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Aircast XP Walking Brace

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Aircast XP Walking Brace

Provides pneumatic, multi-aircell support for graduated, pulsating compression

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The XP Walker (Pneumatic) provides pneumatic support with Aircast full shell protection and is available in 5 sizes (pediatric, small, medium, large and X-large). Foam-filled aircells cushion the ankle for customized comfort and support. This support is effective in managing edema and fracture healing. This new design is made for a regular and X-wide width foot. Includes two socks and hand bulb. Can be used with Brake-Lok System.


  • Stable fracture of foot/ankle/lower leg
  • Severe ankle sprain (grade III)
  • Post-op immobilization


  • A semi-rigid shell to provide the protection formerly expected only from a cast
  • A rocker sole to reduce plantar pressures
  • Custom-inflated aircells to maintain total limb contact for stability
  • Pulsating, graduated compression to help reduce edema and promote callus formation

Key Benefits

  • Multi-aircell support for graduated, pulsating compression
  • Custom inflated aircells for individual fit and support
  • Lightweight design: rigid foot, flexible around calf for strength, fit and comfort
  • Full shell protection. Low profile for natural gait
  • Sealed-air cushioned heel

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Size Men Shoe Size Women Shoe Size
Pediatric Up to 4 Up to 5
Small 4-7 5-8
Medium 7-10 8-11
Large 10-13 11-15
XLarge 13+ 15+
4.6 13

