cap.