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CXT & SXT Functional Wrist Brace

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Made of carbon fiber or high-strength composite material, it provides maximum wrist support.
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Product Description

Is the CXT & SXT Functional Wrist Brace right for me?

Provide protection and support for those participating in activity while recovering from a wrist injury.

The DonJoy CXT & SXT Functional Wrist Brace is a unique brace designed to be the most versatile, functional wrist brace on the market. With a blend of custom-fit technology and off-the-shelf convenience, the brace can be used for functional support, rehab support or both.

The brace is engineered to limit the extension of the wrist with 60° of extension stop built into the frame. Three additional extension stops are included (0°, 20°, 40°) to accommodate for the various range-of-motion of the wrist from person to person. This is accomplished with a patent-pending, bi-axial, articulating hinge system that also allows for side to side movement of the wrist.

The open-palm design is comfortable and limits the obstruction of the grip, while the rigid brace frame provides stability and added support. The frame is constructed of an injection molded, high-strength composite material. The Functional Wrist Brace is available in five sizes (X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large).

Features :

  • Single strap system makes application easy, quick and comfortable
  • Frame is constructed of an injection molded, high-strength composite material
  • Liner is constructed from a high-grade, open cell foam and is ergonomically shaped for fi t and comfort
  • Bi-axial, articulating hinge provides a controlled and anatomically-accurate movement of the wrist
  • Unique, open palm design is minimally invasive and limits obstruction of user’s grip
  • Non-corrosive materials, ideal for water sports

The brace has 0-60° Variable Extension Control
The brace has 60° of extension stop built into the frame. 3 additional extension stops are included, in case a different setting is desired.

***NOTE: This item can take up to 2 weeks to ship***



Motocross and Freestyle MX


Andrew Short


Caleb Wyatt - 2004 Winter X Games Gold


Carey Hart


Craig Anderson - 2001 Australian Open Motocross Champion


Danny Roberts - Dunlop Tire Test Engineer


David Pingree


Grant Langston - 2006 West Supercross Champion


Ivan Tedesco


Jeff Dement


Jeff Ward


Kenny Bartram - 2005 X Games Gold


Kyle Lewis - 2002 5th Place Champion Supercross


Mike Brown - 2001 Outdoor MX Champion


Mike Larocco - 2000 Supercross World Champion


Nate Adams - 2006 X Games Gold


Robbie Reynard - 2000 6th Place Supercross Champion


Shae Bentley - 2000 Supercross Champion


Shane Watts - 2006 National Hare Scramble Champion


Tim Ferry - 125 Supercross Champion


Travis Preston - 2002 West Supercross Champion



Free Rider


Dan Pastor


Snow Mobile


Levi LaValle - 2004 X Games Gold





Alexis Waite


Kurt Wastell - 2000 World Team Champion




Bubba Harris - 2005 ABA Champion




Carolina Hurricanes


Colorado Avalanche


Toronto Mapleleafs





Houston Astros


LA Dodgers




Dallas Cowboys


Pittsburgh Steelers


Stephen F. Austin State University


Texas A&M


Texas Christian University



Bull Riders


Michael Riggs

Size Chart & Fit Help



Wrist width


XS 0" - 2"
S 2" - 2 5/16"
M 2 5/16" - 2 5/8"
L 2 5/8" - 3"
XL 3" - 3 3/16"


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DonJoy CXT & SXT Functional Wrist Brace

