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Lower Back Braces and Supports

Lower back braces are recommended to help protect the lower back. Our team of brace coaches recommend these back braces for low back support:

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  1. Saunders S'port All Back Support w/Shorts
    Saunders Supports are the only back supports that will allow vigorous activity, while fully supporting the lower back and sacroiliac joints!
  2. DonJoy ComfortFORM Back Support
    Comfortable pain relieving support for any activity
  3. Saunders Work Sport Industrial Back Support
    Specially designed for industrial workers, it keeps cool and comfortable while providing full back support.
  1. DonJoy Elastic Lumbar Support
    Ideal for lumbosacral support, low back pain, low back compression and abdominal compression.
  2. DonJoy SI Belt
    The Donjoy SI Joint Belt is a comfortable low profile device designed to provide compression and relieve pain around the sacrum region.
  3. DonJoy Drytex Lumbosacral Support
    Lightweight, breathable support with adjustable lumbar pad.
  1. ProCare 10" Double Pull Sacro Lumbar Support
    Premium all-elastic construction with compression straps.
  2. DonJoy Back Brace
    Easy-to-use compression technology allows you to adjust to your needs
  3. ProCare Industrial Back Support w/Compression Pad
    Elastic construction with 8" molded back compression pad.79-9703X
  1. NEW!

    Exos FORM 626

    Exos FORM 626 (Lumbar Belt)
    Provides superior control and support from L-1 to L-5
  2. ProCare Sacro-Lumbar Support with Mesh Back
    10" elastic construction with ventilated mesh back panel.
  3. ProCare Neoprene/Elastic Sacro-Lumbar w/ Compression Straps
    Low profile 10" elastic construction with neoprene back panel and side pulls for warmth, compression and adjustability.
  1. DonJoy Deluxe Back Support
    This product will provide mild to moderate low back support as well as abdominal compression.
  2. ProCare Sacro Lumbar Support
    Elastic construction with felt back pad. Four posterior preformed aluminum stays.
  3. DonJoy Elastic Back Support
    Cool mesh elastic for maximum comfort and all day wear
  1. DonJoy LSO w/Chairback
    Provides spinal stability and abdominal support for post-operative and post-traumatic injury for patients requiring thoracolumbar sacral immobilization.
  2. ProCare Industrial Back Support
    Mesh back support with contact closures. Double-pull elastic compression suspenders.
  3. ProCare Criss Cross Support w/Compression Straps
    10" elastic criss-cross support with compression straps.
  1. ProCare Clinic Industrial Back Support
    Lightweight, low profile 8" back support with double-pull elastic compression straps
  2. NEW!

    Exos FORM 621

    Exos FORM 621 (SI Belt)
    Provides superior stabilization of the sacroiliac joint through direct compression.
  3. DonJoy Maternity Belt
    Relieves discomfort for lower abdomen and low back during pregnancy
  1. NEW!

    Exos FORM 627

    Exos FORM 627 Spine Bracing System (Lumbar Belt with Front Panel)
    Provides superior control and support from L-1 to L-5
  2. Chattanooga Sully Hip S'port
    Innovative design for proper hip support
  3. ProCare Clinic Retention Support w/Compression Straps
    Foam/pile, with 9" panel elastic construction and double side-pull elastic compression straps.
  1. Bell-Horn Spine Brace
    Flexible pulley system in an intermediate brace which comfortably contours and conforms to each body
  2. Chattanooga Stork S'port Maternity Belt
    Supports by correcting spinal alignment and gently supporting the abdomen
  3. DonJoy Lumbosacral Support
    Great for mild to moderate low back pain
  1. DonJoy Duel TLSO
    The Duel TLSO is a unique prefabricated orthosis for post-operative, post-traumatic, or chronic spinal pathology.
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Lower Back Braces & Supports
The lower back supports the spine and your entire upper body. The low back is prone to injury because nearly every movement and activity uses the muscles, ligaments and bones in the lower back. Occupations that require repeated lifting and sports that twist your back, such as golfing, can also put your low back at risk. Even pregnancy can cause lower back pain. Wearing a lower back brace can help support your body during activities or situations that may strain your back. A low back brace keeps your back in the proper position and provides compression to help prevent torn back ligaments.
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