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Mild Support Ankle Braces

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Sport: Baseball & Softball
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  1. Relieves
    Heel &
    Arch Pain

    Aircast Airheel Support

    Aircast Airheel Arch & Heel Support
    Treats plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, and heel pain.
  2. Best

    Aircast A60 Ankle Support Black

    Aircast A60 Ankle Support
    Offers a mild level of support that is great at preventing ankle injuries. Very easy to apply.
  3. DonJoy Double Strap Ankle Wrap
    Low profile, non-bulky for mild ankle and arch support
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    Mild Support Ankle Braces

Mild support ankle braces are great for giving that little bit of extra support or warmth. Some types of mild support ankle braces include ankle sleeves and ankle wraps. They are usually made of materials such as elastic, which are stretchy and flexible, to provide compression and stabilization to the ankle joint. Many mild support ankle braces come with metal supports that stabilize both sides of the ankle. They are sewn in to the fabric so that the ankle brace is comfortable and soft. These types of ankle braces are great for non-contact sports and everyday activities. You'll often see them used in activities such as cheer and dance and during daily walks. They may also benefit those healing from minor ankle sprains by providing gentle pressure around the ankle joint, plus they keep the area warm to promote healing. (Minor ankle sprains typically mean that the joint is just slightly sore, but the patient can still walk and use the foot.) Check out the mild support ankle braces recommended by our brace coaches. Here are some of our bestsellers:

Aircast A60 Ankle - 60 degree angle of support provides protection for your ankle at its weakest point
Aircast Airheel - one of our best selling ankle braces
DonJoy Deluxe Elastic Ankle Support - ankle sleeve that provides compression and support
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