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  • Mike at 8/18/2015 2:10 PM
    • My 12 year old son is 4 weeks from a fractured wrist during football. We hope to resume in 3 weeks so I am looking at a functional yet supportive brace to wear during practice and games. He is a skilled player so he needs to be able to catch a football.
    • The DonJoy CXT & SXT Functional Wrist Brace will give him the protection and support he needs, plus allow for varied range of motion. The CXT and SXT are ideal for football players, so your son should have no issues wearing the brace while catching and throwing the ball.
  • Kevin at 5/31/2015 10:58 PM
    • I tore my TFCC boxing late last year and have been in recovery since then. With PT I'm at a place where I can start boxing again to the extent that it's comfortable. I've been taping it up but any meaningful impact seems to aggravate it. My physical therapist suggested a brace to keep me from re injuring it during my workouts and I'm looking for something that would fit under my glove. Not boxing competitively or anything but would love to have additional support for piece of mind. What, if any, products would you recommend?
    • Kevin
      I would suggest the Don Joy Wrist Wraps. This brace will provide compression and support but allow you to still have the hands free. The brace is worn by football players to support their wrists.
  • Bri at 5/22/2015 12:51 PM
    • How long is the product? As in how far along the forearm does the brace extend from the wrist?
    • The DonJoy CXT and SXT Functional Wrist Brace measures 8.75in long.
  • john goeken at 5/5/2015 2:53 PM
    • purchased the sport version of thi brac fo my son to race motorcycles with. iknow you recommend the lacer for this t supplies were limited so I got the sport version please tell me tey will work just fine, thank
    • John
      The Sport Version is the most supportive since it adds an additional forearem strap. All of the versions function the same the difference is how it is strapped on
  • Craig at 4/28/2015 6:38 PM
    • I have a potential central TFCC tear or lunate triquetral tear. it hasn't been fully diagnosed. I am trying to immobilize my wrist as much as possible to allow it to heal without surgery. I was told to get a brace that does not put pressure on the ulna head. Which brace would be most beneficial?
    • Craig
      You will want a brace that will immobilize the wrist. Either the Aircast A2 Wrist Brace or the Quickfit II wrist brace will work for you.
  • Nhu Nguyen at 4/9/2015 3:48 PM
    • Hello, my mom broke her wrist several years ago, the fracture healed completely, but since she's a teacher, she has to write a lot with that wrist, so she has some kind of permanent pain from the fracture. Will this brace help her wrist and pain? Thanks
    • It depends on when she gets the pain. This brace is mostly for protection and limiting the wrist from bending back. She might benefit from a brace that immobilizes the wrist completley like the Quickfit Wrist II. or the A2 Wrist brace
      These braces might be better choices for your mother to help relieve pain
  • Rko at 4/7/2015 11:54 AM
    • Son had distal /radius break during football season. It was a terrible break requiring surgery, 2 plates put in and screws...
      He has recovered remarkably and was given full release to do whatever his wrist can handle.,,, he will be starting Football again soon and looking for a good brace that can be used in games. I am confused w/all the different frames .. can you enlighten which you think is best for him.. he is a Def Lineman..

    • Rko
      The CXT is the carbon fiber and the strongest material so I would suggest that for a FB lineman. As far as strapping you will want the most supportive whitch is the Sport. The brace can restrict extension of the wrist if he needs it but allow full use of his hand
  • chris at 4/4/2015 6:29 AM
    • I want to order a cxt/sxt in a xl with the sport strap. I have been checking the website for several week. This item is always on back order.
    • Chris
      It is only available in the CXT frame. It is not available in the SXT frame in XL.
  • Jason at 4/2/2015 7:06 PM
    • Which strap on the cxt for motocross I have read the questions and answers listed
      there are to different answer for motocross the speed or lacer straps,Son is recovering from a distal radius break.Thanks
    • Jason
      I would suggest the lacer straps because they are more supportive and for longer periods of wear. The Speed is the quickest but the lowest profile design
  • RC at 3/26/2015 10:40 PM
    • I have EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrom) and my wrist hyper extends. I also need to be able to use my wrist with forearm crutches or a wheelchair at times. I am looking for a brace to wear 90% of the time to keep my wrist from dislocating and subluxing. I need a functioning brace. Would either the CXT or the SXT be a proper brace for this?
    • RC
      The CXT/ SXT braces would most likely work for you. The brace comes with extension stops to you can limit the wrist extension but you have full use of your hand.
  • dee lars at 3/24/2015 9:02 AM
    • what is on the bottom side of the brace that faces the palm? Considering for roller derby post radial fracture.
    • The bottom of the brace is just the straps and/or lacer strap. the brace comes with a removeable palmer stay that would go on the bottom of the brace
  • Stwve at 3/22/2015 8:52 AM
    • I was involved in a motorcycle accident lady made a left hand turn I hit her truck t boned it. Shattered left thumb that is pinned ok but right wrist 4 corner fusion thus I need a flexion stop brace wirh flexion assisted help to aid in throwing stones in Highland games. Do your braces have a flexion assisted band or something to aid with this. Thanks Steve
    • Steve
      No we do not have flexion assisted wrist braces. For a brace that will stop flexion, I suggest the Don Joy ComfortFORM Wrist Support.
  • Spencer at 3/18/2015 7:54 AM
    • Hello,
      I fractured my ulna and shattered my radius (left wrist) (motorcycle accident). My ulna is now permanently separated from the ulna head, to give me a fused joint. Essentially, my ulna is just floating and the ulna head has been fused down... weird, I know.

