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Volleyball Players Require Knee Support to Avoid Many Injuries - Best Knee braces for Volleyball

Volleyball is an extremely popular sport that is enjoyed by both women and men. Not only is it played for fun by millions of people, it is also a serious sport with athletes competing all over the world for the top titles, including Olympic gold. Volleyball is a really fun and popular beach sport, and beach volleyball has even become an Olympic sport. Two teams consisting of six players each form on opposite sides of a net, and the object of the game is to keep the ball going back and forth over the net. The team to get the ball across and in bounds without it being hit back by the other team scores a point. Of course, this is a simple overview of the game at its most basic, and there are actually very extensive rules for this popular sport.

DonJoy Spider Knee Pad

Volleyball Players are Susceptible to Knee Injuries

Because volleyball involves a lot of jumping and even a bit of running, the legs are going to receive a lot of impact on hard gymnasium floors. This can lead to numerous injuries, especially in the knees, which can be extremely painful and keep the injured person from playing the sport until healed. In order to avoid certain injuries, many volleyball players wear specialized knee braces, which help to protect their knees from impact. One popular knee brace for people who play volleyball is the DonJoy Spider Knee Pad, which at less than $40 is a terrific way to avoid injury.

How the DonJoy Spider Knee Pad can Help Reduce Knee Strain and Injury

Although wearing a knee brace can help prevent a number of common volleyball injuries, many braces are cumbersome. They are heavy or uncomfortable, and are not the ideal braces for those who are active in sports such as volleyball. The DonJoy Spider Knee Pad is the ideal solution to this problem because it is a lightweight, comfortable sleeve that fits right over the knee. This knee pad contours to the knee, making it extremely wearable during all activities.

Some of the benefits that athletes and non-athletes alike find in the DonJoy Spider Knee Pad include it’s low-profile and streamlined design, which is quite unlike other knee pads, and the fact that it is made from a high impact resistant foam that provides added protection for athletes. The DonJoy Spider Knee Pad is available in sizes from extra small to two X large, so it can be worn by just about everyone. It is easy to wear because it just slides on over the knee, and it has an opening in the back to prevent pinching of the skin. The honeycomb design protects and cushions your knees, while providing all the support you need to help avoid injury.

Don't risk knee injuries any longer when you can have this knee pad that will provide plenty of support and is comfortable to wear during your activities. Learn more about the DonJoy Spider Knee Pad.

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