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Best Ankle Brace for Broken Ankle

Designed to help you heal in comfort... quickly and efficiently

Aircast Air-Stirrup The Aircast Air-Stirrup is the best ankle brace for broken ankle because it allows you to use the joint while protecting it from further injury. This is known as "functional management". Aircast pioneered the functional management of ankle injuries by developing the Aircast Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace. Here are some features and benefits that make the Aircast Air-Stirrup the best ankle brace for broken ankle:
» Doctor recommended and manufactured by the #1 provider of ankle braces in the world
» Aircells surround your foot to provide compressive support, reducing swelling and fluid retention in your ankle.
» Semi-rigid shells on either side of the foot to protect you from further ankle injury
» Streamlined designed that fits comfortably around your foot... and can even fit in your shoe when you're doctor gives the green light to start walking.
» Padding and support protects against unnatural ankle movement or rotation that can tear or strain the ligaments.

Broken and Fractured Ankles
The ankle is a complex joint formed where the bones of the tibia and fibula (bones of the lower leg) meet with the talus (one of the foot bones). Each broken ankle is different since it could be on any of these three bones, or on multiple. Because your ankles bear your entire body weight, broken ankles can be one of the most rehabilitating injuries that can happen to your foot. Broken bones are also often synonymous with ankle fractures.
Additional Views of the Aircast Air-Stirrup
Aircast Air-Stirrup Aircast Air-Stirrup Aircast Air-Stirrup

Protecting Yourself After a Broken Ankle

Wearing an ankle brace or splint after a broken ankle is important because it helps stabilize the area and helps prevent further injury to the area. The best brace for broken ankle is the Aircast Air-stirrup because it provides compressive support with its unique aircell technology. These aircells help to reduce swelling and edema - the fluids that get trapped in your ankle tissues after an injury. The Air-Stirrup also promotes functional rehabilitation, which means you can start using your ankle as part of the recovery process - leading to faster healing. Aircast ankle braces have been cited in over 100 medical journals for superior performance in helping heal ankle injuries.

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