Aircast XP Walking Brace reviews

I sprained my ankle and wore one of these for 2 weeks. It sped up my healing time and was extremely comfortable to wear. The compression made the swelling go down a lot faster. - Camwalker Fanatic
very comfortable and supportive......size runs small though.....size chart said I'd need a medium (women's 8-11) - my shoe size usually runs 9 1/2 -10 , my toes are right at the edge of the brace, so be aware of the size you complaints!!! - Chris
hurt a lot
I broke my foot in 2 places when... i was put in on of the casts... it was comfortable but tiring after 3 months. I like it and it was a great deal as well. - hurt a lot
I have been wearing this brace for almost two years off and on for an Achilles injury and have found it to be very comfortable and easy to use. I have done everything one can think of during this time and it hardly ever gets in the way once you get used to it. Watch out on wet floors, water and the treads just don't mix well. - Paul
Got my brace Monday so far I like it a lot better then the one the doctor gave me to use. It's custom fit makes walking around on a broken foot a lot easier. The socks that it comes with stretch easy and slip over the toes without much pressure at all. The only part I don't like about it is how the front valve is setup. Mine came half under the front plate. Still usable but harder to get to then the ones on the side or the back. If they would make the front like those It would get 5 stars from me. - Alan
it is very easy and i feel so comfortable using it!, the size chart is a little off, i am a size 7 woman and i am using a medium. it fits perfectly! - kat
My parents bought this boot for me because i have chronic pain in my left foot an leg and wearing a boot helps when i walk.i have been wearing this boot for three weeks. this boot helps with my pain when i walk and this boot is very comfortable.i love the socks that came with the boot the socks keep my foot warm when my foot gets cold it hurts more. - scottie
This boot has saved my foot 8yrs ago. now this year helped save my leg and foot. Very comfortable to wear. Yes, you definetly have to watch wet floors it dont mix well with water. - Genny
I sprained my left ankle and the aircast walking brace makes walking alot easier.It's very comfortable and the ball inflater is easy to use - stevebudz
I fractured my ankle and am in one of these. I have to use crutches and this is very light and easy to use. My only complaint is that my heel moves around a bit in the heel, no matter what I do to try and adjust it. But otherwise, it's great :) - :)
I like this aircast for the most part. I have used other boots that had much less support. This aircast is very comfortable overall. I am having a bit of problems with the front panel. It may be my calf and leg is too big. The top strap keeps sliding down. Overall great product! - Mickster
I fractured my ankle about 2 weeks ago and the hospital gave me another brace to wear while waiting for some MRIs to be done. It was heavy and put stress on my foot right at the fracture point. I couldnt get any sleep at night because it would shift and cause a lot of pain. So I started looking online and found Betterbraces. After reading the reviews and calling customer service I settled on the Aircast XP. They made a special effort to get it out the same day (Friday) for me so I had it first thing Monday morning! And I mean FIRST thing. UPS was at my door at 8am with it. The brace itself is amazing! I am tall (6'3") and it comes far enough up my calf to take the stress off the fracture in my ankle. It has 4 independently adjustable air cells so I can inflate each to snug it up just enough not to flop around but still feel supportive. My girlfriend broke her foot last year at the same time and she is so jealous of this boot compared to the thing she wore too. Highly recommend this brace and the people at Betterbraces! - RonB
I fractured my ankle about 2 weeks ago. I have been using a walking brace the hospital gave me while I am having some MRIs done. That brace was clunky, not very supportive, and only came part way up my calf leaving most of its weight hanging on my ankle causing a lot of pain. Finally fed up, I started looking online fore alternatives. After reading the reviews and speaking with customer service at I settled on the Aircast XP brace. I ordered it on a Friday for over night delivery. The crew at BB made sure it went out that same day and UPS was at my door at 8am Monday morning with it as promised. I am a fairly tall guy at 6'3" and the Aircast XP comes about 3/4 the way up my calf providing way more support than my old brace. The 4 independently adjustable air cells (1 on front of calf, 1 on back of calf, and 1 on each side of lower leg/ankle) inflate to provide a snug secure feel. Where my last brace felt sloppy this one is very comfortable! The doc said I needed to keep my foot at a 90 degree angle in the brace yet the old brace they gave me was always lose. The XP holds my ankle at a 90 very securely. I would highly recommend Aircast XP and the people at Betterbraces! Thanks! - RonB
I broke my lower leg and ankle in 3 places. After surgery to put things together again with a plate and several screws I spent a tortuous 6 weeks in a traditional cast. The hospital put me into the Aircast XP walker after the cast. And it was like a dream come true. Completely adjustable to the level of support I want on different days. I can also take it off for bathing and sleeping at night. It is a little heavier than I thought it would be but is well built solid. The socks are an extra long medium weight tube sock with terry cloth type lining that comes up to and over the knee and can then be folded over and back down a little at the top. After physical therapy, if one part of my ankle is sore, I can reduce the air on that side so there is a little less pressure and lighter contact on that side for a few hours. Highly recommended. - LyndyB
Never had any broken bones before so I don't know how to compare this to other casts. It is comfortable on my broken ankle though. My main wish is that the toe flaps were removeable because my foot gets so hot and is wet from sweating. Also my doctor never gave me any socks to go with this so I am just wearing thin cotton ones to absorb the moisture. - Molly
Boot was worn for 6 weeks to heal broken ankle. Comfortable except for ridge on gray foam liner on bottom of inside boot. My toes would cramp after walking but snipping off the ridge made it perfect. - Katrina
But boy was I wrong...about the crummy. It's still way expensive but is great. Comfortable but noisy as heck when you have to release a strap at,night, much to the chagrined if my husband and dog...I just say great and won't,toss it in the trash like I did the other for my left ankle break 6 years ago. Thanks much Aircast XP. - Jack's Nana
Gma Kay`
I love it! I broke my heel bone (calcaneous) several years ago and had to wear a cast for months, it was so uncomfortable! Now it is my Achilles that is the issue, sending nerve pain up my calf and down my foot. Got this boot yesterday and wore it to work today, on my feet for 7.5 hours and it was great! Took it off when I came home and within 1 hour the pain began again, so it is off the feet for the rest of the night. I use a night splint that is really a pain. If this boot was a bit lighter I would prefer to try it at night instead of the smaller one. Thumbs up from this girl!! - Gma Kay`

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Questions on Aircast XP Walking Brace

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  • From Alison at 4/6/2010 3:59 PM
    • What's the difference between this walking brace and the Aircast FP Walking Brace?
    • The Aircast XP Walking Brace (extra pneumatic) differs from the Aircast FP Walking Brace (foam pneumatic) due to the larger anterior panel that contains an additional aircell.

