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Walking Braces and Boots

Walking braces are used to protect the foot and ankle after injuries such as stress fractures, broken foot or after surgery. Check out our selection of high-quality walking braces from top manufacturers such as DonJoy, Aircast and ProCare. Shop with confidence with our 90-day money back guarantee.

  1. DonJoy Maxtrax ROM Air Ankle Walker
    MaxTrax ROM Air provides protected range-of-motion following trauma
  2. DonJoy Maxtrax ROM Air Walker
    MaxTrax ROM Air provides protected range-of-motion following trauma
  3. Aircast Heel Wedge

    Designed to be inserted in the Aircast walking braces, the Heel Wedges provide additional Achilles tendon protection.

  1. Aircast XP Diabetic Walker System
    Specifically designed for diabetics to provide pneumatic support with Aircast full-shell protection
  2. DonJoy MaxTrax Walker
    Designed with wider foot bed for comfort and stability
  3. DonJoy Maxtrax Air Ankle Walker
    Air cushioned sole designed to absorb shock upon heel strike
  1. Aircast XP Walking Brace

    Provides pneumatic, multi-aircell support for graduated, pulsating compression

  2. Aircast SP Walking Brace
    Ideal for those where limb length or calf circumference prohibits them from using a standard height walker
  3. Aircast FP Walking Brace

    Provides full length, foam and semi-pneumatic support

Walking Braces and Medical Walking Boots
Walking braces (also called medical walking boots) help protect your foot and ankle while they heal. They're ideal for injuries such as stress fractures, severe ankle sprains or after foot surgery. Walking braces have a hard outer shell that protects your foot from impact (such as someone stepping on your foot or bumping your leg against furniture) as you move around. They're lined with soft cushioning to keep the brace comfortable during use. Many walking braces also have a "rocker" bottom which aids in walking movement. Without the medical walking boot, patients may put themselves at risk for re-injuring their leg and would be unable to walk around or perform everyday tasks and activities. As you can see, walking braces are a key part of foot and ankle injury recovery. Check out the walking braces recommended by our brace coaches today!
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