      After two surgeries and a year of physical therapy, I am finally starting to get to the gym again. Will this brace offer adequate support for basic, body weight-type workout routines?
    • Spencer
      This brace offers stability of the wrist and can limit extension of the wrist while allowing free use of the hand. The brace can be used with all types of activities so using it in the gym would be fine
  • Jen at 3/15/2015 6:29 PM
    • My 16 year old son fractured his wrist about 6 weeks ago, and had a plate surgically installed. His doctor is pleased with his recovery and cleared him to resume sports, however I'm concerned about his resuming lacrosse due to the potential for impact. Which of these braces would be best suited to protect him from further injury while allowing for flexion of the wrist? And which wrap would best fit under a lacrosse glove? Also, are these braces considered legal to wear in high school level sports? Thanks!
    • Jen
      The CXT is made of a stonge carbon fiber and kevlar so it would be best for impact. The Sport strapping is best for the most support. the brace will allow full use of his hands and allow flexion of the wrist. His hands will be in his padded gloves so there should not be any problems with wearing the brace but you should ask the coach what the rules say.
  • Collin at 2/10/2015 10:51 AM
    • Hello,
      I will be playing football for a NAIA college program this upcoming fall, i was wondering if this brace would be within the rules without having to having to wrap the brace up with foam.
    • Collin
      You should be able to wear the brace while playing football. To find out the rules on braces you will need to contact your athletic Trainer at your school.
  • Bob at 2/4/2015 10:53 AM
    • I have RA and my right wrist is the most affected. I am a swimmer and still enjoy swimming though I have to tape my wrist for support which is okay but stills hurts at times. I also like to play golf. Can CXT or SXT help with one of both of these activities? If so, which strap option would be most appropriate? I would be swimming much more often than playing golf.
    • Bob
      The CXT/SXT wrist brace will provide support to the wrist while performing both of those activities. The Lacer strapping is easier to put on and used for longer periods of wear. I would suggest that strapping.
  • Stephanie at 2/2/2015 10:58 AM
    • Recently had arthroscopic surgery to repair cartilage - left wrist. I might need a 2nd surgery for ulna impaction. I have good flexibility up/down but impact hurts. Good flexibility side/side but too far my wrist pops. I need to grip my tennis racquet and throw a ball to serve. I need support for 2-handed back hand shots. Is the CXT speed strap a good option for me?
    • Stephanie
      The CXT speed wrap is the easiest application and loest profile. The brace will allow you to hold your racket and still provide support for the wrist.
  • Andy at 1/29/2015 5:51 PM
    • My measurement so happens to in between the Medium and Large.
      This brace should be fits Snug or loose? I noticed the brace is using neoprene liner, is Medium enough? what is the difference between "Lacer" "Speed Strap" "Sport Wrap"? I prefer comfort.
    • The medium should be fine.
      Lacer: Easy pull lacing system, best for longer wear
      Speed: Quickest application lowest profile
      Sport: Adds a forearm strap, for more support
  • Jesse at 1/19/2015 2:57 PM
    • I have a partial tear of the radial ligament in my wrist. I would like to continue mountain biking, but I don't want to cause any further damage while it is healing. Would this be the correct brace for that injury and would I retain enough mobility in my hands to continue biking?
    • Jesse
      You can use this brace and it will ristrict extension of the wrist(moving up) and you can install the radial/ulnar control stop to restric moving side to side, but still allow you to use you hands to grip the handle bars, and you will be able to bend the wrist as well. This should be effective in protecting the injury that you have.
  • Karson Battarbee at 1/12/2015 7:32 PM
    • I broke my wrist about 3 months ago in a Sprint car racing accident. I broke my Radius at the growth plate from the wheel being turned abruptly. I was suggested to find a brace to wear for a year or so while i race to prevent re-injury. Is this brace suitable to prevent side to side motion (pinky to thumb) along with a little movement front to back (palm to backside). Also if this is which version is most sturdy (CXT or STX) and which has most support? (lacer, speed or sport)? Thanks.
    • Karson
      this brace can limit your wrist from extending(moving up) but not down. You can install the included radial /ulnar deviation stop to prevent moving the wrist from side to side. The CXT is the more durable material and the sport strapping is the most supportive
  • KeithDavid at 12/19/2014 9:45 AM