      Aside from that difference the braces are identical and can treat or address the following indications:

      Stable fracture of foot/ankle/lower leg
      Severe ankle sprain (grade III)
      Post-op immobilization

  • From Richard at 4/10/2010 3:07 PM
    • What is the difference between the XP walking brace and the XP diabetic walker system? The exterior appears to be the same.
    • Our Aircast XP Diabetic Walker incorporates a rocker sole with our dual-laminate insole designed with the Impax Grid technology. This insole allows for portions of the grid to be pushed out so that it alleviates pressure around diabetic ulcers on the bottom on the feet. It also comes with a pressure gauge hand bulb to inflate the aircells according to your prescription, as well as a lighter more sheer sock for patient comfort. The XP Walker has a standard laminate insole and hand bulb. The socks that come with the XP Walker are of a thicker cotton material than the XP Diabetic Walker System. Other than that they both have the Duplex aircells that provide intermittent pneumatic compression for edema reduction as well as callus formation.
  • From Terence B Burnett at 4/30/2010 6:53 AM
  • From Dave C at 6/6/2010 3:15 PM
    • Will water hurt these braces? I have two for my daughter and I'm wondering if she can go in the pool/ocean...separate from any issues regarding physically whether she is up to that.
    • These are not recommended for use in water. The boots are heavy when wet and when submerged can cause the risk of drowning.
  • From Kelly at 7/5/2010 7:06 AM
    • Is there a weight limit to the boot? My son is 6'2", shoe size 12, weight 230...should a size large be ok? Thanks!
    • Max weight is 250, and a large is his correct size.
  • From Ginny Wilke at 7/11/2010 1:12 PM
    • I lost my directions for which area is to be inflated first.
      Could you send me the correct order on how to inflate the brace properly?
    • The inner liner should be numbered as follows

      FRONT: 1
      RIGHT: 2
      LEFT: 2
      BACK: 3

      Inflate the front first then inflate the right, then left, then inflate the back last.
  • From Diane at 7/17/2010 8:20 AM
    • How much does this boot weigh?
    • Hello Diane,

      The Aircast XP Walking Brace weighs in at 2.7 pounds.
  • From Tanya at 8/5/2010 11:31 AM
    • What is the maximum calf width allowed for a small boot?
    • Hello Tanya!

      The maximum calf width allowed for a Aircast XP Walking Brace size small boot is 12 inches.
  • From Megan at 8/18/2010 10:37 AM
    • How tall is the small size? I have a fairly short calf and want to be sure this model won't hit my knee.

    • From the base of the heel to the top of the brace it is 14 1/4in tall.
  • From Sheila Bueno at 12/3/2010 5:07 PM
    • Will this cast fit a women's size 5 foot?
    • Hello,

      The pediatric size will accommodate a womens shoe size of 5 and below. The small size will accommodate the womens shoe size of 5-8.
  • From Becky at 3/22/2011 12:45 PM
    • If the boot is too tight, will it bruise the leg/ankle/foot ?
    • It's possible if you were to inflate it too much, you could possibly bruise the leg/foot. Just put enough air in the boot so that the foot doesn't slide around, and it feels secure. You don't need any more than that.
  • From Gary at 3/30/2011 4:57 PM
    • How do I get it to deflate, the instructions were not given to me in the doctor's office . Its very hard to push it in.
    • Hey Gary,
      To deflate the Aircast XP Walking Brace you will use the hand pump they gave you. First, find the end of the hand pump that says deflate, then insert it into the vavle. Keeping pressure into the valve, begin pumping. You are now pumping air from the aircell to the outside air. The hardest part is keeping the pump pressed into the vavle. this is very important because if you do not keep the pump pressed into the valve, the valve will close. I hope this helps.

  • From Gary at 3/30/2011 4:57 PM
    • How do I get it to deflate, the instructions were not given to me in the doctor's office . Its very hard to push it in.
    • Duplicate Question, response has already been sent.
  • From Amy at 4/27/2011 1:11 PM
    • How do you deflate the brace? When I insert the hand bulb on the deflate side and pump, nothing happens.
    • Hi Amy,
      The valve can be very rigid and you will have to apply a good amount of force into the valve while you pump to make it work. I hope this helps.

