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Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC Motorized Cooler


NOTE:This product does not qualify for Special Discounts or Free Shipping

$119.99 each

To order the Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC follow these 3 steps…

Step 1.
Click here to download our Prescription Only order form

Step 2.
Have your doctor complete your Physician Authorization portion of the form.

Step 3.
Fill out your billing and shipping information and fax the completed form to the manufacturer at 1-800-936-6569

Upon receiving your fax the manufacturer will send you an order confirmation email containing the details of your order. The shipping method you select on the form determines how quickly your Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC arrives. Standard ground shipping arrives in 7 – 10 business days. The manufacturer will send you a shipping confirmation email with tracking information for your package once the package leaves their warehouse.

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*** Prescription Only ***

Note: This product does not qualify for Special Discounts or Free Shipping. Sold and shipped by the Manufacture.

The Cryo/Cuff IC combines focused compression with cold therapy to provide optimal control of swelling to minimize hemarthrosis, edema and pain. Simplicity of design and ease of operation makes it ideal for post-operative recovery, trauma, athletic training and home use.

A new integrated pneumatic pump within the cooler lid provides automated compression and cold therapy. Cyclical compression mixes chilled water inside the cuff and maintains pressure necessary to help prevent hemarthrosis and provide CryoTherapy.

Click here to print the Prescription Only order form

Features and Benefits

  • Focused compression – The Aircast Cryo/Cuffs are anatomically designed to provide specific compression to prevent swelling and reduce pain
  • Clinical Studies – Proves that cold and compression is effective in reducing post-operative swelling and regaining ROM
  • 30 second on/off cycle – Provides automatic intermittent compression in addition to cold therapy
  • Easy to use – Plug it in to start the treatment


  • The Cryo/Cuff IC Cold Therapy System provides intermittent compression to minimize hemarthrosis, swelling, and pain

Available Cooler/Cryocuff Options

  • Ankle
  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Back


For any inquiries on Product and Order status, please contact the Manufacturer directly at 800-336-6569 or email

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Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC Motorized Cooler reviews

I recently purchased the Aircast (prescription)for a rotator cuff surgery. I can't say enough good things about it. I wore it 24/7 for 2 weeks. I had virtually no pain and very little swelling. No trouble sleeping and didn't need pain meds. I'm a small women (120lbs) and usually one size fits all, doesn't fit me. Not the case with this cuff. The cuff gave my shoulder excellent support, fit perfect (no moving around) very comfortable and easy to adjust. This was the best $129 I ever spent. A MUST. - Jerry
I just had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder and my surgeon recommended the Aircast Cryo Cuff. What a difference it's making, the pain level is significantly lower when I'm using this. I highly recommend it as it helps reduce the use of pain medicine. I can't recommend this highly enough. - Bandwagon
The best product ever. Anti-inflammatory and cold therapy are the magic for a quick recovery and use of pain meds. I used the cuff 24x7 until a solid recovery. I highly recommend the product, it is a savior if you hate pain. - JimmyD
Had my knee replaced March 26, 2014...had a friend recommend it, her daughter had and ACL surgery. Although my doctor did not recommend it, he did give me a script when asked. I highly recommend it, I believe it helped with swelling, healing and pain. I used it day and night. In the beginning quite often, then weened off slowly. Even told my PT people where to find it and the cost. - CEdwards
I had total knee replacement surgery and used this system while in the hospital and loved it. I didn't ask to keep the system or purchase it since I had another knee cooling system my dad received a few years ago after his knee replacement. BIG MISTAKE! My dad's machine ended up being a big bulky heavy nightmare that didn't keep my knee cold and had my poor husband running to the kitchen at all hours of the day & night to refill the cooler. I felt so badly seeing my husband running around in vain to hep me AND was frustrated at my continued unnecessary pain. I called my surgeon and got the prescription for this Cryo Cuff machine and absolutely LOVE IT! It has made an enormous difference in my recovery since the ice water stays very cold in the cooler for a minimum of 4-6 hours. I wholeheartedly recommend this product and would buy it again. - Colleen

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Questions on Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC Motorized Cooler