    • When measuring wrist for sizing, if the width measurement straddles two size options; should you choose smaller or larger option? I'll be purchasing the CXT Sport wrap; used mainly for cycling & MTB'g
    • Either size will fit so you can order the larger size and if you ever have swelling it will still fit
  • Jordan at 12/17/2014 11:55 AM
    • I was in a motorcycle crash and paralyzed my left hand and wrist. I need to get back in the gym but it's hard to lift weights or do curls when your wrist snaps back, any braces that would do a A+ job? I was looking at the maximum support obviously, I do like the cxt or sxt, but I need direction on what's perfect for me.
      -thank you
    • Jordan
      The CXT would be ideal if you want to keep you wrist from bending all the way back. Youcan install the provided 0 degree extension stop and the brace would allow you to bend but not extend. The design allows for full hand functionality which the others to dot allow
  • Jim at 12/9/2014 8:30 PM
    • I have MS and must use a walker or rollator. I put a lot of weight on the rollator and I have developed moderate to severe corporal tunnel syndrome in my left hand and wrist. I am looking for a brace that can distribute the pressure form the handle to more of the palm. The picture does not show the palm side. Can this brace be used to distribute pressure on my palm?
    • Jim
      The palm is open on this brace
  • Lori Roger at 12/4/2014 4:22 AM
    • My 21 yr. old son recently broke wrist ( distal) and 2 knuckles motocross racing. He has 2 plates and 16 screws holding everything in place. Want to get him a protective brace for riding. He broke his predominate throttle hand. (Right) needs to be easy to get on/off but more importantly give maximum protection. Which brace do you recommend. Which strapping system? Thank you
    • Lori
      The CXT with the sport wrap will be the most supportive brace. He will have wrist flexion but you can limit extension and sie to side moving
  • Melea at 11/25/2014 9:27 PM
    • I have TFCC tear in my right wrist. I have had surgery once, but tore it again, and I am looking to avoid surgery. I am a cheerleader/ tumbler. This requires hard impact but also a pretty significant range of motion to do round-offs and back-handsprings. I can't use most braces because they have a metal stay that prevents me from getting the range of motion necessary. Would this brace work for me? Thanks!
    • This brace will allow for wrist extension as long as there are no extension blocks installed.
  • Joshua Arco at 11/20/2014 1:20 AM
    • I have an SL ligament injury in my right wrist from a HEMA fencing accident a year ago. I cannot push back to far on my wrist like when doing a push-up or other directions depending on how I flex it. I want a lot of support, however I would also like to be able to go from activity to activity. I road bike often, and sometimes rock climb and I have decided to go for the CXT, but I wanted to get your opinions on how the different strappings vary in functionality vs stability.
    • Joshua
      Speed: The quick application with the lowest profile design, least stability
      Sport: A forearm strap pulls through the brace to give more stability and support.
      Lacer: Easy pull lacing system that connects to the palmer stay and is best for longer periods of wear
  • Luis at 11/19/2014 3:20 AM
    • I had a distal radious fracture along with torn scaphoid lunate ligament and broken scaphoid. I'm now on 12th week post op and attending occupational therapy to recover finger function, my doc put me on a removable bottom of wrist and forearm splint (the cheap kind) to implement immobilization up and down side to side. Is the cxt the way to go? Splint is very uncomfortable and makes deep marks on my skin with the ace band that i wrap it with. I was told i had to keep my wrist from moving for a few more months so should i get the lacer or speed strap?
      Thanks. Luis
    • Luis
      If you are in a splint for immobilization then the CXT would not be the best choice. while is does have the capability to restric full extension it will not restrict flexion of the wrist. I would suggest the Quickfit Wrist II brace. This brace would suit you better and be more comfortable than the splint you are wearing now.
  • Danny at 9/17/2014 9:19 PM
    • Hello I suffer from Ulnar Positive Variance which causes excess strain on my TFCC my Doctor recommended to wear a brace to ease the pain as much as possible and to hopefully avoid having a chunk of bone removed to relieve the extra strain. I've been looking into a lot of different braces for everyday wear for minor activities but after losing 135lbs over the past year, I need to get back into the gym without worry ASAP. Would this be a good option for weightlifting, and a lot of burpees? I ask about burpees because that is a huge part of my daily routine... thanks in advance - Danny