  • From Susan White at 8/6/2011 11:05 AM
    • What is difference between the XP and FP boots besides price?
    • The XP boot has a liner that is entirely pneumatic, as well as the aircells around the ankles. The FP just has the aircells around the ankles, the liner is foam. The XP also comes with a long sock, the FP does not.
  • From Linda at 10/3/2011 10:57 PM
    • Is there any latex in the boot or the long sock?
    • No, there is not latex in either one of those products.
  • From Beverly at 11/16/2011 9:34 AM
    • One of the valves broke and I was wondering if it is possible to replace this valve (the spot where the air pump fits in to inflate the boot)
      If yes, how much is a replacement valve and is it hard to do??
      Thanks so much!
    • Unfortunately these pieces cannot be replaced. If you have had your boot for less than 6 months customer care can do a quality replacement on it and get you a new one out. Please contact customer care for replacement boot.
  • From Jessie at 11/30/2011 1:12 PM
    • I have my aircast XP from breaking my right foot 4 years ago, now I've broken my left. I put my aircast on and it just doesn't look right or track normal...can you wear the aircast XP on either foot or does it specify right/left?
    • The XP can be worn on either foot, depending on how long you wore the original XP the foot tread maybe worn to the Right foot walking pattern, if this is the case, unfortunately you will have to purchase a different walker, due to the tread cannot be replaced.
  • From Ryan at 3/21/2012 10:32 AM
    • I Fractured my left fibula 4 days ago, they have given me the aircast boot. I have been getting pins and needles in my toes and my toes are feeling really Hot, when I am sleeping at nights. can i Take the boot off when i sleep at night?
    • The boot may be too tight and that's why you need to loosen the straps or deflate the air cells a bit. As far as if you can take it off at night, that is up to your physician.
  • From jane at 3/21/2012 12:00 PM
    • Why is this boot so wide across the toes?
      I don't think I'm clumbsier than normal but because of the design I hit the edge on furniture etc jarring my already sore ankle
      I think it would be better rounded at edges
    • It is made wide to accommodate swelling and dressings after surgery.
  • From connie at 5/11/2012 3:06 PM
    • Hi...can the foam padding that goes behind knee be ordered? I need a replacement.

      thanks, connie
    • Yes that part is replaceble. Here are the part numbers depending on what size you need:

      Call Customer Care at 800-553-6019
  • From Richard Y at 6/6/2012 2:32 PM
  • From George Trantas at 7/3/2012 12:28 AM
    • Can the air cushions be replaced and how much are they?
      It Is for a Left foot Medium size.

      Thank you.

      George Trantas
    • If you contatc your local sales rep, he can help you with the replacement of the air cell. You can find your local rep by going to this website:, and typing in your local area code
  • From Sheila h at 7/22/2012 3:53 PM
    • How do I inflate the boot?
    • Sheila,
      Thank you for contacting DJO Global. Your boot should have come with a bulb like pump. One end says inflate, the other says deflate. You want to put the inflate end into the air stem and pump until the boot feel secure but comfortable.
  • From AP at 7/30/2012 11:49 PM
  • From Dawgmark at 8/1/2012 8:30 PM
    • How tall is the medium cast. I have short legs and want to make sure the top of the cast will not bind on the back of my knee. Also is the measurement from the inside of the cast or bottom of the sole up?
    • 11 inches from inside the boot sole to the top of the foam above the plastic top.
  • From gary g at 11/14/2012 5:40 AM
    • I have a size 12 shoe. They gave me a size large for planter faciitis. They said I should/could wear my orthodic with the brace. But when I do so the end of my toes hang over the boot, That is a bit uncomfortable. Do I need a karger size or not wear the orthodic?

    • Hello, Gary -

      You are fitted in the correct size walking brace. The size range should also allow for a little bit of space (Large ranges up to a standard size 13). We suggest that you speak with the person who recommended use of your orthotic with the boot in regards to fit of the orthotic in the boot.

