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Baseball and Softball Braces

Braces and Supports for Baseball & Softball

Click on the body part from the list below to see the braces, supports, and therapy products we recommend specifically for baseball and softball players.

Baseball Braces and Supports
There are many aspects of baseball and softball that may cause injuries to the joints. Some of these are overuse injuries, such as repeatedly throwing the ball as a pitcher, squatting for long periods of time as a catcher or taking swing after swing at the ball as a hitter. These types of overuse injuries are very common during baseball and softball practice, not just during actual games. Traumatic injuries are also common in baseball and softball, such as muscle strain and ligament tears. These can occur while running, diving or sliding in to base. Wearing softball and baseball braces can help reduce overuse and traumatic injuries while playing. They provide compression, warmth and support, whether you're recovering from an injury or trying to prevent an injury from occurring in the first place. Check out these baseball and softball braces recommended by our brace coaches:
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