    • Congratulations on your weight loss. The CXT &SXT are going to be great braces to use in the gym. Unlike most braces you will have range of motion allowing for burpees and other gym exercises needing wrist flexion and extension ability. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.
  • steve begley at 9/16/2014 8:12 AM
    • Hi many years ago i broke my wrist in half and now have a titanum plate in it.
      And i want to weight lift alot more recently.
      Will it help with bracing my arm to be able to lift easier without having all the pressure on my wrist.
      Thank You for the help.
    • This brace is used to brace and limit movement. It will not absorb the stress as much as it will keep the rest from going to far into extension or flexion.
  • Laura at 8/20/2014 8:56 PM
    • Hi, are the braces specifically for one hand or can the be used for both?
    • Laura
      These braces are Universal to the side you need, can fit either right or left. You get the brace with thumb holes for both hands and then you cut off the one you don't need.
  • KeithDavid at 8/7/2014 1:12 PM
    • What is the difference between the strap options?
    • Speed: quick application lowest profile
      Sport: extra forearm strap for extra support
      Lacer: easy pull lacing system for longer periods of wear
  • Christine at 7/28/2014 8:37 PM
    • Can you wear these braces while playing in a high school football game? In other words are these braces in line with the regulations?
    • There is no metal in the braces, they are made with either composite or carbon fiber they should be legal
  • Christine at 7/21/2014 7:59 PM
    • Hi,
      My son had a distal radial fracture at the growth plate. This happened approximately 4 weeks ago. He got his cast off today and was placed in a splint. He is supposed to wear the splint for 4 weeks and can start upper extremity strength training in 4 weeks. He is an offensive lineman. I wanted to know what would be the best brace for him while he is continuing to rehab and whether or not he can continue to wear the brace once he's back to contact in a couple of months. I would like to know which would be best, from reading the other questions that the CXT sports wrap would be best for its strength and quick application??
      How do I determine sizing?
    • Christne
      The CXT is carbon fiber so it is the strongest of the two braces and the sports wrap is the fastest application. Size is determined by wrist circumference
  • Josh at 6/27/2014 11:27 AM
    • Where can I purchase a replacement Sports Wrap kit for the brace? Mine has worn down?
    • Josh
      You can order that direct from DJO Customer Care 800-336-6569. We carry the Sport Wrap Kit for $53.55
  • jason at 6/19/2014 11:09 AM
    • Ive had several scaphoid surgeries and repair to dislocated carpal bones which has limited my wrist motion and ability to move both wrist and thumb . Does this brace have option or ability to have a thumb spica or partial thumb spica to it for protection
    • Jason
      This brace does not have a thumb spica or any thumb support.
  • Kayleb Funk at 5/25/2014 9:05 PM
    • hey i am 16 and i broke my radius in 2 mountain biking! it was a clean break.. i had the cast on for 1 month and just got it off and am hoping to get on the bike asap i am wondering what strap will work best for me? and if this will work good for mountain biking. thanks
    • Thank you for your question. This would be a perfect brace for you. It is used by many extreme sport athletes. The Sport version would be appropriate for you. Here is a YouTube link about the brace.
  • leo orlowsky at 4/25/2014 11:19 PM
    • would like to know how it would work for bowling flexing back is not a good thing and my hand between wrist and knuckle of pinky have pain and also when flexing wrist back. i do like to wear a tacky partial glove with a small pad on palm. need photo of other side of brace.
    • Leo
      The brace can be adjusted to limit the amount of wrist extension(bending back) and side to side movement. there is aremovable rigid panel that can go under the wrist while still keeping the hand free. This may help with bowling better than just a regular wrist splint that has both anterior and posterior aluminum stays and less hand freedom
  • Markus Lacher at 3/15/2014 8:31 AM
    • My son fractured his radius during MX race. He is 5 and tiny. His wrist is less than 2 inches. Would your CXT xsmall work? It's his throttle arm. Would this impact his throttle and brake control?
    • The xs should work for him and it will leave his palm open so he can still brake. In order for him th use the throttle you would need to make sure that if you add the extension stops he can extend enough to use the throttle
  • Chris at 11/18/2013 10:09 PM
    • Regarding sizing for the CXT & SXT: When I measure the smallest part of my wrist about 1/2" below my palm, it falls right at the upper measurement of medium. Would it be better to get the medium or large? I will be using the brace mainly for mountainbiking.