      Thanks and have a great day!
  • From Yvette at 5/22/2013 5:39 AM
    • My doctor has told me to wear the boot day and night. Do I need to deflate it when i'm in bed?
    • Yvette,
      The are is to help secure the foot into the boot, if it is too tight you can loosen it some when you are non weight bearing.
  • From leanne at 7/5/2013 6:08 PM
    • is this brace suitable for torn ligaments?
    • Hello Leanne,

      •Stable fracture of foot/ankle/lower leg
      •Severe ankle sprain (grade III)
      •Post-op immobilization

      •A semi-rigid shell to provide the protection formerly expected only from a cast
      •A rocker sole to reduce plantar pressures
      •Custom-inflated aircells to maintain total limb contact for stability
      •Pulsating, graduated compression to help reduce edema and promote callus formation

      Key Benefits
      •Multi-aircell support for graduated, pulsating compression
      •Custom inflated aircells for individual fit and support
      •Lightweight design: rigid foot, flexible around calf for strength, fit and comfort
      •Full shell protection. Low profile for natural gait
      •Sealed-air cushioned heel

      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.
  • From Alan Busch Sr at 7/26/2013 6:18 AM
    • I have been using my brace for most of 14 months. The front piece is almost cracked all of the way across at the ankle. Can I get a replacement part? It is the XP Walker Large 01P-L If I can get one could you please tell me how to get it. Thanks
    • Hello,

      Please call Customer Care to order your replacement part 1-800-336-6569.

      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.
  • From Simon at 8/31/2013 12:42 AM
    • I have been using the XP for 10 days and now notice the front slips upwards after walking for a few minutes. Can you advise on how to correct this please.
    • You could have to much air in the back bladder, it may not be tight enough with your straps, it could be not enough air in the the side bladders or the front cover. It could also be that the boot is too big for your foot.
  • From Ernesto at 10/15/2013 1:14 PM
    • Can the sole be taken out and washed
    • The padding can be removed and wash it with a soapy wash cloth. Be sure to rinse it well and air dry completely. Thank you for your question.
  • From Justin at 11/1/2013 11:14 AM
    • What type of material is the outer plastic shell made out of?
    • Justin
      Its a plastic made of polyurothene. It is latex free
  • From Dawn at 11/8/2013 11:26 PM
    • I am a woman's size 8. Am I better to go with a size small or medium?
    • Dawn
      You should be able to fit into a small, but if you have a lot of swelling I would go ahead and get the medium. Thanks for contacting product support
  • From Grayson at 11/28/2013 5:58 PM
    • Can it be worn for a broken/fractured big toe?
    • Grayson
      Yes this can be worn for a broken toe
  • From Manuel at 1/7/2014 4:51 PM
    • If I am a 10.5 men shoes would it be best to buy the large walking boot or stick to the medium size walking boot and have my toes touch the end?
    • Go with the large just to make sure your toes don't hang off of the edge of the boot
  • From Jai at 1/8/2014 3:03 AM
    • I purchased XP walker 6 months back but now when i went for review it was found that bone is getting down & i think it has become loosen compared to first month so full pressure fell on that foot,
      please guide me how to adjust it after every month usually it will become looser after few days so should i increase the air level in four valves r else any other way?
    • Jai
      If you need to tighten the boot, you need to increase air pressure or tighten the straps. You may have been swollen when you recieved the boot origionally and now the swelling is decresing so the boot is not as tight.
  • From Meena at 1/23/2014 10:59 PM
    • Hi, I have had an open reduction and internal fixation surgery of the fibula, medial malleolus and the post tibial fragment. Is this boot appropriate for my type of injury or would you recommend another boot. Further my shoe size is a 4 - so should I be getting the paediatric size (though I am 50 years old lady).
      Kindly advise
    • Thank you for your question. A pediatrics boot will fit a woman’s shoe size up to size 5, so that would be the appropriate size for you. The Aircast XP Walking Brace is designed for stable foot and ankle fractures; severe ankle sprain, and post-operative you. Although it sounds like this would be a good option, it would be recommended you speak with your physician to confirm this product is the right one for you.
  • From Lexi at 2/10/2014 5:46 PM
    • Can the boot work if you have a stress fracture in the shin? Thanks!!
    • Lexi
      You should check with you physician to see if this is what they would reccomend, but yes the boot has been used for tibia stress fractures
  • From Cynthia at 4/14/2014 6:03 AM
    • Hi. I have fractured my tibia and hope to get an XP or FP - instead of a hard cast and am seeing the ortho doc this AM. I wear a size 8 shoe, and my calf is 15" around. Do I go with a small or medium? How tall is the XP vs. the FP and why would you use one or the other for an ankle fracture?
    • I would go with the medium because of the calf width. The XP walker has 4 aircells to inflate and the FP only has 2
  • From Cynthia at 4/14/2014 6:24 AM
    • Which FP Aircast Walking brace is better for a tibia/ankle fracture. The names are the same for both, which is very very confusing!!!
    • Both are for that injury
  • From Carol at 5/14/2014 8:53 PM
    • Could you tell me the product dimensions of the Aircast XP Walking Brace? and its weight?
    • Carol
      Here are the dimentions to a medium XP Walker:

      Weight: 3.22lbs
      Height: 16.25"
      Length of sole(heel to toe): 10.4"
      Depth of Sole(Bottom to insole): 1.7"
      Calf Width: 5"
  • From Chad at 6/8/2014 6:37 PM
    • Broken left calcaneous, 4 scews inserted 5/9/14. Instructions to wear Aircast xp for 4 weeks starting 6/5/14, except for bathing, and airing out for 5 minutes 3-5 minutes per day. Non Weight Bearing. Elevate foot 12+ hours per day.

      Problems: 1) foot becomes very hot with sock,2) hard plastic rubs on inside ankle and pressure becomes painful if I put enough air to eliminate the rubbing.

      1) heat - if I am just lying in bed, is there a problem with removing the front plastic cover to allow more cooling?
      2) if I pump enough air to eliminate the rub, but keep the straps loose enough to reduce overall pressure, does that make sense?
    • Chad
      1. You do not have to wear that sock you can wear one that is cooler or no sock at all. yes you can take off the front panell while elvating and lying in bed.
      2. Yes you can loosen the straps to release some pressure on the area that is rubbing
  • From Sam at 8/4/2014 8:48 AM
    • Using an Aircast AirSelect Elite... after a couple of days of fine walking I am now getting a loud squeaking noise no matter what surface I am walking on. I have tried tightening the ribbons as much as possible and pumping up the air cells more than usual so that it is extremely tight. I have also tried a full length foot pad which has not made the noise go away.

      I tried manipulating the boot without my foot inside and it does not make the noise so it must be something about the FIT which is causing the problem. I have a narrow foot. Not sure if doubling the sock will do anything but I am open to suggestions.

      Thank you
    • Sam
      The boot should not squeak when you walkin in it. Tqake it back to where you received it and ask them to exchange it for another.
  • From Jason at 8/31/2014 1:55 PM
    • Hi, I need an aircast long enough to cover my toes. Will your largest size fit a size 18? Thanks.
    • Jason
      The XL length from heel to the edge is 12.5 "
  • From Frank T at 1/15/2015 12:00 PM
    • I have an XL air cast. While coming down a step the top strap ripped in the back and shot off of the cast. After a slight unexpected fall I find that the second strap is also torn in the back but has not let go yet. My problem is I need to replace the two top straps. Please let me know where I can get replacements or what I can use in place of the straps. Thanks
    • Frank
      Your straps can be replaced by calling DonJoy Direct 800-336-6569
  • From Ken at 2/16/2015 2:16 AM
    • Due to diabetic neuropathy in my hands, it's very difficult to turn the 1-2-3 selector wheel. I squirted a little WD-40 into the wheel, but it didn't really help. What do you recommend?
    • Ken
      You may want to talk to your physician about getting a different boot since it is hard for you to adjust the aircels in your currant boot.

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