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  • From Neil at 8/14/10 6:37 PM
    • Recovering from knee replacement. How tight should the cuff be on the knee at compression.
    • You want the knee cuff to be snug enough to stay in place and to provide some comfortable compression, but not so tight you are restricting circulation.
  • From NEIL at 8/14/10 6:39 PM
    • Is it ok to use the motorized aircast for more than 2 or 3 hours at a time?
    • We advise talking to your doctor regarding this issue. He/she can recommend how long you should use the device depending on your injury and diagnosis.
  • From mark vandenplas at 8/25/10 5:45 PM
  • From Tim at 11/16/10 5:49 PM
    • Does the motorized cryo cuff push a constant flow of cold water through the cuff until the ice melts?
    • Yes the motorized Aircast Cryo/Cuff circulates cold water from the cooler to the pad and back so you have constant cold therapy and compression. The compression comes by way of the air pump that pumps the air into the bladder within the cuff.
  • From Rose at 1/4/11 6:55 AM
    • Does the Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC Motorized and Cuffs that you need the prescription for include the cuff or is it a seperate price?. My doctor is out of town until next week but I am having surgery on January 19th can I have the unit shipped priority?
    • Hello Rose,

      The unit you need an RX for does include the cuff. We have standard, rush and overnight shipping to meet your needs.
  • From Tim at 2/7/11 6:54 AM
    • Hi. We have a universal shoulder cryo cuff, but we would like to order the motorized cooler. Is the cooler compatible with a universal shoulder cryo cuff?

    • The Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC is compatible with all existing cryo cuffs from Aircast.
  • From Isaac at 12/26/11 7:39 AM
    • I have a Cryo/Cuff IC unit and was looking for the instructions that came with it and I have missed placed it. Thank you
    • Hi Issac,

      The instructions for the Cryo-Cuff IC are printed on the cooler.

      If you have additional questions, please call 1-800-553-6019.

      Have a nice day.
  • From Patrick at 1/11/12 4:07 PM
    • I was wondering why the need for a prescription for this item. I used to have a cryo-cuff several years ago and was looking for a new one to ice my knees down.
    • These are a prescription item, due to using the cold therapy for long periods of time.
  • From Sandy at 5/4/12 3:26 PM
  • From Becky Walser at 11/23/12 10:57 AM
    • Hi there,
      My son is using the Aircast cryo/cuff and it doesn't seem to get as cold as what we had hoped for. Last time he had ACL surgery we used the Game Ready unit and not only did it get real cold, you could feel the air moving the water through the cuff. Is this unit not as strong? I have followed the directions completely and have tried different positions ...making the cooler a tad higher or a foot higher. It just doesn't seem to be circulating the cold water as effectively as we are used to. The water seems stagnant in the cuff.
      Any suggestions?
    • Hello, Becky -

      The Game Ready and AirCast Cryo/Cuff are two different units, although intended for the same purposes of cold therapy. The Game Ready is a much more costly option as it has a much more powerful motor to maintain the flow and temperature of the fluid running through the cuff. The Cryo/Cuff is a fraction of the cost but does not have as much power as the Game Ready Unit.

      Make sure that when you are running the Cryo/Cuff unit that the placement of the cooler itself is at the same level as the cuff. That allows for a better flow.

      If you have further questions we encourage you to contact our product support specialists at 888-405-3251.

      Thank you and have a great day!
  • From jk at 4/8/13 3:11 PM
    • i need this by Thursday...if I get the RX as requested can it be overnighted?
    • Hello, JK -

      Yes, you should, but you have to make sure you make the deadline for when the packages gets sent out. You should place this order ASAP.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day!
  • From arill at 5/8/13 1:37 AM
    • Do you ship to Singapore for the cryo cuff unit? Also for the cooler jug,do you need the electric pump? Or do you just fill it with water and ice?
    • Here is the information for the distributor in your area, they will be able to answer all of your questions: Singapore
      Name: Ms. Joe CheungBrands: Aircast, DonJoy, Dr. Comfort, ETI, ProCareTitle: Customer Service ExecutivePrimary Email:
      General Email:
      Phone: +852.31.05.1415Location: Hong Kong
  • From Dee at 5/17/13 6:24 PM
    • Should the motor run all the time? My son just had surgery and is using this now.
    • Hello Dee,

      No the motor will run intermittently. It will inflate the cuff and exchange the water and pressure in the cuff. You will hear a hizz/release sound of pressure/air. About every 30 seconds.