      Would I want to wear a mountainbiking glove under or over the brace?

      Also, from other questions/responses it sounds like the carbon fiber type would be stronger for impact, but I've heard carbon fiber becomes weaker when it is scratched and beat up - is this a concern I should have?

      Is there a weight difference between the two models?

    • Chris,
      If your measurements for the DonJoy Functinal brace fall into a medium, then a medium should fit you well. The Low profile design is designed to fit under sporting equipment. The weight between the two braces will be very slight with the CXT weighting maybe an ounce or 2 less. Here is a link to a video about the functional wrist brace Thank you for your questions and for contacting DJO. Please let us know if we can be any further assistance
  • Eric at 11/4/2013 8:17 AM
    • My son broke his wrist 3 weeks ago, may get the cast off in 3 weeks. He is a QB and Safety, want to know if the the CXT with the Sports wrap would be the right brace for him? The fracture was the distal radius of his none throwing wrist, no surgery.
    • Eric
      This brace was made with the athlete in mind. The brace is the most supportive wrist brace we have and will limit extension of the wrist while allowing the hand to be open and allows the wrist to move from side to side. If more motion restriction is needed it comes with a removable palmer stay to limit wrist flexion as well. When you son comes out of the cast if the doctor wants his wrist motion to be limited that this would be a good brace for him. But if the physician just wants him to wear something to protect him for a couple more weeks you may want to look at something a little less costly such as the Procare Quickfitt II universal wrist brace. This brace will give him adequate support even while playing football.
  • Rachael at 10/23/2013 6:24 PM
    • I am a stay home mom with a baby on the hip. Thus the need for a complete wrist immobilizer. I have severely strained ligaments and am not to use wrist at all. I need complete function of my hand with complete restriction of my wrist. Which brace works for me? When I measure my wrist, I am right on the 2" mark. Should I go small or x-tra small? I prefer LOW profile!
    • Rachael
      This brace is for athletes especially contact sports. It mainly restricts wrist extension but not flexion or bending. If you want to restrict all wrist motion and be able to use your hand try the Procare Quickfit II wrist brace: This brace is universal so one size fits all and it has metal stays on both the top and bottom of the brace so it will restrict your wrist movement while allowing your hand to be free
  • Jonathan at 8/10/2013 10:15 AM
    • I have a TFCC tear that cannot be repaired without a bone anchor as I ripped the cartilage right off my ulnar. The pain is minimal with certain motions but my radial and ulnar bones click together during lifting/ twisting motions which could cause inflammation and pain to return which will then lead to either more cortisone shots or surgery both of which I want to avoid.
      I'm a weightlifter and want to know which brace would be best suitable for me (CXT vs. SXT; Speed vs. Sport vs. Lacer) to continue lifting as I was cleared to do so, but I want to keep my wrist immobilized esp. during arm exercises?
      Also what are the differences between the lacer, speed and sport as there are no pictures to compare and what is the additional price for the radial/ ulnar stop?
      Thank you!
    • Hello Jonathan,

      These both are Rigid wrist braces recommended for use with high impact/contact sports. The speed wrap is the quickest application with 1 velcro closure. The Lacer, lacing system is best for longer periods of wear, with laces connecting to palmer stay. The sport has forearm straps that pull through the brace.

      Please call for pricing on the stops.

      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.

  • Paige at 6/26/2013 8:13 AM
    • I have moderate-severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and my wrists are pretty weak. I had been looking for something to give support but also allow me to use my hand without limitation (it's hard to use a cane or sometimes crutches with a palmar stay).
      I bought a pair of the SXT Wrist Lacer's a few months ago and I absolutely love them! You have no idea how nice it is to be able to do something as simple and pick up a pitcher of tea and not feel like your wrist is going to break
      I do have one problem though, since I wear them daily, I'm already on the spare hand liners that came with them (the velcro wears out and comes loose) and those are starting to wear now.
      Is there any way for me to order replacement hand liners?
      Thank you in advance for any information you can give me.
    • Hello Paige,

      Yes we do have replacement parts for the SXT Lacer version. Please call Product Support and we can assist in placing that order for you.


      Thanks for contacting Donjoy.
  • David Wilbanks at 6/6/2013 10:15 AM
    • Which model is best for golf? Lacer, Speed or Sport?
    • Hello David,

      What is the injury?

      The CXT/SXT is designed for extreme sports, like motor cross. If you need general wrist support I would recommend a wrist wrap, which will allow you full range of motion while golfing.

      The Extreme athletes that use the CXT prefer the Sport version because it's a quick application.

      Below find links to braces that may work for your sport.

      Please call a Product Specialist with additional questions. 1-888-405-3251
  • Jason at 6/5/2013 4:30 AM
    • I have a TFCC injury. I had surgery five months ago but still get periods of pain bending/apply pressure in the ulnar direction of wrist/hand. My doctor suggested more surgery, or live with it and brace. I do not want more surgery and accept wearing a brace. I want to restrict my wrist bending in the ulnar direction. Will the CXT/SXT do that? Which one should I get: CXT, SXT, Lace, Sport, Speed? I plain on wearing it a lot: Work, I use a computer/mouse all day; Personally, I want to mountain/road bike and snowboard. Let me know your feedback. Thank you, Jason.
    • Hello Jason,

      The CXT/SXT is designed to be worn during extreme contact sports; motorcross, mountain biking, snowboarding. So, for these activities the brace would be great. For daily wear, you may be more comfortable in a general wrist brace.

      The sport lace version is the easiet and quickest application, great for athletes. The difference between CXT and SXT, is the material the brace is made of. The CXT is more rigid made of Carbon Fiber and I recommend this one for extreme sports.

      Please call a Product Specialist for additional questions 1-888-405-3251.

      Below find link to general wrist brace.
  • David at 5/25/2013 12:18 PM
    • hello,
      So a little over 3 years ago I dislocated my wrist, ripping the tendons along with it. Had surgery and was in a cast for about 5 weeks. I had two pins taken out and 6 months physical therapy. I remain very active but at times my wrist is very sore and tender. I love playing sports and recently picked up lacrosse, but I definitely am a little cautious because of my injury and my wrist has been more sore and tender then usual. Would the CXT be a good choice for me? or is there another brace you would recommend.
      Thank you,
    • Hello David,

      Yes, the CXT is appropriate for your activity level and past injury history. I recommend the "Speed" Strapping, it's quick and low profile, perfect for athletes.

