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Get Support from Top-Quality Braces by Aircast – a leader in orthopedic support, brace and therapy products

For quality sports medicine products, check out the Aircast line of braces, supports and cold therapy devices, which are known worldwide for their top-quality performance. Aircast products range from ankle braces and walking braces to armbands and more.

Aircast is part of DJO Incorporated, an international company offering sports medicine products for every type of ailment. DJO Incorporated is known for its quality products and excellent customer service. Aircast is a name that is trusted by the medical community; it is the number one provider of ankle braces in the world. Often participating in clinical studies, Aircast has developed invaluable relationships with members of the medical community including physicians, surgeons, orthopedists, and sports trainers. It is through these relationships that Aircast is able to excel in product innovation and develop products that meet the needs of patients.

Aircast is most known for its line of ankle braces and supports. Those who suffer from aching ankles, whether it be from a previous sprains or recent injury, the wide selection of Aircast ankle braces and supports means there is a brace for every ailment or condition. For example, the Aircast Airsport ankle brace provides moderate support and is perfect for both preventing and healing ankle injuries. On the other hand, the Aircast Air-Stirrup ankle brace is more appropriate for recovery of third degree ankle injuries and must be worn throughout recovery as it helps accelerate the rehabilitation period. The Air-Stirrup is a signature product for Aircast. It is designed with the patented Duplex™ aircell system, incorporating dual pre-inflated overlapping aircells that provide support and gradual compression when walking, thus reducing swelling.

Recognizing that cold therapy and compression is an integral part of recovery for many injuries, Aircast has developed the CryoCuff cold therapy line. What is unique about CryoCuff is it provides complete coverage of the affected area for better treatment results. The CryoCuffs are generally used in conjunction with the cooler, which holds water and ice for six to eight hours of cryotherapy. The controlled compression of the cuffs combined with the cooler helps to reduce swelling and pain.

For those who are healing from a foot or ankle fracture Aircast designed a line of walking braces. Depending on the severity of the fracture and the amount of swelling, one of the Aircast walking braces is sure to provide the best protection and quick recovery. Made with pneumatic aircells and full shell or semi-rigid shell protection, they encourage blood circulation and edema management. The XP Walking Brace is the sturdiest, with full shell protection and foam-filled aircells to reduce pressure on the ankle, making it perfect for healing of a fracture and managing edema for maximum post-op stability.

Another product that is commonly known in the athletic community is the Aircast pneumatic arm band. It is ideal for tennis players or golfers and other athletes who have problems with golfer or tennis elbow. The Aircast Pneumatic Arm band is designed to relieve tennis elbow pain immediately upon application. Aircell technology permits the pressure to be applied where it is needed most - directly on the extensor muscle and not the whole forearm - to have a better range of movement.

What makes Aircast a leader in the therapy and orthopedic brace market is every product that bears the Aircast name is guaranteed to be of the highest quality available. This focus on quality ensures patients will be able to utilize Aircast braces, supports, and therapy throughout their recovery process.

Aircast Braces and Supports - Shop ankle supports, walking braces, pneumatic armbands and more!
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