      If you have additional questions please contact a Product Specialist at 1-888-405-3251.

      Thanks for contacting Donjoy.

      Have a Great Day.

  • From Anna L. Brumm at 5/26/13 7:46 AM
    • I have obtained a prescription from my doctor to purchase your Aircast Cryo / Cuff IC System. I will be using if for my lower back pain since I just had decompression and fusion surgery done and my surgeon believes this will help with the pain and healing process. My question is about the back cuff itself and how large around it will go. I couldn't find any sizing information and wanted to make sure it will fit me or if you have one I can special order. I am a female patient 5 foot 9 inches tall and I weigh about 293 pounds. I wear a size (22-24) or a womens (3XL). Please let me know what size the back cuff is so I can order this ASAP!!! Thank you so much. Have a blessed day!
      Anna L. Brumm
    • Hello Anna,

      The Waist Circumference of the Back Cryo Cuff is a universal fit up to 45".

      Have a Great Day, thanks for contacting Donjoy.
  • From Diana at 6/28/13 6:32 PM
    • I need to know before making my mind if the motorized unit works without the power like the gravity unit. I mean if we have an outage or smt if the motorized will have the same option to work without power.
      if it effective?
      thank you.
    • Hello Diana,

      Yes, the Motorized Unit can be used as a gravity unit as well.

      Thanks for contacting Donjoy.
  • From Diana at 6/28/13 6:37 PM
  • From Kathy at 7/10/13 10:08 PM
    • I've had the gravity cryo cuff for years. I'll be having a knee replaced in September. I'm wondering if there s a way to add the motorized piece to the gravity unit...or do I need to buy an entire new cooler. AND do the cuffs fit both gravity and motorized units.
    • Hello Kathy,

      The Aircast Cuffs are universal on both units. If you upgrade to the electrical unit, this unit provides compression into the knee cuff.

      If you are looking for a Unit that circulates the water through the cuff, we do have those units available with a Physician Perscription. Please take a look at the link below.

      Thanks For Contacting Donjoy.
  • From Nancy at 7/23/13 3:21 PM
    • My cryovac ic knee machine gurgles when the motor stops and cuff empties. How can I prevent this. This happens every 30 seconds. How can I reduce the gurgling?
    • Hello Nancy,

      Your AirCast Cryo Cuff should hummm and hissss every 30 seconds. The compression you will feel every 30 seconds, to empty the cuff you will need to put the cooler on the floor and raise the Cuff above the cooler to empty cuff.

      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.
  • From Kathy at 8/4/13 1:24 PM
    • I need to replace the floating circular piece that is covered with shiny material like tinfoil. Someone stored it while still wet so it now has mold on it. Can I purchase that from you?
    • Hello ,

      Yes, the Insulation Disc is available. Please call 1-800-336-6569.

      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.
  • From Pama at 12/29/13 2:37 PM
    • I own 2 of your Aircast Cryo/Cuff Units. I was NEVER used and the other unit was only used a few times.
      Do you have a buy back program?
    • Pama,
      Thank you for your question, however, we do not offer a buy-back program.
  • From gina tilton at 1/11/14 8:01 AM
    • I have the don joy iceman and the universal pad. I am having shoulder surgery soon and would like to buy the air cast shoulder wrap. Is there an attachment I can buy that would hook up from the donjon iceman to the air cast shoulder wrap?
    • Gina
      No the Aircast and the IceMan are two completley units and the pads are not interchangable
  • From Jesus Bellorin at 1/19/14 4:06 PM
    • Is this possible that the prescription could be filled by a doctor in Venezuela?
    • We do not ship to Venezuela. Contact this DJO rep for your country.