      If you would like to speak to a Product Specialist please call us at 1-888-405-3251.

      Have a Great Day.
  • Amy at 4/30/2013 8:47 AM
    • Hello, I suffered a distal radius fracture that was slightly displaced, and it was reduced back I to position about five weeks ago. No surgery was required. I get the cast off in a few days, and will be working to get back to my mountain bike racing in the cross country and downhill disciplines (downhill is similar to motor cross). Would the CXT or SXT be appropriate to use while I regain normal function during these activities, and if so what strapping configuration would be best?

      As far as sizing, is the measurement in inches across the wrist?
    • Hello,

      The difference between the two braces is the strengthen of the material. The most appropriate choice would be the CXT (Carbon Fiber) for maximum strength. It is recommended for people intending to wear with high impact, high contact and collision activity such as yours. The sizing measurement are taken in inch's. We recommend the SPEED, it has a quick application and the lowest profile design.

      If you have further questions please contact Product Support at 1-888-405-3251

      Have a Great Day.

  • Rochelle at 4/15/2013 8:25 PM
    • Can I golf with this brace?
    • Yes
  • Jon at 4/10/2013 3:05 AM
    • Hello,

      I very broke my left distal radius and ulna very severely about 7 months ago. I had to get 2 titanium plates and 18 screws put in it. While my doctors tell me that my healing should be complete I still live with a large amount of pain. If I bump my wrist or try and apply any kind of pressure to my hand or wrist I get almost a debilitating pain.

      I am looking for a brace that is more heavy duty that would help protect my arm that I could wear everyday and was functional.

      Thank you,

    • Jon,
      The CXT and SXT are the most rugged, functional wrist brace we have.
  • missy at 2/10/2013 7:20 AM
    • hi--i recently fractured my radius and several bones around my wrist during roller derby, and i was wondering if this would work for me. which version is appropriate? would this replace my (obviously inadequate) wrist guards and give me proper impact protection? thank you!
    • Hello, Missy -

      Yes this brace would be the most appropriate choice. For your activity and your injury, the most appropriate choice would be the CXT (Carbon Fiber) for maximum strength. It is recommended for people intending to use them with high impact, high contact and collision activity such as yours.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day!
  • Ben at 7/29/2012 4:06 PM
    • I play football as a safety, i have fractured my scaphoid awhile back and i was wondering what type of brace would you recommend for me.
    • Either brace would work the difference is the material used to make it. This will keep your wrist fromgoing into extension.
  • Kevan at 7/24/2012 8:03 PM
    • My son is QB in youth football. He broke his wrist at growth plate and thankfully it healed well. He will have his cast removed in a few weeks and is anxious to get back to the huddle! Would this brace interfere with his position? It is not his throwing arm, but worried about it being to bulky receiving snaps and handoffs. Help
    • Both the CXT and SXT restrict the wrist from going back. I do not know if your son could get his hand in the proper position to accept a snap with this brace.
  • Jolanta at 4/13/2012 7:32 AM
    • What strapping configuration would be the most suitable for motocross riding? I had right wrist distal radius fracture/surgery with titanium plates inserted.
      Thank you.
    • Hi jolanta,

      The lacer strapping version is best for long term wear during motorcross.

      Have a nice day.
  • Fred at 1/7/2012 8:41 AM
    • I suffer from a SLAC wrist (left) and ride dirt bikes. Which strapping configuration would work best for me?

    • Hi Fred,

      I suggest ordering the Lacer version. If you plan on using the removeable palmar stay, the lacer feeds through the stay and helps keep it secure for longer periods of time.

      If you have additional questions, please call 1-800-553-6019
  • Richard at 11/28/2011 10:55 AM
    • I have a fractured scaphoid - injured long ago and now necrotic bone.
      At age 64 I need some additional support in Yoga classes.
      Which brace would be recommended?
    • Has your physician prescribed a product for you? Do you need stability? Immobilization? This product will limit extension and has an option to limit radial and ulnar deviation which is the motion you make when waving your hand.
  • DJ at 10/25/2011 8:45 PM
    • I play baseball and I dislocated my wrist in a cleating accident. Will this brace help me with the stability of my wrist while I bat and throw, and will it protect my wrist from re-dislocating when I run the bases and slide into the bag head first? Also which version should I get, the sport, speed or the lacer version? Which is the best version for me and my sport and what is the difference between these versions?
    • This brace will help with the support and stabilization while you participate in baseball. The most popular and preferred style is the sport wrap, this one will be the best for your sport and activity level.
  • Allison at 10/13/2011 8:41 AM
    • My son is a lineman in football, playing at the college level. Do you recommend the CXT & SXT version?

