Aircast Ankle Brace: The Top-Selling Ankle Brace in the World

aircast ankle brace

The Aircast ankle brace is the number one ankle brace provider in the world. Aircast ankle braces are just one item in an entire line of Aircast sports medicine products, so you can be assured that Aircast understands your injury.

Whether you need mild, moderate, or maximum support for your ankle sprain, walking boots for a broken ankle, or just a little extra support and comfort while playing a sport, Aircast has the ankle brace for you. They also offer a line of ankle therapy products that help speed along the road to recovery. See how the number one provider of ankle braces in the world can meet your needs and get you on the road to good health.

Aircast Care for Mild Support

This type of support is necessary for a first degree ankle sprain. This sprain occurs when the ligaments have been overstretched (but not torn) because the ankle has been taken past its normal range of motion. Symptoms include: pain that is mild, some amount of swelling, joint instability, mild joint stiffness, and difficulty walking comfortably.

Aircast Care for Moderate Support

This type of support will help you heal from a second-degree ankle sprain. A second-degree sprain is the most common and occurs when there are mild, partial tears to the ligaments. Symptoms include: severe swelling, moderate pain, some loss of motion or use of the ankle, trouble walking.

  • Aircast AirSport Ankle Brace - this brace provides comfort and support by incorporating the clinically proven Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace features. It is fast and easy to put on, and convenient to wear while you heal.
  • Aircast A60 - if you want a great combination of support, protection, and comfort, this is the brace for you. It has a sleek stabilizer on both sides of the ankle that is molded at a 60 degree angle to help guard against further injury.

Aircast Care for Maximum Support

This type of support will help you heal from a 3rd degree ankle sprain. This injury is not very common, and generally medical aid is needed. It is a rupture or total tear of a ligament. Symptoms include: severe swelling, severe pain initially, instability of the joint, and extreme loss of motion.

  • Aircast Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace - this is the number one prescribed ankle brace in history (prescribed by doctors). Each brace has shells designed and set up with the Duplex aircell system. This system is patented.
  • Aircast Ankle Brace - Air-Stirrup Plus - this brace combines the clinically proven Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace with an ankle wrap. All the benefits of the Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace are combined with the ankle wrap to add the benefit of additional swelling control to speed recover.

Select an Aircast Ankle Brace to Help You Heal

No matter your level of ankle sprain, Aircast has the ankle brace to help you along the road to recovery. Select the brace that will meet your needs from the number one ankle brace provider in the world, and begin healing in comfort today. Use this ankle sprain infographic to get a visual understanding of how common ankle sprains are and what you can do to protect and treat yourself.