      Juan Villegas


      Aircast, Chattanooga, Compex, DonJoy, Dr. Comfort, Empi, ETI, ProCare


      Sales Director, Latin America

      Primary Email:

      General Email:




  • From jim at 1/20/14 1:00 PM
    • can the AirCast Cryo Cuff be used with hot water instead of ice water?

    • We can't guarentee that the cuff can withstand hot water
  • From david horsley at 2/1/14 5:55 PM
    • I have a Cryo/Cuff IC with a shoulder pad. It has cooler, shoulder cuff, blue tubing and electric plug. When we follow the directions on the unit, nothing happens. Water in cooler is so cold, but there is no Humm or hiss from the cooler and no expansion. I just wondered if we are missing a part. Have a bad lid or perhaps a bad plug. Please advise.
      Thank you!!
    • Just to walk though the instructions just in case something is missing. You would apply the cuff empty to the shoulder. Connect the tube to the cuff (listen for the “click”). With ice water in the cooler lift the cooler above the cuff to fill with water (may take up to 1 min). Once the cuff is full set the cooler level with the cuff then plug it in.
      If your unit is less than 6 months old, it does fall under warranty. If it is still under warranty and following these steps you still do not hear the motor, call the physician office/hospital it was issued at. If they do not issue you a new unit, please call 888.405.3251 for product support. We will try to trouble shoot some options and if needed give you the number for the Aircast rep in your area.
  • From john at 5/1/14 9:01 PM
    • hi i just had shoulder surgery and i was wondering if falling alseep with the aircast on is good or bad?
    • John
      Some doctors have their patients sleep with it on, so if can be used while sleeping
  • From celeste at 6/4/14 12:59 PM
    • My mom got the electrical knee cryo after a total knee surgery 2 weeks ago. She told me the electrical part stopped working today. What could cause this and is there something we can do to get it working again?
    • You could try another electrical outlet and if it still does not work call the facility where it was given to her and see if they can replace the lid and power supply. If not we could replace it for her Call 800-336-6569
  • From Miros at 7/20/14 3:00 PM
    • My husband had shoulder surgery and he's been using the aircast cryo/cuff motorized unit.. The first night we were able to hear the hiss/release every 30 sec. from the motor, 2nd night we only hear the motor stopping but doesn't hiss/ release the pressure/air and then motor starts again. We do empty the cuff by regularly. Are we doing something wrong so that it doesn't release the pressure?
    • Miros
      If the motor is goin on and off then it is still releasing the air. If the motor continues and does not cycle then it is defective and should be replaced if under warranty.
  • From netta at 8/10/14 8:19 AM
    • There is a slimy residue in the cooler. Can I clean this out with a mild Clorox or strong vinegar solution? And, can I run either of these solutions through the tubing or knee cuff, rinsing both several times with plain water?

      (I am using the knee cuff and cooler a second time following my 2nd knee surgery in 6 months. I rinsed cooler, tubing, and cuff several times with plain tap water before drying and storage after using it for the first knee surgery.)
    • Netta
      Yes you can clean with a 10% bleach solution or vinagar, through both the cooler hose and pad with wam water.
  • From Diane at 10/21/14 4:02 PM
    • 1. What cuffs are included with the Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC Motorized and Cuffs?

      2. Do I need a doctor's prescription to purchase the Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC Motorized and Cuffs?
    • Thank you for your question.When purchasing the AirCast Cryo/Cuff IC you have several options for cuffs. Your options will include: foot, ankle, knee, hand/wrist, elbow, shoulder or back.hip.
      You will need a prescription from a physician. This is for liability purpose because it is a continuous cold therapy product. Please feel free to call product support with any additional questions you might have. 888-405-3251.
  • From Susan at 10/23/14 7:03 PM
    • I have an Aircast Cryo Cuff IC from a prior knee surger, I am having total knee surgery in a few weeks. I pulled my unit out and the cuff has deteriorated and is flaking pieces of materail. Can I replace the cuff?
      Thanks, Susan
    • Susan
      We do have just the replacement cuffs for the Cryocuff.

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