      He broke his scafoid and had to have surgery with bone taken from his hip as a graph.
    • The CXT would be recommended for a football lineman.
  • Ron Breit at 10/2/2011 5:17 AM
    • I am wondering if the insert is removable?
      I free dive,spearfish with a wrist that 2 hand docs wanted to operate on.
      I wear kevlar gloves to handle the fish.If the liner is removable, diving wont be as painfull I'm thinking. I appreciate your response.
    • Hi Ron,

      Yes, the insert is removable on this product and it can provide additional support.

      Is you have additional questions please call, 1800-553-6019

      Happy Fishing!
  • Kallah at 7/27/2011 3:24 AM
    • Hello there!
      I messed up my wrist over a year ago, and have been through two rounds of delightfully uncomfortable physical therapy. The wrist brace I was sent home with is very rigid, and stops me from being able to perform even basic actions with what used to be my good hand. I'm a bit confused about the three configurations of strapping for the CXT: do they effect the support, or just the ease of putting on the brace? Is there a noticeable difference in the bulk of the brace between them? I want something I can strap on and forget about it, even if it's a bit more complicated to get into and out of. Do you have any pictures of the different configurations, or directions that might clear things up for me?
      Thank you very much,
    • I will email you brochures to show you the pictures of the various strapping configurations.
  • Oliver at 6/10/2011 5:37 AM
    • I injured my wrist and 2 ligaments are torn. The docors said, it will be too complicated and too long of a rehab process to have surgery, while I am still doing sport (football).
      I am a football offensive lineman. Can the Brace be worn at that position? Should I get the Sport or the Speed Wrap?
    • Yes these braces are highly recommended for your position and will help protect and support you. I would suggest getting the Sport Wrap version.
  • James at 3/23/2011 1:20 PM
    • Hi I am looking into your Don JOY wrist braces, the CXT and the SXT. I am trying to get back into surfing after 3 scaphoid surgeries. Would these braces be good for the water? Or do you have any water proof wrist brace suggestions that might be better?? I look forward to hearing from you.
    • Yes, both of these braces would be ok to use in the water. Just make sure when you are done surfing, to wash the linings in freshwater and a mild detergent to extend their life.
  • colleen at 3/10/2011 4:15 PM
    • My son recently broke his wrist at the growth plate. He wants the cast removd and to wear the CXT for all time and riding motorcross, will this work?
    • Colleen,
      Thank you for taking the time to email us here at regarding your son's wrist fracture brace. Please refer to his physician for approval to remove the cast and wear a brace. Then it's the doctor's presecription based on his treatment and rehabilitation protocol that determines if he can infact wear the Donjoy CXT Wrist Brace. Thank you, and please let us know if you have any additional quesitons.
  • Mbabu at 11/15/2010 11:54 AM
    • Hi,

      Can this wrist brace be worn for motocross riding? does it restrict the glove or grip?
    • This wrist brace can most definitely can be worn while riding motocross. It is worn by many top riders such as Andrew Short, Ashley Fiolek , Brian Deegan - "The General", Carey Hart, Grant Langston - 2006 West Supercross Champion, Kenny Bartram - 2005 X Games Gold, Nate Adams - 2006 X Games Gold
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Broken wrist, Two Lizarov Operations and a Bone graft and I'm finally able to lift again.

Reviewed by:
I broke my radius and ulna at the same time in 2003 after a lizarov operation. Then I had to have a bone graft put into my ulna to correct some of the additional bone problems. Had this type of splint existed back then and I had known about it, I would have never broken it again and had to deal with a bone graft and multiple additional surgeries.

My left wrist has been extremely weakened from multiple fractures and surgeries. I experience alot of pain when my wrist gets over-extended when I'm lifting weights and I have always been concerned that I am going to break it again.

After I received my brace I am finally able to lift without worrying about messing my wrist up again.

My only complaint is that the wrist strapping material is not as strong/dense as the rest of the brace, so as it stretches out when you move your wrist, the structural/protective integrity of the brace goes down with it.
Posted on September 3, 2014

amazing wrist brace

Reviewed by:
i had 12 sacks and 15 tackles with a broken wrist and this bad boy
Posted on August 29, 2014

Great Brace

Reviewed by:
Was coming out of a cast for a distal radius break (along with torn ligaments) for a vacation of water parks and jet skiing. I refused to let my vacation be ruined, so I ordered this brace and wore it at 6 weeks from the break. Great support, and provided mental security as well with how good support looked and felt. I continued to wear it for several months while returning to the soccer field and it provided great support.
Posted on June 27, 2014